– It’s like pond water. You’ve just now entered into
the weird zone of YouTube. – Hi guys it’s Jordan and
I’m here with my sister – Audrey from All Around Audrey. – And today we’re going to be doing the Candy Bar Smoothie Challenge. It’s going to be crazy because
candy bars may be good, but mixed together it’s
probably going to be really nasty. – Everything’s better
with chocolate right? – Maybe, I don’t know, we’ll find out. So, lets get started. So first we have to pick our base and we have these two unflavored– – What would be funny is
if I got the green one and you got the orange one
because I have an orange cup – And I have a green one. That’d be crazy. Let’s dig in. – Oh bye cup. – Orange! – I totally called it. So
I got the lime La Croix. – I got grapefruit La Croix. – No, Jordan! – It doesn’t small la good. – Pour it all in, you’re going to need as
much soda as you can. I’m so scared, I don’t want to open mine. – How did it not fizz like
crazy? I shook it so much. Now I’m shook. – Fill mine up all the stop it you’re going to
spill on me, stop it. – Wow, okay, we’re
picking our candy bars now let’s see what we get. I’m going with this top one. – I’m going with this one. – Everything is spilling. – I got Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch. – And I got Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme. – I used to love Cookies ‘n’ Creme like I wrote a whole essay
on it in fifth grade. – I’ve never liked Cookies ‘n’ Creme. – This one’s the one I wanted! – No, I want that one too! – This one looks so good,
I’ve never had this before. – I’ve never liked this just because I don’t like white chocolate that much, like it’s okay, I can eat it
but I can’t eat a lot of it, I don’t like it. – Guys I’m putting the whole thing in here. – Sorcery, okay, onto our next candy, let’s see what we get. I’m so excited I love candy. York, Peppermint Patty. – Three Musketeers, another good one. – Actually Three Musketeers
used to be my favorite for the longest time. I got a York Peppermint Patty and I’m going to add it into my smoothie. – I got Three Musketeers, woo, yas. What’s the inside of this? – I don’t even know but it’s so good. – Look, it’s so light and fluffy. – It’s so good. Whoa, it’s like a science
experiment right here. – This is really cool. Oh and by the way, we have like every
single candy bar in here beside peanut ones, so if you don’t see any
peanut ones it’s because – Of me. – She’s allergic to
peanuts but that’s okay because I don’t like peanut butter anyway. Next round. – I’ll pick the other one. – What did we get. – Symphony. – Mound. Oh I don’t like Mounds. – I don’t really like Symphony as much because it has almonds and toffee. And then I just also don’t
really like plain chocolate but – I love plain chocolate,
like this, delicious. Where’s Mound? Oh I don’t like Mounds at all. – Oh this smells like peanuts. It’s toffee. – Oh, yeah, see look, it’s
like all coconut on the inside. – Oh you got Mounds. – Yeah. Okay next round. Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch. – I got Score. – Score. – Oh I don’t like Score. Ow – I know it feels like
you’re breaking your teeth. That’s what I think of Score. I think it tastes good but I feel like I’m breaking
my teeth all the time. – See yeah – It’s good but yeah just to like nibble on. – That looks really nice. All right let’s try it. It’s really good. ‘Kay, next round, what
are we going to get? – Twix, I actually really like Twix. – Keith? – Oh there’s two Keiths.
Or, there’s three. Oh look at this, look at this break. Yas. – Oh it’s a toffee bar. No! – Yas! – Twit knew they were
doing something right when they created this. – That’s nasty. Okay, ready. Next round. – Let’s see, I got, Kit Kat, yes! They’re like my favorite. – Oreo! Oreo bar? I’ve never had this. That looks really good,
I’m going to try it. That looks really nice. – I love it when you can just break off little pieces of them, you know. – Yeah, I’m going to try it. I like the chocolate but I
don’t know how I feel about like all the cream on the inside. Okay, next round. Let’s see what we get. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar! – Almond Joy. This is like one of my
favorites, it’s so good. – Joy – I love just chocolate. – I love Almond Joy. – I could eat a full Hershey’s
Chocolate Bar in one sitting. – I feel like it’s wrong to have lumps in your chocolate like this. – Next I got Cadbury Carmel, this one’s always good. – I got Hundred Grand. – Hey you just tried that– – Yeah I was going to say I actually I did not like this before, like five seconds ago, and
then I tried it and was like oh this isn’t that bad. So I actually kinda like this one. – This one reminds me of Easter. – Of Easter? Oh I want that. Oh that looks so good. – Oh yes I get some color
beside brown in my smoothie. – And Cadbury is like the best. – Cadburys Milk Chocolate Eggs are the best things in the world. – Ta da. Mine’s just all going to be brown. – I’m just eating this. – That looks so good. Okay, and the last one is – I think I know. – Rolo and we– – I just wanna rolo rolo
rolo rolo rolo dab of ranch, rolo rolo, dab of ranch. – We have to split this
one so are you ready, let’s split you! One, two, three – Oh this is an easy one to split. – You put in three and then
we’ll figure out the difference. – Ty actually really likes Rolos. – I think they’re okay, I don’t know. – One – Two – Tres – I thought you put it in. – Is it tres? German? – No – Oh I don’t know. – Drei Eins zwei drei – I spy a drei? Close? – Eins, zwei, drei, vier,
fünf, sechs, sieben. All right so now it’s time to blend it I’m actually kind of scared because I think all the chocolate
and everything is good but our base is probably
going to be nasty. – Look guys, look, shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky. Did that just splurt out? – I’m nervous. Okay let’s blend it! – It’s like pond water. I feel like we’re going to be
so hyper after trying this. Okay, let’s see what the color of mine is. But wait! – Click the bell icon so
you can get notifications every time I upload because otherwise you might
not get my videos and– – Sometimes you might get some
videos sometimes you won’t. It’s being really weird right now but if you guys want
to continue watching us you have to click the bell icon. – Yep, get those notifications people. Ready, set, blend! This is honestly really gross. – No! – It looks like re fried beans. It looks like re fried beans.
It looks like re fried beans. Mine’s kind of like that too. – Not as much. – Whoa, that’s thickly. – Thickly Every last drop. – Oh this is nasty. – Look at the remains. – That is the worse part. – Ours are slightly different with color. Oh your remains. Look at the remains of yours. – I’m truly scared. – I’m always so scared
with these challenges because I’m always dreading the moment I have to put it in my mouth. You’ve just now entered into
the weird zone of YouTube. – It’s not Christmas yet. – The black abyss of
YouTube you’ve entered in. – Stop Audrey, stop,
it’s going to come out. – No no, watch, cheers
ladies and gentleman. (screaming) oh I spilled a little bit. – I want to try. – No yours is like lickers galore. It’s the no spill cup, as seen on tv. We need to sell this. – Now it’s time to drink it. One, two, three, go. – Oh I can see it slowly coming up. It’s too much pressure, I can’t get it up. There’s lots of chunkys in mine. – Me too – I got like coconut in there
I can taste the Almond Joy. – me too – But you didn’t have Alond Joy. – I had a different coconut,
Mound, that’s what it was. – Oh that’s weird– – This is probably the best
smoothie challenge though ever. – True, the best smoothie
challenge we’ve ever done– – So it’s true, you put
chocolate on anything it makes it better right? – Yeah! – Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video
don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn it from red to gray and we’ll see you all next time. – Bye!