Everyday American restaurants throw away six
thousand tons of food. With food costs expected to continue rising, food waste will end up
costing you substantially more. The easiest and quickest way to make a big impact on your
waste stream is to evaluate your food storage. Opting for non-commerical grade, inferior
quality food storage containers, food pans and not using tight seal lids is the same
as throwing food away. These low quality alternatives are easy to spot. They damage under harsh
abuse and temperatures, deteriorate with frequent dishwashing, will fall apart much faster,
increase risk of cross contamination, bacteria and flavor transfer and of course spoil food
prematurely and cost you money. So what is the solution? Here are five things to consider
when purchasing food storage containers. Are the containers designed to reduce exposure
to cross contamination, bacteria and air that can make the food spoil in a faster amount
of time? Do they extend the freshness of produce? Do the lids fit and last? Can they withstand
the high temperatures and chemical exposures of frequent dish washing? Are the containers
designed for heavy duty commercial application? With Cambro storage containers the answer
to each of these questions is yes. So look for or ask for Cambro food storage containers.
With Cambro, your sure to get commercial grade, quality products that have proven themselves
in the busiest kitchens around the world. Trust Cambro for commercial grade, quality
food storage that meet HACEP guidelines and help you cut down food waste and save you