So for recon this week,
two from my team – happen to be in town.
– Oh! Jon: So, Todd and Adam
both work for me. So I figured
they can give us the scoop. Two menus, one menu? – Two’d be great.
– You got it. – You guys can’t share?
– I mean, we can. Come on, you came in
as the bromance, be the bromance, come on! Did you guys want something
to drink to start off with? – I would love one.
– Yeah. Maybe, like, a margarita. – I can get you a margarita.
– I’ll take that. That’s fine. – And then can
we order some food, too?
– Yeah, of course, yeah. – Do a dozen wings.
– A dozen wings. – Let’s do
the Italian sammie, too.
– Italian sammie? – Yeah.
– You got it. ( sighs ) Jon: Isn’t the margarita
the most popular cocktail – in America right now?
– Mia: It sure is. Jon: You can’t make that,
you can’t make anything. No, it’s a great litmus test. – There you are.
You’re welcome.
– Thank you. – Let’s see how
this margarita is.
– All right. How is it? The color was off,
his balance was off.It didn’t taste great.– It looks like
a glass of water.
– It’s awful. – Should be all right.
– Dun, dun, dun! – What do we have here?
– Wings. – With ranch.
– Thank you. I’ll get you a couple
of plates. Let’s see how these are. That’s not awful. We gotta figure out what’s
going on with this family,
so here’s my thought. You can go in the front door,
meet with Todd and Adam. – Okay.
– Pull Jodi over. – I want you
to distract her, Tiff.
– I got it. Talk to her, take some notes,
tell me what you think. Should we rescue this bar
or should we not? – What is she all about?
– Mm-hmm. Who is Jodi? And while you’re
distracting her, I’m gonna drive around back,
I’m gonna get Travis, – talk to him separately…
– Okay. …and see what
his perspective is. Then we’ll figure out
if we can rescue this place. – Yeah. Okay.
– Got it. – Okay. All right, go to it.
– Seems fair. – I’ll start driving
around the back.
– All right. – Thank you, buddy.
– Thanks. Hi. Is Jodi here? – Jodi is here.
– Can you have her
come out for a second? – Hi, Jodi.
– Hi! Hi. How are you?
I’m Tiffany Derry. – Hi, Tiffany. Nice to meet you.
– Yes. Very nice to meet you. – Hi. Mia Mastroianni.
– Mia Mastroianni. I know you.( line ringing )This is Travis. Jon:
Travis, this is Jon Taffer.
Do you know who I am?
– Yes, I do.Okay, well first of all,
I don’t want you to say a word
to anybody standing
around you.
I’m in the back in my SUV. – You got it.
Just come on out
the back door,
get in the car,
I wanna talk to you, okay?
You got it.
Okay, just walk right out. – Hi, Jon. How are you doing?
– Hey, Travis. – I’m good.
– Very nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, too.
– Yes. Mia: So, how is this
all working out for you? Like, how do you feel
this is going as a business? Um… ( sighs ) Do you have managers? Travis is my manager. He cooks a couple times during
the week and then he bartends, and he’s basically
the night manager. – Is there a manager?
– There’s no manager. How come you’re not
the manager? It could be from
the broken relationships to– – What relationships?
– Me and my mom. What do you feel
is truly the problem?
What’s going wrong here? I know that there’s, you know,
there’s family issues. This is not your mom. I want you to talk to me
like she’s just a manager
of a business. – Is she good at this?
– No. – Is her attitude good?
– No. – Is she degrading you?
– Yes. This is how
it’s been for years. Why should Jon come
and rescue your bar? ( clears throat ) To help my family and the military
that we support. You know,
it’s important to me. It’s obvious
that you’re very passionate
about your business. I mean, I love this place. If your mom understands
that she’s failing, – she has a reason
to change, doesn’t she?
– Yes, she does. You have to help me
call her out. You have to look
at her and say, – “Mom, we’re failing
because of you.”
– I will do that. ‘Cause she’s not failing
because of you, Travis. You don’t have
the responsibility – to cause the failure.
– Right. – You ready?
Let’s go talk to your mom.
– I’m ready. – Travis?
– Yes? Remember the end
result of this… – Okay.
– …is your hugs, – her being successful…
– Right. – and you changing her life.
– You got it. The better we are now,
the better this
will be in the end. – You with me?
– I’m with you. – Okay.
– All right.