this is my day off today but to help out
I’m glad to come in I made the magic bars today I did the
chocolate crinkles I did drop sugar cookies and I did no-bake fudge cookies this year we looked for something that did large badges because we’re doing 132
boxes this year we start gathering our ingredients maybe a week before they bring in all their own goods all of our new materials we buy at the store
bring it all in and then they volunteer their time to do it well I have to be partial to the pretzels and chocolate that’s a favorite go-to I actually did dark chocolate too and that’s my favorite it’s just so good you gotta love dark chocolate there’s chocolate crackle cookies, chocolate chip bars, magic bars, lemon cookies just anything and everything you can kind of think of
and then we have a couple girls that just aren’t bakers but love to help
so they purchase candy and we throw candy in there as well it doesn’t take much to make someone holiday happy you know something little will help it warms my heart that I can help that’s what it that’s what Christmas is all
about so it just warms my inside it’s just totally right from everybody’s heart everybody needs a little sugar in their life and we want the kids to know we care about them