>>If you have a cafeteria at work, you probably
go there for breakfast or lunch. But at Rochester Regional Health’s corporate offices, some
employees get a show with their meal. In this week’s Extraordinary People, Lia Lando introduces
us to the singing cashier.>>My name is Michael, I’ve got a nickel,
I’ve got a nickel shiny and new.>>This is Cathy Kolb. She’s not auditioning
for a musical or practicing for a concert. She’s simply trying to make people smile while
working the cash register at the Riedman Campus cafeteria.
>>If you’re happy to them, they’re happy, they smile. If they leave smiling that’s what
matters.>>Cathy says not everyone is always in the
mood for her upbeat personality.>>They’ll say, she’s too happy what is she
on. I’m not on anything a cup of coffee, that’s it. I’m sorry, that’s what I do a cup of coffee.
>>And she makes a choice everyday, to look on the bright side.
>>Because life is too short. So you got to joke around and have a little fun. I tell
them the silly jokes, like how do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie in it.
>>She even made u a song for me.>>You’re gonna give me $3 million 25 grand.
>>Oh, she’s making up a song for me.>>Because you know I love money, Lia, yes
I do.>>Besides the singing and the jokes, customers
say sometimes it’s just the short conversations at the checkout that lift their spirits.
>>How was your Christmas?>>It was wonderful. How was yours?
>>It was great, Sophie got her karaoke machine. I don’t know where she gets that singing habit.
I’m looking for 1 million today.>>I don’t have that, unfortunately.
>>Why not? You gotta pretend it. You gotta make sure you’re happy all the time.
>>As for what makes Cathy happy: Seeing others smile when she sings.
>>We’re gonna let them visit their grandma, that’s what we’re gonna do.
>>Beautiful.>>Thank you.
>>With this week’s Extraordinary People report, I’m Lia Lando. News 8.
>>Cathy has been singing at the same cafeteria for about six years now. And she has no plans
of stopping anytime soon.