[Why Did Jesus Have To Die?] Why did Jesus have to die? You know, if you don’t know
why Jesus and to die and for whom He had to die for, usually you will have a wrong concept about who God is,
who you are and what Christ did on the cross. It’s that critical. Now the question is: who is God? You know, you could go out in a plaza anywhere, or a shopping center and you could talk to 20 people and you could
get 20 different opinions about who God is, and probably 18 of them could be Christians and you would
still get different opinions about who God is. Who is God? My greatest fear is that the majority of believers in
the world are not worshipping the one real true God, but they are worshipping a figment of their
own imagination. I call it cafeteria theology. You say, “What do you mean?” You know, a cafeteria. I like this. I like this. And that is what people are doing out there. “I like this,
I like that. That will become a part of my theology.” You know one reason I say that? Now, I don’t want you
to misunderstand me here. I love praise and worship. I love to be involved in praise and worship. But I’m
convinced that most people in praise and worship are not praising the One True God but the figment of their
own imagination. You say, “How can you say that?” Well you try it on your own. I’ll be at conferences. Young people, others, older people, will be up front with their hands
raised, some on their knees, in praise and worshipping God, and very respectfully I’ll approach a number
of them (and I’ve done this for ten years), and I’ll go up and I’ll say, “Who is God? Do you know?” And in almost ten years not one single person has even come close to telling me who is God. And
yet they are there praising and worshipping God. How in the world can you praise and worship
God when you don’t know who He is? This is why I’m so convinced that those who lead
praise and worship ought to context their songs. Because most people feed their own meaning into the words,
not the meaning out of the Scriptures into those words. If we don’t know who God is, it is very difficult to know why Christ
died; to know why we need salvation or how to praise and worship. Who is God? I’m going to answer that for you.