hey – welcome along so today we’re
going to Caesars Palace in Dubai it’s a new resort that has opened out at the
end of jbr it’s a beautiful brand new place they’ve bought the magic of Las
Vegas here into the desert of Dubai obviously it’s there’s no gambling
license here so no casinos and some of that craziness you’ll see from LA but
let’s go and have a look around the hotel hey and welcome to Caesars Palace the
sun is shining this place is beautiful I’m wearing a hoodie I’m not quite sure
if that’s the appropriate attire for for May so this is my first time looking
around Caesars Palace and it’s beautiful the ground salmon are immaculate look at
the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of this hotel in some
really really beautiful place so what I see so far are two pools and I don’t
pool in a family pool service looks great it’s very busy I have to say it’s
a low-rise building the architecture looks stunning but I think very
modernist in its approach I guess because this is all reclaimed
lands that can’t build too high in it just yet but the decor
the attention to detail all very impressive so far so let’s keep on
looking around and form a bit more of a wider opinion let’s go
because this is reclaimed land on the end of gmer that it means it’s affects
me an island surrounded by ocean so those sports it’s a great place for it
it seems that they have jet skis they seem to have lots of outdoor activities
like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding so clearly they aren’t
prepared for a lot of watersports a lot about directivity a lot of sunshine out
here it’s normal shade so we went to Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsay’s
restaurant last night and it was actually what in motivated me to make
this video is it was my first time arriving here and at night he was really
good the restaurants point quiets but the service was great the food was
fantastic and Gordon Ramsay actually hasn’t had a signature restaurant here
like this there’s one enough with a Beiber
not quite like Hell’s Kitchen that’s the kids are a porno in film the kids
claiming like a nice shaded area for the kids to play quite such a cold age it’s
shown area also kids shaded play area yeah so this is the Havana bar this is where
we we’re enjoying drinks last night
until the wee small hours this right here it was a nice place to be pay our long to Caesars Palace as places
lovely so I’ve spent about an hour here this afternoon filming around this
beautiful hotel and sat in the foyer right now and you can see that they’ve
really paid attention to make him look like a palace decked out with Mark
Wahlberg’s Arabic but everything is polished to the nth
degree we have our old friend Caesar overlooking us in many different places
this hotel it has that ancient feeling that that Caesar have some I guess from
the Roman Empire some other design cures around them facilities a second to none
but it hasn’t got that so that Las Vegas feeling clearly it’s illegal to gamble
here in the Middle East so no casino and this but I imagine in the future there
will be other big events coming to this resort so my thoughts so far on spending
a short time here the design and the layout is fantastic it’s one of those
places that if you’re coming to Dubai in the hotter months in the summer months
is a good location because it’s built up on a peninsula on reclaimed land they’ve
actually built an island for this hotel to be housed on because it’s out in the
ocean the wind pushes across this entire resort and makes it really really
Pleasant so you don’t get that stifling summer here so it’s been quite
refreshing mr. Beeman miss number one number two is the same thing that
because it’s on the side you have beaches all around to you you can have a
quiet side of the beach you can have the Sun south side of the beach you can go
out and do watersports jet skis parasailing and all of that fun stuff
and not actually be around the rest of the ruckus in Dubai on Jamie awesome
it’s got its own access and own part of the – by geography that makes it very
great tourism number three is attention to
detail everywhere around this hotel we really have taken care of the little bit
so yes the water is chilled in the pool yes there is an ice bar a nice service
but also it’s one of the only places I’ve seen that has a shaded kids pool it
has a shaded kids area so bringing a family here it’s a great place where you
can leave the kids and protect them from this hot Sun and that’s some really
really nice and some of the other things that done
are the smell of a hotel wherever you walk around this hotel it smells amazing
the Arabic aromas of fresh lilies in or other this month around this result it’s
just wonderful it’s captivating and it really just gonna just gives you a
wonderful feeling like I’m on vacation I have arrived and it is beautiful so let
me let me a thought what do you think to this hotel would you stay here and I’ll
put the prices on this screen so you can see how much it costs and times of and
see how this compares to her the results my gut feeling is it’s more expensive
than a lot of the other places in device what has to really cut itself above for
the very high price points that are here already but judging by the amount of
people that are here the amount of people by the pool and by the beach
people are paying the money so clearly they are feeling they’re getting value
and they are in this new brand here in Dubai so let me
know your thoughts in the comments below what was your favorite part do you think
the big Caesar that sits out outside is a little bit over the top let me know
your thoughts in the comments below I look forward to seeing you in the next
video you