I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews lately
people have sounded like they liked it a lot more I’ve heard one of my friends
in her words said it’s getting pretty lit for me personally I’ve only heard
bad things for a long time and now it sounds like they’re stepping their game up didn’t get the meal plan so I’m excited
I did have a meal plan my first semester not anymore I did have a meal plan because I was an IWORK student I have never eaten at the
CAF before in my life I heard bad things about it at first and lately I’ve been
hearing it’s a little bit better but I’ve never had a meal, never even
really step foot in the CAF This is baked chicken with mash potatoes and corn and gravy This is some fine dining. Is it fine that this knife is greasy? Okay, so just the way I see it I
like it because this feels very homey it’s a little hard to cut. I’m having a
hard time… it makes up for it though with that flavor hmm I like it the meat’s nice and
juicy the breading gives a nice greasy burst when you first shoe into it some
people might not dig it but I do I think, the chicken is taste is really good just
enough not too salty or not too oily This mash potato is good, gravy is good I like the
gravy it’s not too salty just right The corn it’s just corn, tastes like corn its good the corns is where I’m gonna be a bit more for persnickety on I grew up in Nebraska
that’s where you get some good corn this isn’t Nebraska corn. its good Nebraska corn good is just so
succulent bursts with every bite you know when it gets caught in your teeth
it’s a blessing because it’s something you’re saving for later I feel like if
this for what I had to count on for dinner
I’d probably walk away satisfied okay so what we have here is a BLT Bacon lettuce
tomato sandwich I like it I’m liking it. It’s a regular sandwich, with
bacon, but then the cranberry sauce is whats different, cuz I don’t have this
cranberry sauce at home it’s healthy yeah it has like a mixture of some veggies and bacon I like bacon I like how the bread is toasted like they could have just slapped it on some boring white bread but no, they add a little texture on there is that last little bit that shows they
care this would be good for lunch. I’d have this for lunch pizza but it has a basel and tomatoe, grown in the garden here at BYUH so its organic usually organic is a turn-off
for me, but we’ll see how this goes I can taste the
garden oh yeah I’m actually very sorprised cuz, from all
the things that we’ve had this is my favorite I was kind of expecting like a
gas station Pizza experience but it feels thick and hardy it tastes close like, its good its kinda close to Domino’s my favorite pizza of all time is costco pizza is a really like costco then Domino’s then Pizza Hut and this one I think I still
like costco pizza better but this one is second I’m not sure I’m not sure about that I actually put this
right up there with Domino’s the crust is really good I feel like this doesn’t even taste
like it’s bad for you like when you eat Domino’s is just dripping with grease and you most places you can tell this is just ravaging my body I like that there’s
tomatoes in it cuz in Domino’s if you want tomatoes have to pay more I don’t
think it deserves the criticism I’ve heard before for me as long as is healthy
and fresh it will be good for everybody yeah food right here laie especially if
you don’t… food is expensive around here yeah so I think the CAF is a good
value for the money as far as college cafeteria food goes
is definitely above what I was expecting it was actually really good and
I recommend it