I’m going to show you one of the
best hotels in the United Arab Emirates, the Bulgari Resort Dubai. Open since December 2017 in
Jumeirah Bay, with a private beach and fantastic views of the Dubai skyline, the
Bulgari Resort Dubai was designed by the renowned Italian architecture
firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. As Bulgari is an Italian jewelry brand
founded in 1884, the inspiration came from a Mediterranean villa,
chic and timeless. The property is in an area of
158,000 square meters. In the main building there are
101 rooms and suites. Not to mention the 20 villas with private pools
and direct access to the hotel beach. The complex also has six residential
apartment buildings and the first Bulgari marina in the world,
with capacity for 46 boats and yachts. So let’s explore the Bulgari Dubai? In the electric cart, on the way to my
250 square meters villa. There’s even a garage! You know I’ve stayed in several hotels
around the world, right? But this villa is the most
spectacular of them all. I’ll show it to you in detail. Here’s a bedroom with two single beds. Bulgari bed scarfs. And this room has a peculiarity: a terrace in this inner garden. A super well equipped closet. And here’s the bathroom. A double sink with marble countertop. Let’s have a look at the bathtub. And those straight lines, super stylish… Beautiful, right? Look at this volcanic stone,
for exfoliating during the bath. And in this little box, bath salts. Continuing our tour, notice, along the corridor,
how much natural light there is due to the inner patio. And here’s a small washroom
for your guests. There’s an open door that I just saw.
It’s the service door. It’s an en-suite kitchen, so they can
prepare here whatever meal you order, be it breakfast, lunch,
a snack, anything. This kitchen is used
only by the staff. It’s equipped with oven, ice maker,
coffee machine, sink. There’s even a cooktop here. I’m now getting to the living room. Lots of natural light,
Italian design furniture… Straight lines, which I love. These super stylish colors. That wood ceiling… It’s wonderful. Look at this device to connect
your playlist with bluetooth. But for those who prefer to listen to
music without sharing with others, headphones are available too. More surprises over here, guys. Look at this. Caprese cake. And there are these two jars,
full of sweets. One with Arabic sweets. And that other one with dates. Look at my dining room. This plate of fruits was waiting for me
when I arrived… There’s the minibar. And on this side, the private pool. Sun loungers and another
dining table outside. And lastly, my room, with a king size bed,
this wood panel… The bedside tables are equipped with
light controls, USB port. And I just saw a detail I hadn’t seen. A card with my name. That’s so cool! There’s also a pillow menu. Seven different types of pillows. Mine’s already perfect. I don’t want to change it. I loved it. And this is the master bedroom’s closet. There’s a Bulgari beach bag
with straw slippers… Shoe trees to help your shoes to get
back to their original shapes… A desk and gym weights,
in case you want to work out in the villa. And my bathroom, also with a double sink,
a bathtub, plenty of natural light… And check that shower. Fantastic high ceiling, right? When we leave a room with
air conditioning and come outside, it’s such a heat that
the glasses get foggy. I can’t see anything… On the way to the beach. Let’s go, there’s a cabana
waiting for me. This is the hotel beach. It’s a private beach, but for 100 USD,
you can get a day use pass to spend a day at the beach. If you prefer to rent a cabana,
it costs 450 USD for four people with all non-alcoholic
beverages included. Speaking of non-alcoholic beverages,
check how they serve the coconut water. The name Bulgari is
stamped on the fruit. This is my cabana’s porch. There’s a full bathroom
with Bulgari amenities. Can you imagine a more stylish
way to go to the beach than this? A shower… A fridge… A bathrobe… Everything you need. Let’s check the sea? Well, the sea water…
I don’t need to tell you, right? It’s warm, crystal clear… The sea’s super calm,
it’s like a pool. With a hotel like this, I honestly think
I’ll consider Dubai as a vacation destination, to spend a week
relaxing at the Bulgari Resort. And close to the sea, is the hotel pool,
with these super comfortable resting areas. The pool water is cooler than the sea. Wow, it’s amazing! Best of all, I have the feeling
the hotel is entirely mine. Oh, the Burj Khalifa over there. I decided to have lunch
at the beachfront restaurant. Look how interesting are these
portable air conditioners. They work very well in Dubai,
especially in the summer, when it’s very hot. My lunch couldn’t be
more perfect than this. Quinoa, melon, romaine lettuce
and grilled chicken. Time to show you the
Bulgari Resort Dubai main building. And I have to start by calling your attention
to the architecture of the outdoor area with this delicate design that resembles
sea corals, but at the same time refers to the shade that
the desert palm trees provide. Here in the lobby, the same clean and
elegant design you’ve seen in my villa. I loved it! A Bulgari boutique … And look at this! A chocolate store that looks
more like a jewelry store. It’s Il Cioccolato,
also a Bulgari brand. This is the second Il Cioccolato store
of the Middle East and the first Il Cioccolato
store in a Bulgari hotel. I’m being welcomed with
a chocolate tasting. Me, a chocoholic! I don’t have the courage to eat them
because they’re so beautiful… It seems more like we’re entering a
jewelry store and that’s actually the concept, after all we’re at
the Bulgari Dubai. Delicious! It’s hard to decide
which one is better. After eating so much chocolate,
I’m exploring the gym, which overlooks the sea. Now the trainer is showing me the
yoga and pilates studio, also facing the Bulgari Resort beach. Next to the gym is this 25 meters
indoor pool. Just beautiful! In the spa, there’s a jacuzzi
that shines like a jewel. Here the walls are covered with onyx
brought from Iran. And notice this detail: an ice fountain,
so you can apply it on your face when you leave the hot water. And they had to have a hammam,
which is very typical of the Middle East. You bathe lying on this heated rock,
getting a massage at the same time. It’s so hot here in Dubai
at this time of year… I was going back by electric cart
but they sent a car to pick me up. It’s very close, but just entering the
car with air conditioning is so good. – Thank you! It’s so good inside! Through the car window, a view of the
Bulgari Resort Dubai apartment buildings. I told you I was going
to enjoy this pool, right? Here I am. And now I don’t feel like leaving
this water anymore. It’s so peaceful here… I’ll take a nap before sunset. This is one of the restaurants at the Bulgari Resort,
Niko Romito, specialized in Italian food, with this view of the marina during sunset. I’m now at the bar to try
Bulgari’s signature cocktail. – Aperol, Tanqueray Ten gin, pineapple juice
and a touch of orange juice. – Beautiful! – This is the Bulgari cocktail.
– Thank you! – Cheers! It’s really very good! Thank you! I was going to my table when I saw
the bartender preparing another drink, an old fashioned,
and I had to film it for you. They have this ice sculpture machine
that makes the ice look like a diamond and they still can stamp
the Bulgari logo on it. Isn’t that cool? And now I start my dining experience
at Niko Romito restaurant Here’s the menu. And if you’re curious about the prices,
it’s worth saying that the UAE Dirham is practically equivalent to the Brazilian Real. I chose a spaghetti with lobster followed
by a risotto Milanese style. Everything was great. So did you like it? Please, give this video a like, subscribe to the channel
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