Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply and in today’s episode we’re going to
talk about the pros and cons about four different kinds of kitchen thermometers. The first thermometer we have here is the
old fashioned analog probe thermometer. The nice thing about this is that it’s cheap
and it’s easy. It’s very clear cut of what the temperature
is; however, the downfall with this one is it
does take a little bit of time for the dial to actually get to the correct
temperature. Also it’s got a limited temperature range. As you can see it only goes from zero to 220
degrees. Sometimes that could limit you. As well, it can get uncalibrated and the more
that you calibrate this that little nut on the back can get loose
over time and you’ll need to replace it. The nice thing is it’s cheap so it shouldn’t
be too much of a burden. Next we have a digital probe thermometer from
Comark. The PDT-300. The nice thing about this is that it’s also
cheap. The better benefit is that it’s a little
bit quicker. It’s got more of an instantaneous read because
it’s digitally driven and it can be field calibrated. The downfall about this one though is it’s
also got a limited temperature range. This one can go down to 52 degrees below zero
and all the way up to 302 degrees. This one is definitely an upgrade from your
classic analog dial. Next we have a Comark FoodPro Plus Infrared
and Probe Thermometer. This is actually a really cool one. We’re starting to get into the more high-end
thermometers here. The nice thing about these is when you have
your HACCP plans and your health inspectors come in these thermometers are really what’s going
to save you. The nice thing about this one, it’s already
got a HACCP temperature range indicator so when you’re actually probing with this
one you’ll see at the top it’s flashing in the hazardous sign so that
means your temperature range right now for whatever you’re taking the temperature
of is in the HACCP danger zone. Also it will go to the cold side or the hot
side if you’re in the respective healthy areas
of those temperature ranges. The nice thing is it’s an infrared gun as
well as a digital probe as well so you got two different things here. The probe -40 to 392F. The infrared gun itself
-30 to 525F. Next here we have what is considered the crème
de la crème of kitchen thermometers. We have here the Comark C20 Series K-type
Thermoouple Thermometer. The nice thing about this is that it’s a
thermocouple so it’s going to measure your temperature
ranges in a completely different manner, much more accurately, and it has a much larger
range than any other thermometer. The temperature range on this probe is -328
degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to just over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 1,112 to be
exact. Also the nice thing, the feature of this is
it’s got a one degree margin of error plus or minus so you’re getting a much more accurate reading
and it reads almost instantaneously. The nice thing about this thermometer though
is that it’s got some waterproofing around where the probe connector is as well
as very durable because of this rubber housing and casing around it. It’ll last much longer than any other thermometer
you have. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply
and here’s to a better, accurate temperature reading!