In this episode, we’re going to discuss and
compare the different features and uses of Detecto scales. Why are scales so important you may ask? Well a variety of different reasons, first they help you create consistent quality
products coming out of your kitchen, and the way they do that, is accuracy. Accuracy to your recipe refinement, and ingredients
used in it, as well as accuracy on portion control, as well as accuracy on your inventory control which all of which boil down to your food
cost. Accuracy and honing in your food cost. The first scale we’re going to look at here,
is a Detecto mechanical scale, often called a portion scale. These items are great because of the the ease
of use in the simplicity in their design. They are pretty much versatile in the sense
they are waterproof, they have quick read outs, and are very manual, and they have great proportioning things like
starches, and pastas, as well as anything with a portioned vegetable. You can easily adjust the location of the
needles through the spring tension here. The dial on the front creates a very manual
tare function. The nice thing about this is that they’re
pretty much waterproof, they are quick read outs. However the downfall is that you may not know
when your spring tensions goes awry, so you may not know when to really replace
this unless you weigh something who knows exactly
the amount of ounces that you have. Next up here we have a Detecto PS4 digital
scale. The reason why this one is great, is because of versatility and it’s capacity
hold up to four pounds considering as quaint small size as well it measures in a tenth of an ounce
all the way down a gram. You can use your unit conversions to change
that. As well there’s a zero tare function, so that way when you put your mixing bowl
on here you can tare it out to be 0 and then we can start adding the weight of
each ingredient from there. It runs on a 9 volt power supply, as well
it could also be used with batteries. The next scale we have here is the Detecto
WPS10 mariner digital scale. The nice great thing about this one is not
only it’s size and capacity, can hold up to 10 pounds, and measure all the way down to the accuracy
of a tenth of an ounce. It also has very different functions of unit
measurements, going to the grams as well. It also has a tare functions just like the
other digital scale, but the great thing about this one not only
does it have the back light button for your display screen, but the mariner is called the mariner for
a reason because this could be fully submersible into
water. The great feature here it has a nice rubber
gasket plug, to cover power supply. Again this also run on a 9 volt power supply,
or battery as well. The great thing about cleaning up after measuring
and portioning your protein, is you have a lot of bacteria on your scale. A lot of times the saran wrap just won’t cover
it completely to be sanitized and cleaned. The nice thing about this, is you can submerge
this into your sink, scrub it down and then you can also submerge
into your sanitizer sink and then it’s free to go for a clean session
on the next round. The last scale we have here to talk about
is Detecto DR150. This is actually a receiving scale, you maybe asking why you need such a large
receiving scale in your kitchen. This thing can help you do wonders in the
sense of inventory control and food cost analysis. These scales are great it can weigh up to
a 150 pounds going all the way down to 2 tenths of a pound, as well they measure in kilograms. The great thing about this piece is you can
weigh all your items in your walk-in at the end of the month for inventory. It makes it go a little bit quicker. The one downfall is this needs to be attached
to a power supply constantly, this one does not work on battery. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply,
join us again next time!