with this traditional buttermilk recipe we will prepare real buttermilk traditionally buttermilk was prepared from yogurt which was made at home using raw full cream whole milk ingredients and their quantities are given in the description box we have here raw, full fat, whole milk which needs to be boiled first. then cooled it it remains just a wee bit hot here is the milk cooled after boiling till it is now just a wee bit hot. in summer, like it is now, the milk must not be very hot as the yogurt can turn sour we are using homemade yogurt starter which is nothing but a little of the yogurt made a few days back which was stored in the refrigerator till needed first stir in the cream layer that has formed on top after cooling the milk in summer less of the yogurt starter is needed than in winter because of the higher temperature & the yogurt sets faster too we will add 1/4 tsp of the yogurt starter in the milk and stir it a few times to disperse it cover with a lid and let it sit undisturbed overnight early next morning the yogurt is ready and you can see it has set nicely we will transfer it to a large bowl and whisk it with a hand mixer. you can use a hand blender or a mixie blender instead we will whisk the yogurt for a few minutes we have whisked it for 3-4 minutes. now we will add about 500 ml of chilled water and whisk it again till the butter separates out we have whisked it for about 10 minutes and now you can see the butter floating on top the butter seems to be less as we have taken just 1/2 liter of milk to make the yogurt. we need to firm up the butter so we will add some ice cubes to this and stir till the liquid becomes chilled the butter has firmed up we will remove it to a bowl the liquid in the pot is buttermilk . we will strain it out to remove whatever little butter remains in it real buttermilk is ready. use it to make kadhi or have it as chaas by stirring in some roasted cumin powder, rock salt and black pepper powder to it chaas is a very cooling summer beverage nothing like having real buttermilk in summer. do try it and share your experience if you like the recipe & dish please share our video and subscribe to our channel. thank you for watching