Starting a business can be very
challenging so instead of writing a business plan we should start with
creating a business model canvas A business model canvas is a tool that has helped thousands of people and companies across the world coming up and analyzing business models My name is Emad Saif, I’m an educator
and an entrepreneur I help people with business models. I
have extensive experience on this topic I have delivered many workshops and I also use this tool every day this course is perfect for you if you
are an entrepreneur, an innovator or just someone with a business idea. The
business model canvas is a one-page tool that breaks down any business idea it to
nine essential building blocks. These nine building blocks make it much easier for
you to understand your business and come up with solutions for it instead of
starting with a complicated business plan. You can easily sketch out your
ideas in a fun visual way with your team and have a language that is common that
anybody can understand. It’s a perfect tool for teamwork and visual thinking. In
this course we will answer questions like what is a business model? What is a business model canvas? and from there we’ll dive deep into the nine building blocks and explain how to use them
step-by-step for your business idea. I will share with you several examples of
real companies and their business models this will help you have an idea of how
your own business model canvas may look like At the end of this course you will
know how to create your own business model canvas, as well as analyzing
existing ones. You’ll have a tool that you can take to your team and be able to
work right the way on crafting the right business model canvas for you. You will have a lifetime access to all the resources you need to get started on the business
model canvas today. I’ve also added quizzes to test your knowledge and keep you engaged You can also leave me a question in the
question section of the course and interact with me Finally, I’ve included many additional
resources recommended books and things that will
help you along in the bonus section So I look forward to helping you and seeing you inside the course