Okay class. Listen up. This is our new student,
Jordyn. She moved here from Florida. So let’s please try to welcome her.
Hey Jordyn. Now we’re going to get ready to do our lab
today. Carl, would you mind working with our new student, Jordyn?
Alright. Alright great. Hi! My name’s Jordyn. Carl.
Look’s like we’re lab partners. Aren’t you the lucky one? Carl is pretty much
the smartest kid in the grade. Hi. I’m Bianca and this is Jasmine.
Nice to meet you both. Hey Jordyn.
Looks like you needed a place to sit so . . . Carl, right?
Yeah, well, Carl the III actually. That’s a lot of Carl’s in your family.
Sure is. My Grandpa Carl invented cable TV. They’re not laughing at you. They’re laughing
at me. Why? So, are you really the smartest kid in the class? Well, no. Tommy Lewis is, but I’m right behind him. It’s usually a three way battle between
me, Tommy, and Alaya . . . Man. First day troubles. Hey Jordyn. What did you guys get for number four? We’re not giving you any answers. “We’re not giving you any answers.” Bianca, what seems to be the problem? Carl, here, keeps distracting us.
You guys are not that far. You need to get back to work. Hey Jordyn. It doesn’t bother me that you decided to sit somewhere else at lunch. I understand that you want to make friends. I just think that you’re way too nice to be
hanging out with Bianca. You can do better than her. So the answer to number twelve is . . . what are you doing? She’s helping me out. Well maybe if you tried applying yourself, you wouldn’t need help. Oh come on Carl. Its not a big deal. Don’t be such a nerd.
Hey Carl. Is everything alright? Yeah. Everything’s fine.
Okay. That was so awesome the way you told Carl
off today. “Don’t be such a nerd.” Did you see the look on his face? Yeah. Watch this. Hey Carl. I see you got all five food groups in your packed lunch, huh? An apple, an orange.
What’s this? Milk? Yes, milk. What the . . . Carl . . . this is all my fault. Oh, come on Jordyn. Its not a big deal. Don’t
be such a nerd. Carl, you were right. Why did I want to be
friends with them? Hey Carl, can I talk to you for a minute? Mr. Fraser told me that someone poured milk on you yesterday. Would you want to tell me who? Well if you change your mind, you always can tell me. Hey you guys. We’re stuck on number twenty-one. You think you can help us out? Whatever.
Give it back! Don’t get all nerdy on us.
We don’t want to share our answers with you. What are you going to do about it? I already
got it. I’m going to tell Mr. Conti.
You can’t be serious. Go ahead. See if I care. Mr. Conti. Bianca took our answer sheet and
won’t give it back. Bianca, Jasmine. Come here! Wait. One more thing. It was Bianca who dumped the milk on Carl yesterday. I just thought you should know.
Okay. Thanks. You two. Let’s take a trip down
to Mr. Fraser’s Office. Thanks for that. You were right. They aren’t the kind of friends I want to make anyway. Well I hope you find some good friends. I think I already have. Number nine is “A”. And eight is “C”.