Hi, my name’s Griffin Biering Product Manager for Crescent® Tools and today I’m going to show you a powerful new professional demolition and renovation tool the Bull Bar™ by Crescent® at the core of the Bull Bar™ is an innovative double-fork design and indexing head
Specifically designed for removing deck boards wood siding and pallet
deconstruction the double-forks provide balance lift on
both sides of the nail and have gripping teeth to help reduce
slippage. Boards are removed faster, cleaner and with less effort. Compare
that to traditional pry bars which require more force and re-positioning. Bull Bar’s indexing head adjusts for optimal leverage. A closed angle gives the user fast action for shorter
pulls. A more open angle allows for powerful downward force on
larger planks or when demolition is above ground
level. The Bull Bar™ has a patent pending Center nail puller offering better balance and more leverage.
Great when removing ring shank nails and stubborn longer
nails. The nail puller utilizes the round portion of the indexing head. This design acts as a
cam to allow the head to rock against the
wood rather than dig into the material. The result, easy, smooth removal. Precision tips with
gripping teeth are designed to easily fit between boards
and are wide enough to straddle two floor joists Re-claimers, Salvagers and other
professionals will appreciate the narrow blades as they
greatly reduce material damage. The Bull Bar™ is extremely rugged. The head and 44″ knurled handle are made from
heavy-duty steel and an oxidized head and powder coated
handle protect the Bull Bar™ from the elements. Bull Bar™, the newest
innovation in the Crescent® line of demolition and renovation tools. Thanks
for watching to learn more about Bull Bar™ and other Crescent® products
visit CrescentTool.com