yo what’s up guys Majah here the game of rust is a hardcore dog-eat-dog world where only the most talented and most clever players will survive bases get raided every minute and people outside gets slaughtered every moment so this wipe I set out to create a safe haven the clan was to make an island resort isolated from the rest of the world and fully self-sustaining players would then pay us in exchange for living in our asylum so let’s see how it all plays out [Music] it’s wiped day and we had our eye set on one location in between the river to the north let’s say oh I see the bases it’s such a nice spot it looks so good as I approached I noticed there was already a base there excuse me I come in peace I came here to negotiate do you own this base here I’m looking for the owners of this base hello so this you know this piece of land that you’re on I was planning on building a giant hotel here mm-hmm I was a wandering eye yeah can we negotiate a deal here because I kind of wanted it this is like a perfect spot you know it has the river can I invite you to the team sure okay okay I was wondering it I don’t want to be violent like try to raid your base but can i if I can get TC access that viola name don’t steal anything yeah did you get saw best yeah yeah I’m rolling him watch yeah he’s teaching bigger thank you my dude thankfully are a loud neighbor was friendly and he kindly gave us access to his tool cupboard oh there’s a spirit I hit my head of item one more hit I got him I got him I got him dude I threw the rock at him perfect timing now before we continue I want to give a shout out to raid shadow legends for sponsoring this video you may have heard of this new RPG mobile game that’s been blowing up in the past few months they already have over 10 million players worldwide and if you check it out on the play story it already has over 200,000 reviews and a nearly perfect score this game has a Ledge deep storyline with 3d graphics boss battles PvP combat and hundreds of different champions that you can collect and customized it’s truly the most feature packed game you can find on a smartphone personally my favorite character is the big-ass green dude called Gaelic cuz he reminds me of my dad what the best part about this game is the fact that everyone can find their own niche that they love some players like collecting different characters and customizing them some are all about the deep storyline and immersion but personally I love fighting other players in PvP during my free time that’s just the way I go in fact there’s also a new road map with plenty of future improvements that are coming to the game and by the way this game is completely free so if you’re interested go to the description below click on my link and you’ll receive 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey nice look station ya supermarket whatever to this destination go this one right up oh my God he’s dodging me click on the ladder hi there where are you stalking me yeah you want some water I have some water and I have some pills yes very good save my life you’re welcome [Music] well my bad I thought you know my bad my bad chief yes fine okay oh really oh oh sure you want to go team up on this kid on the road over there oh let’s get him let’s get him let’s get him hey we’re friendly do you want to join our clan I’ll never get one in them I spawned I spawned on the lighthouse Island there’s still nobody here I spawned in and spotted this nice lighthouse Island there was no basis on it and it would be the perfect place to build the hotel so Jambi and I took out a helicopter and flew over to go check it out boy left No Oh Oh chatter yeah [Music] he’s right above us dog he’s on our tail oh yeah I’m gonna go around I’m gonna I’m gonna bamboozle I’m gonna go around the lighthouse so bottle oh oh growing around and going around Oh Oh throws me don’t kill me I’m not where’s my my mother beat you fell off the floor it’s right here did you kill him yeah at least kid let’s get out of here oh my god he’s killing everyone well we got a mission let’s go the guy was nice enough to pick me in Jambi up but Jambi ended up killing him hopefully he wouldn’t come back for revenge alright we gotta make the headquarters base [Music] wow again hey guys what’s up hey what’s up guys okay listen up listen up you’re gonna you’re probably gonna want to spawn here anyways later on because we’re gonna put a giant beach resort right here why is it okay everyone’s spawning here what okay I didn’t kill you I’m not in control of my teammate he mode you down dog it’s not true yes is Owen mine I want an apology kill you I wanna know I didn’t aerial take this take this but we are not screen off first yeah they’re gone the gun we’re good all right no no no we got this that’s on me I’m alone who’s this guy so bro all right you want to build here thank you every good love – so what do they eat for lunch that was a good one [Laughter] [Laughter] okay I’m just I’m gonna make like a path yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all the houses will go built on this path so here’s the plan for the island resort we just got our headquarters down on the lighthouse Island to the left here is actually a popular spawn point and to the right on the coast is the rest of the map where all the violence is going on so our plan was to build a wall straight on the center of our island to create a safe zone on the left side then we would make a straight path going from north to south on this path is where we’re gonna start building our houses now these first blue dots are gonna be the standard houses each one is going to cost 100 scrap then we’re gonna build another wall to the north separating the VIP houses to the standard houses there will be five VIP houses and the VIPs will also get their own private dock where they can use boats to go to oil rig or explore the map it’s gonna be a bunch of little houses along this foundation row does a room cock trying to rent uh maybe like 50 scrap hundred scrap probably 100 yes sir touch this car sister you ready ready look ho get ready look cool Scotland [Music] is it’s gonna be the office Vinny this is your standard room standard room this is actually kind of nice I know Oh 100 big bones and I can live in here yes sir 100 big bones I like cake step back it won’t be close to your mic SMR me 100 big bones after hours of building finally the resort is complete and we’re ready for business I hope you guys enjoyed part one of this two part series in the next video we’re gonna open up the resort for customers so stay tuned for that also make sure to join my personal discord for updates when I stream upload videos and play with subscribers and become part of our community I’m also giving away free VIP on my R Us servers to the first three people that reached level 50 on my discord anyways I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you in part two [Music]