Food Servery & Display Equipment S2 – Food Servery & Display Equipment by Buffalo S3 – Bain Marie
L371 – Bain Marie Without Pans S007 – Bain Marie With Pans
S047 – Bain Marie With Tap and Pans S4 – Bain Marie Features
>150mm deep containers>Durable stainless steel construction
>Wet heat only operation>Support bars included
>Easy to clean S5 – Easy Serve Soup Kettle 10 Litres capacity
>Stainless steel lid>Excellent for serving soup, curry and chilli
>At just the right temperature!>Ideal for serving mulled wine or stew
>Wet heat only operation>Variable simmerstat
S6 – Pie Cabinets GF455 – 60 Pies capacity
GF454 – 30 Pies capacity * Stainless steel
* Glass sliding doors * Thermostat control
* Internal light * 3 removable shelves S7 – Heated Countertop Display Cabinets
GC875 – 100 Litres capacity GC876 – 120 Litres capacity
GC877 – 160 Litres capacity S8 – Heated Countertop Display Cabinets
Features>Curved glass display cabinet
>Chrome wire shelves>Rear sliding door
>Front, side and top fixed glass>LED lamp
>Stainless steel & glass>PTC heater