Hey Guys today I am in Shenzhen city bus I am going to show you a low budget hotels normally situated at the city outskirts and away from commercial areas you can see this bus is empty because at last but one stop I will get down After getting down from this bus I will show you a low budget hotel in China (Shenzhen) just now I got off from that bus the hotel is nearby about 2mins walk, let us go…. Hello ! Mr Sube Singh Hi guys he is my friend Sube Singh day before yesterday he has come from New Delhi He has booked this local low budget hotel what was cost ..? Singh: Hello Friends Actually the cost was ¥130 RMB 130 means ¥130 and in Indian rupees it will be ₹1300/night but the facilities are not so special a simple bathroom it has shower, mirror and commode this is double bed this is LED TV with only Chinese channels form here you can see outside view hotel is in city outskirts and too faraway from city center How long it will take from here to go Shenzhen city center..? approximately 35mins by metro train how about by taxi and what is the cost of taxi by taxi it will cost you ¥70 ¥70 means Indian rupees ₹700 are there any restaurants nearby…? Indian restaurants are in Guo Mao area but that location is in city center nearby no any special restaurants if any Indian comes here that will be very difficult to get Indian food bit difficult here basically we can take non-veg food but that will be half boiled oh half boiled but it will not be so tasty unlike to our Indian curry style I purchased this peanuts and this soft drink I am surviving with these stuffs Now we are in this hotel lobby what is the procedures to book this kind of hotels if any foreigner comes here he has to present his passport after producing your passport easily they will not entertain foreigners you have get some local reference which is mandatory you mean you have to get any local Chinese people references along with their Chinese ID card and they have to come here in person they demand physical evidence if local guy comes his ID also is required after that this hotel staff will decide to allocate room or not apart from this they will take photo copy of our passport that is also will be submitted by hotel staff to local police station if come here to stay but not in hotel, but any of your friends place within 24hours you have to register your passport at local police station when I come here to meet you the receptionist not allowed me to go up to your room what is the issue..? looks like a new rule compare to India there are many rules here the thing is even if local Chinese comes to meet me then they demand his ID too they always suspect on any one who comes to meet a foreigner. that is the reason they always check your ID They allowed you only after my physical presence even for 10mins she was not allowing me now a days the rules are more strict This is another budget hotel the name of the this hotel is NAERSE Not nurse it is “NA ER SE” this is also a budget hotel which is far away from city center come let us take a look how much you have paid for this room I have paid ¥170 (₹1700) per night without breakfast ¥170 =₹1700, that too without breakfast this has double bed here is the AC and TV this a big bathroom and toilet how far is this from city center almost about 40 minutes and the metro station is about 20min by walk from here and to reach city it takes 40 mins if you want to go Electronic market or city center what will be the taxi rent cost taxi rent charges are about ¥60 about ¥60~¥70 Indian rupees ₹600~₹700 from this hotel to go Shenzhen city side or Electronic market now let us check this hotel lobby Mr Adarsh what is the booking procedures this hotel was booked by my company my company is very near by they have booked this hotel for me and it was very helpful it is very near I can go by walk so for booking you only gave your passport right..? Yes yes… In this hotel when I come in here this receptionist has not asked anythings from me where as in previous hotel they have asked for ID card even for guests they were not allowing this hotel seems free not so strict and bit flexible hey guys, this morning while taking videos on budget hotels I forgot to tell you about some important facts after coming home while editing the video I realized now and remembered those facts now I am going to tell please listen carefully In China for some low budget hotels do not have permit to entertain foreigners second thing even if they have permit but still they ask for local Chinese guarantor I mean while booking a Chinese resident has to produce his/her ID card physically as I mentioned in the morning videos of 1st hotel the third thing is in some budget hotel you can directly check-in for that you only need to show your passport with valid visa these rules are bit weird in China these rules vary from city to city now talking the rules about Shenzhen city I do not have much information of other cities you cannot book online these kind low budget hotels because online websites and apps all will be in Chinese they only works locally and all will be in Chinese it is very difficult to use those apps they will not open/work outside China so it is better to get some reference or you know anyone here and get that particular hotel information I suggest you that better pay more 100/200 yuan and book a good hotels in city center if you get a bit cheaper hotels from those international websites better book it from there only in city you will get lots on ambiances such has supper market, electronic market Indian restaurants or other foreign restaurants it will very convenient and walk able distance if you come outskirts far away from city then unnecessarily you will spend money/time on taxi some taxi guys will not come and even it is difficult to get taxi near hotels so I better suggest you to book the hotel in city center not matter even a hotel is bit expensive guys this my Shenzhen China low budget hotel video If you have any questions/doubts please comment I will reply you at the earliest possible.