Oh my god yeah And people go, well how do you come up
with your material Gabriel? How do you come up with the things you’re gonna say? Things happen to me And then I… Instead of just going to a shrink or something… I suck it up and I come up here like
when I did the joke about the freaking Volkswagen I really used to own a Volkswagen I didn’t just go, let me see if this is funny… I had a Volkswagen No… I lived it! People go, why do you wear Hawaiian shirts? I’ve always worn Hawaiian shirts Bottom line is simple Why do I wear em? Cause they fit They’re colorful and… I’m sorry When you wear a Hawaiian shirt And you’re living in the ghetto People don’t think you’re
up to no good You’re not a gang member wearing a
Hawaiian shirt Nobody’s gonna take you serious Ya know? Where you from? Oh Honolulu eh? You can’t be hard and colorful No way man.. And believe me, I’ve had my encounters I had a little encounter one time on a plane Some guy was getting a little weird I was like not uh, no more for me Every time I get on a plane there’s always drama Always… One time I’m flying to Florida
and our plane got hit by lightning Uh-huh The plane dropped 600 feet Straight down That’s better than any ride you’ve ever been on I don’t care who you are You could have been freaking doing 20 years in prison You kill a hundred people You can be the baddest, toughest dude ever When you’re on a plane and it just
drops out of the sky… Ohhh I was gay for five seconds I’m not gonna lie Oh I was a broke back Mexican, yes I was I was in touch with myself