So the Scottish accent Why is it so difficult? I have done plays in the past where I needed an Irish accent you know
James Joyce’s The Dead and that came very easy to me. there’s a musicality and
a lilt to Irish and to British and to even Manchester but the Scottish, what
the heck happen there? So we have an incredible dialect coach, Stephen Gabis,
has been coming along and helping us Kelli and I laugh because with five days
of rehearsal you know that little leprechaun pops in every now and then
and we’re hoping there’s some forgiveness in the audience but it is
better it’s better before because I don’t know two or three weeks ago I was
practicing and my daughter who is she’s nearing three she looked at me and she
said, why are you speaking Spanish? So that was not good. I knew I was not in a
good place with my accent back then I’ve improved but it’s like I don’t know it’s
Scottish by way of Ireland by way of Spain by way of Transylvania so that’s
where we are now on Wednesday but Saturday you never know in this process
between Wednesday and Saturday a lot of things change