Hello. Today, we visited to “Brew Lab Coffee Shop” at Beyoğlu / İstanbul. We talk about coffees’s aroma, brew techniques. We will listen from Deniz Chef. Let’s move on to tasting. I tried first coffee. They offer El Salvador Espresso. Medium density and easy to drink a coffee. Golden foam and cream of coffee is over. That’s meaning coffee’s technique is true. Now, we will try second coffee. Now we are trying second coffee. Cold drip (cold brewing) is a popular method in recent years. Brew Lab is saying, this technique is popular for us. Currently there are three techniques for cold drip in the world. First is Japanese style with ice and cold water. New Orleans style is just with ice. Now, our trying style is Kyoto style with just cold water. 18 hours to 2 liters of brewing coffee. Now, I am tasting Brazil coffee beans. Generally, this method is not easy to feel the smell. But; coffee’s aroma and mood is good. If we compare with other method; it passed in front of the espresso. Brew Lab Crew is says: Our favorite coffee is cold drip. Now third coffee. That is offering hot. Hario V60 style brew is brewing with special device. Mario style is brewing for bubbling ’cause; this step is coffee beans giving aroma to water. Then coffee is brewing with hot water and real brew is taking two and half minutes. Again Brazil coffee beans. Hot and leaving beautiful taste on palate. I can recommend if you like hot coffees. We completed our test at Brew Lab. We chose three coffees. One cold and two hot coffee. Expresso is El Salvador. Easy drinkable and medium-bodied. Golden foam is good that means technique is true. Second one is Cold Drip. Cold Drip not implemented in Turkey, but more preferably around the world. 18 hours to 2 liters of brewing coffee with this technique. Brew Lab chose this technique and in this cafe popular taste. Third one is brewing style is Hario V60. First water adding is for bubbling and second water adding to real brewing using with hot water. This technique giving tastes to water.