Things just got serious Good morning everyone. We were at the
dentist again. I feel like I’ve spent my life at the dentist this week. Yeah I
haven’t really done anything apart from going to the dentist and then editing. That’s been my life. My sister’s here, reclined. We are just waiting in the car
even though it’s hot we’re waiting in the car for Abood and
Sarah because we are going to be going bowling. Haven’t been bowling in a long time and we have never been to MJ’s before. So it’s like a new fancy as bowling Alley? What do you call them? Lounge. They call it a bowling lounge. We’ve been, we’ve been bowling a lot on this channel we’ve been, yeah,
usually Leon wins but Leon’s not here so it’s our turn. We have the whole bowling
alley to ourselves and seems that people don’t like to bowl during the weekdays.
I was expecting more people to be here because it’s a summer holidays but it
expensive compared to like Funland and the one in City Center but here it’s a very snazzy and
quite cool I know they do a lot of things with like fluorescent colors and
glow in the dark stuff especially at night it’s more like a club atmosphere
but Sarah’s leaving tonight we have to do stuff in the day time. Who’s gonna win? L: Me! Wil you really? I’m very competitive H: I know Sarah is competitive.
L: I haven’t played in like 10 years. You haven’t? Leon is really good for some reason. Like he just beats everyone. H: It’s really annoying.
L: Didn’t you guys find a way to do it properly? H: Yeah and then I forgot about it. Then
Leon won. Its really annoying. At the moment I am winning. It’s only round 1 though. We’ve still got…9 rounds to go. That was my big maths right there Sarah’s come running behind me and has been doing
spares and strikes and all sorts of things here and is now leading with 77
points. I was like I can’t do the math but that’s a lot in front of me it and
everyone else Abood just did a really good one that we just missed. So I’ve already had my first injury. You can’t really see it. My nail is like chipped off and looks really bad. It feels awful. Our food’s arrived. So you can actually eat and bowl at the same time and it’s really good and I got it a burger. We’ve got three plate of chips
just because we’re doing an hour. And just like that we’re done. Sarah won both
games I came second total but Abood won the second game I mean my second
runner-up of the thing.. but MJs is really cool because this actually turned to kind of
look at club do they have DJs was a fun stuff
happening here so close so close it’s So close, so close That’s very good of you Abood. Bowling was fun. MJ’s was a cool place I wish it had been open while we were at school because thatwould have been a great place to hang out. When we were at school we we only
had Seef Mall. Seef Mall was the only, well big mall while we were at school so what
we used to do on the weekend was go to Seef Mall and just walk around we
wouldn’t buy anything we wouldn’t shop or anything would just literally walk
around the mall because everywhere else was way too hot but that’s literally what
Leon and I and all our friends used to do was just go to Seef Mall and just
wander around. But how good it would have been if MJ’s was there because we
could have gone there instead. It was it was fun it was I do think it was a bit
more expensive than I would like to pay but if you went with a big group and you
paid for an hour it worked out a lot cheaper if you were like splitting it
and then food and everything wasn’t that expensive it was actually pretty good
and the food was good it was you had like burgers and there’s
a nice pasta dishes and pizza. How’s the H: pizza? Was it good?
L: Yeah, really good. So now we are just at home chilling we are catching up on the series so I started a series called
Reign a while ago well I think.. I cant remember when I started it. And I watch pretty much
a lot of the series and then Lucy joined in and so I would only watch it when
Lucy was there but she haven’t watched the first episode of the first season
so she was managing to go through this whole series without watching season 1
which is kind of like the crucial series but she managed it. But now we’re
going back and we’re watching season 1 again so that she can kind of see what
it was like before she joined, if that makes sense. But then after this we don’t
know what we’re gonna watch there’s like so much to watch but there’s like not a
lot to watch if that makes sense Leon and I also have this problem
because we’ve as you know Game of Thrones is finished and we don’t know what to watch now I think we started izombie which I think
we’re at the end of season three we haven’t pulled the beginning of season
three so I’ve liked whole season to watch but then we kind of binge series
quite a lot and don’t you hate it when you watch a really good series and then it
just dies like it gets so bad and you’re like why why can you have been like it
was at the beginning? So I hope you enjoyed this video it was more of an
active video there was hardly any food involved which makes a nice change.
Thank you for watching and we will see you in the next video as always and I will
be in Dubai. Bye.