Hello, welcome to Robbie Lounge, I’m Robbie. Today, I’m going to stay this hotel, called “Nest Hotel Tokyo Hanzomon” You probably don’t know “Hanzomon”, where there is the Diet and the Imperial palace, so it’s one of center places of Japanese politics Now, let’s get inside the hotel Let’s go! wow, this is a twin room ok, I’ve been here This is the room Fortunately, although I booked with a single room, they gave me upgraded room for free Thank you so much Actually, even though I booked this hotel 2 or 3 months ago and it was very cheap, but I’ve got upgrade. So thank you so much again This time, the price is this – about US$50 Usually you have to pay $200 for a twin room, and even for a single room, it costs around $100 of course, it depends on the day when you book and when you’ll stay so this was so lucky for me ok, let’s start the room tour ! At first, let me show you around the beds On the bed, you have pajamas This is… separated by a shirt and a pants and the color is pure white! I’ve never seen such white pajama… (this is not true… haha) But, I rarely see such pure white pajama then, they have two pillows oh, the hardness is different on the back there is switches here but nothing is written on it which is… this is… the light you can change brightness and then… this is room light I get it.. entrance… I see This clock is also nice Then, let’s take a look at the softness of the bed oishooo, Emergency Escaping! ohh It’s really soft! Next is TV side There is a 40-inch-TV here then you see a phone, tissue and notes and a mirror and a TV controller and a socket here so you can use your computer on this desk like this that’s good As for this room interior, I feel chic tone and the main color is brown so it makes me relaxed that’s why these leather items really suit this room this sofa is also made by leather This is not so soft but this small space makes me comfortable Next ! Near the entrance, you have stylish cups cups, then, coffee It’s blend coffee There is a cattle and a fridge This space also looks nice for a small room Under the fridge, there are slippers and a safety box Next room is a bathroom This wall is also brown relaxed atmosphere here This space is not special comparing to other hotels By the way, you have free breakfast in this hotel This is not a ticket for the breakfast but a guide of the hotel It says the free breakfast is from 6:30a.m. untill 10a.m. and we serve breads in front of lobby on 1st floor So this is it You can take all these breads as much as you like for free You have to bring them to your room So, I will eat them tomorrow morning! Ok, good night It’s slightly raining, but let’s go running Here is… the Imperial palace NATIONAL THEATRE oh, it’s cheaper than I thought this is around the Imperial palace You can see the Diet and the Supreme Court “Kasumigaseki” “Sakurada-mon” “Buildings in Marunouchi” Tourists and the Imperial Palace I had been wondering every year how these alga reef are taken away from the moat but now I understand how It takes so much time, doesn’t it? He takes all away by that small machine Unbelievable That is Palace Hotel which is reported that President Trump stayed at the hotel when he came to Japan last time It’s a luxury hotel The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo well… I don’t know what that is I don’t know Tokyo FM, then Huawei? it tastes “Macha” To be surprised, making a circuit around the Imperial Palace is shorter than I’ve expected It’s about 5 kilo meters per a circuit So you can run all in about 30 mins That’s good for running in the morning, if you stay near the Imperial Palace you don’t have to take time to go and return from the Imperial Palace I recommend running around the Imperial Palace in the morning if you stay near it Anyway, I’m having breads for breakfast You can take as much as you like in front of the lobby desk you’ve seen before You can burn the breads but I didn’t because I prefer this without burning So how was this hotel? This time I stayed in the twin room. I think a single room is smaller. But it is one of good points that the room is small It was united with brown color and had relaxed atmosphere If you want your own time, this hotel is for you Thank you for watching If you like it, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe my Hotel Channel Robbie Lounge See you again