Warsaw 02.06.2019 Hey, it’s sunday morning Hey Warsaw! Hmm, what I was supposed to say This way I will have a break here and later I will be here at the top [terrifying music] Second squat Sixth squat Seventh squat Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen [sighs] Eighteen Nineteen Twenty I hope they are not coming for you mate. Twenty two Twenty three Twenty four Twenty five Twenty eight Twenty nine Oh, now it’s recording Hey excuse me Oh, Jesus What a sight! Now we are on the 40th floor of the Marriott Hotel 144 meters height right here This view is really unbelievable. I cannot describe it. It is a lot going on down there. I see fire trucks. Weronica, do you enjoy it? Yes I do. Second part of the building to climb and I’ll be on top. My throat is really dried out. I regret that I didn’t take water with me. A lot of firefighters down there. It reminds me the climb on the spire in Wroclaw Firefighters are prepering the air pillow. Just a moment of break and we continue the climb. Time to go. I’m rested now. We can go! One Two Three Four Fife Six Seven Eight Nine ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen. Oh, Hello ladybug! Eighteen Nineteen Twenty one Twenty two Let’s go for twenty three. Twenty three Twenty four Twenty five Twenty six Twenty seven Twenty eight Twenty nine Thirty, ladies and gentleman. Come on thirty one. Thirty one Thirty two Thirty three Thirty four Thirty five Thirty six Thirty seven Thirty eight What a beautiful sunset! Thirty nine Height is 140 meters. Fourty A lot of people. Climb took 37:45 minutes. I made it! I was so scarred. It’s unreal. [sighs] The only thing I want to do now is take off my shoes and drink some water. Excuse me, what is happening here? Random guy was climbing this hotel, without any assistance and he reached the top. We’re waiting for them to take him out. Go to patronite.pl and support BNT channel. He has ID card. I don’t want to run away from you.
[conversation with policewoman] I didn’t know that there is such pretty police officers. (It sounded like a male officers) Pretty police officers? [laughs] That’s a good one.