This time BMX is taking me to Argentina! Hucker is just about to do a hang5 on the biggest hill in the town Look at that! Let’s go, baby! duuude That was f****n sketchy! craaazy! Tell me how fast was it 65 kilometers. So tomorrow we’ll put a hundred PSI in and it will be even faster! Crazy Hello, do you speak Spanish? Just English My Spanish is not good Hola Hola I came to Argentina to ride this bike park! We’re in the middle of Argentina in the city named Neuquen There is going to be a contest here at the weekend I think it is the third best bike park I’ve seen in my life …right after George Rd in New Zealand and La Poma in Barcelona This is insane The locals are so stoked that this weekend the best riders from all over the world are going to be here I’m so stoked as well and soon we’re going to ride! I’m pretty surprised that I’m so popular here in South America Look at this pump track! They built it themselves Dude, what are you looking for? Such a hard work is done here after every dirt session The whole crew is here to get it done The light is on and everything has to be done perfectly What can you say about it? Danny Josa: There’s nothing to say, it’s amazing It’s incredible and now we can’t get back in because there is a fence right in front of us We’re just at one of the best playgrounds here And I’m gonna ride it Watch out! Danny Josa is here with me and he’s going to do a bearskin in front of the biggest sign in the town! BANG Do you want to do a workshop of typography and mate for example? This is a traditional drink in Argentina – MATE You probably already know Yerba Mate, but here literally everyone drinks it We met one Lady and she took us here to the university where students are having design workshops now but she promised to serve us the MATE drink (because it’s impossible to buy it at any cafeteria here) Can you feel Argentina in it? I taste Argentina in it Fortunately, not all of my bike trips are strongly focused on competing this time, in spite of the fact, that there is a contest here, I can’t feel the pressure, no stress It’s all because I’m having a winter “off-season” now It’s just Hucker… Tell me what’s going on today Today is qualifying here at Dirt World Bike Park Argentina We’ve got the BMX’er turned mountain biker he’s gonna retire with the champion this weekend the championship, he’s gonna win and call a quit for 20 inch such a nice colour, dude pink is crazy, you are crazy There is a strong crew of riding girls here They ride all the jumps here I’m here with the Colombian dude who came here by bus to ride this contest They sell socks to earn money for their tickets which i bought from them! Respect! The boss is here! What’s going on today? Finals, that’s the big day! Why am I not riding? Why are you not riding? That I don’t know! First of all I’ll show you how the shortest line looks like It’s big, it’s scary, but it’s fun Every jump is so close to one another so there is no time to consider much They are very flowy, so nice to ride You agree? Si Much style! Non-alcoholic beer, of course I’m done for today I’m not riding the finals, because I didn’t get in You don’t always have to ride finals 🙂 The truth is that I crashed in my second run And because both runs count, I didn’t get in What’s going on? They are trying to decide that out of 3 runs, 2 runs should count or 1 run should count I personally think, out of 3 runs, at a contest, in finals consistency is a key …so we should do 2 runs count 2 consistent runs and everyone can pull together 1 run Right, true Hucker’s just given his frame to a local kid beautiful!