The Blue Seal Evolution Series S1 – The Blue Seal Evolution Series is the
culmination of a process in which the Blue Seal range has been completely redesigned.
The result is an expanded, more functional range of equipment offering more configuration
options and blistering performance. S2 – Cooking in the smart zone
S3 – Advanced Open Burners give you more heat to play with so you can get the big jobs done
faster. Robust control knobs allow you to make subtle adjustments to get the heat setting
just right. S4 – Stainless steel is the cladding of
choice for all units in the Blue Seal Evolution Series. All ranges are constructed on a full
galvanised steel chassis, while fully framed drop down doors are fitted with a heavy-duty
hinge system for a lifetime of operation S5 – Easy to Clean – The Blue Seal Evolution
Series has been redesigned to enhance creativity and reduce cleaning time. A splashguard is
a fully welded hob surround providing extra durability and ease of cleaning. S6 – earth friendly – All Moffat technology
is both a product of its environment and a product for the environment. That means that
whether the design, development or construction stage every detail is checked to ensure that
our equipment is as energy efficient and earth friendly as possible s7 – When it comes to selecting tops and bottoms,
the Blue Seal Evolution Series offers a level of choice not seen before. With a bigger range
of equipment, you have even more flexibility to configure your kitchen exactly the way
you want it. S8 – Cooktop.Oven.Target tops.
S9 – Griddle. Griddle toasters. Chargrills S10 – Salamanders and fryers S11 – Bench tops, bratt pans and pasta cooker S12 – Join the evolution. Buy your Blue
Seal Evolution Series from SCK today.