Another podcast here for the perception evolution project continuing on with What I have begun to dub is our blues the new white series I’m here today with Brady Hale. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brady for the past 10 11, 10, 11, 10 or 11 years now I’ve seen seeing his journey through the trades and and unfortunately have been able to be a part of it and I thought he would be a fantastic guest to have on the show today to talk a little bit about The successes that he’s seen he’s seen both sides of the coin blue collar white collar you know and and made a decision to pursue the blue collar work and I put that in air quotes as I always, do, you know blue collar but That is that’s what we’re gonna talk to you today so Brady wants you just introduce yourself and give us a little background of who you are and Your current involvement in the trades. Yeah Josh said I’m Brady Hale. I am a native, Arizona and I’ve grown up here Arizona’s home and I love the trades here. I’ve seen a lot of Work take place in a my my father built freeways roadway signage and lighting and things of that nature and provided for Six kids and a stay-at-home mom as I was growing up now we didn’t We didn’t live flashy by any means. There was a lot of corn flakes and sugar for breakfast Box cereals we buy the big bags, but I ever asked crispy isn’t sure exactly right As long as it had sugar you were kidding But but I always grew up with an appreciation for the hard-working mentality of that as you call it the blue-collar industry Scene my brothers are all in it. My family’s in it and I It was weird growing up I always had the mouth and the ability to speak and the Talking points and and my parents always thought I was gonna be a doctor or a lawyer or someone smart I tested really well in school. I just didn’t like school It was I would get there and I would learn the lesson in the first 10 minutes, and I’d be bored So I was one of those kids that would cost problems cuz I’m talking everybody else I didn’t I already know what you’re talking about teach so it was one of those things where there was a lot of Expectations and I didn’t know what the heck I was gonna do when I was graduating high school. I graduated no three, so I was Heavily involved during that time where there was a war going on and right after September 11th, I had friends that had joined and I had a bunch of other people that had joined. So I decided to explore it and I went and took an a swab test just to check what my availabilities would be and what my skill sets were for the military and Unbeknownst to me because I had never really done anything mechanic like when I was in the garage helping my dad fix breaks I Was like go get the wrench and I would try and get the wrench. Stay the heck out of his wake I Didn’t know what else I was looking at. Um, I Didn’t I didn’t in my head at that time didn’t think I was a mechanic? I thought I was gonna be a doctor or something else And when I took the military as fab I tested really well in the mechanics department and so instead of having to just sign up as a reservist and go be a Fueler for the the designated industry that the Marine Corps has for Arizona. I was given the choice to get into either motor transport Operators or mechanics and I chose the mechanical route just knowing that I I did well in there that I had the brains for it, I could understand that stuff and so that was my first real experiences learning mechanical trades and I learned wiring diagrams and I learned everything else in military teaches you but when I came back I didn’t know what I was gonna do. And so I was preparing to go to war and that never did end up happening I was very fortunate Loved my veterans that did and appreciate their service, but I don’t I don’t take that same sort of credit My my military time was very different. I drilled and did reserves I worked For my dad with the freeway in roadway lighting and signage Again just kind of developing some of those trade sets I loved being outside and being free like the job was never a box where I felt like a caged animal I was from site-to-site and I was in the world not Contained in a box that looked out windows to see the world pass by and that to me as a young age was One of the best parts of that job because I came home tired and dirty every day But I loved being outside and being from from job to job and from project to project That was that was one of my favorite parts of it moving forward I turned 21 and had friends going to college and I tried many different colleges didn’t Didn’t thrive in the environment, but it heads with teachers had a hard time Focusing on the material because I just didn’t see the application in my life when I was going through that stuff So, yeah I decided to get out of working for my dad and try and do some college stuff and work Restaurants serving tables and bartending to try and do school That stuff all kind of fell apart, but I did Develop some sales skills and some opportunities with those jobs that I found to be useful later On as I as I went back to the trades so long story short On a sales job. I broke my leg and Lost my ability to do a lot of manual labor Um, I had a ten-inch plate ran up my right leg and I didn’t have insurance. So at 22, I was broken broke Bankrupt and basically hidden, you know like a Nintendo just hitting the reset button on life I Had to do what I needed to do to get by and so I I went into the white-collar industry I started with the University of Phoenix as an enrollment counselor helping people sign up for school, which That was an interesting job So they they hired you somebody who didn’t have schooling experience to recruit people to go to school, correct? Okay Yes, just checking. Yeah, that’s exactly what that was in case anyone’s curious. That’s what that was I can’t speak to what it is now, but I know what it was I Didn’t like it and they held back then they held you to sales standards And if you didn’t enroll enough students in school you would be Demoted on your pay scale up to a 10% decrease up to a 15% increase Every six months based on the number of students you enrolled for school. I hated that It was expensive. I was doing it I worked there. So I got the schooling for free again. This was one of the other college experiences that I tried was the online version and As I went through my first six months of schooling with them. I Couldn’t believe what I was charging people for that experience I got bad at my job because I stopped believing in it Got my first emotion did not like it during that time. I got married. So I was trying to provide for a family I knew I needed to keep working and I explored a different opportunity in the white collar industry and I went got a job with a financial institution at Wells Fargo That was actually a really good job. I I can’t it was that they were another company and I think everybody who seen the news knows they had to kind of reorient some of their Sales strategies, but as far as the job goes that was really good. I like the people I worked with but Financially, I was not getting ahead. I did really well at my job I won concert tickets and and special engagement trips through the company for Excelling at offering products to customers and getting them to think that that was a good idea for them But I just Didn’t like it for me. My body was falling apart I still had broken screws in my ankle and I needed the insurance and the time to get it fixed and and Wells provided that I I Knew it was coming to an end. And I knew I needed to get healthy and that was actually where you came in. Hello yeah, so Josh was One of those friends I had back from that day and we were both actually lucky enough that our wives liked each other Yeah That’s that’s how that’s how guys give me friends with each other. As long as your wife’s get along It’s a lot easier for guys to make friends But during that time I’m working at Wells and I’m watching you and your dad at that time you were constantly busy Constantly on the phone We’d be trying to go out to dinner go to watch a movie and and your work never seemed to end and I was impressed at that point in time to kind of learn more because I I You know there was a difference in our lifestyles and and our opportunities and I I Wanted to know what that difference was and what created that difference why like, why was it different? Cuz I knew I worked hard and I knew I had a quote unquote. Good job And I wore shirt tie to work every day. I thought I was on my way up But I Knew I knew things were different on the other side and I had to see what it was so I I made that decision I got my ankle fixed and shortly thereafter started with you met Windy City out of your dad’s garage. No Wet-behind-the-ears On everything mechanical it had been years since I’d done Mechanic work and even this stuff I did with my dad’s company was more shovels than it was screwdrivers Well in you before you hadn’t had any trade school experience before you started with me either that didn’t come to home later Yeah, that was much later. That was yeah, that was that was after I made the decision to Career this up to make this a lifelong goal So ya know there was no other than the Marines I had Electrical training on wiring diagrams for heavy equipment and the nice thing with electrical is the concepts are all the same doesn’t matter How big the voltage is? So That base understanding made learning what we do a lot easier But it’s not easy Yeah, I’m I’m still in the industry. I still service commercial cooking equipment I’ve expanded that that knowledge through trade school. I went to the refrigeration school and Institute in Phoenix and And got universally certified on all the HVAC stuff Before we move on. I just want to stop you there real quick. Would you mind sharing how long you were in trade school? And What it cost or around the noble house? Yeah, so I Probably went to one of the more expensive trade schools on the west coast Arizona has a huge HVAC industry and because of that their fancy private HVAC school here Prides itself really well on the information they provide So my trade schooling was for a certification class not a degree. They offer degree programs through the associate’s degree The degree program for the associate’s degree was again. This was a couple years ago So prices may have changed but I think it was twenty five thousand for the associate’s degree in HVAC and mechanical services my certification for the full universal Refrigeration in HVAC was sixteen thousand You can do that in six months if you go full-time But if you do night school because you’re providing for two kids and a wife And working it takes about nine months to finish that and a fraction of a college education you which Averages now for a four-year degree at a state school around one hundred and one thousand dollars. He’s gone up that much Okay. So when I worked at University of Phoenix, it was around sixty thousand. Mmm, and that was only ten years ago I have no idea how they Increased it that much but that is amazing under than one thousand dollars with a 45 or sent a presenter out-of-state tuition Uh, no that’s in State College State. Yeah, the forty forty five percent dropout rate And what’s crazy is that they are giving people loans for that price tag To get into jobs that don’t exist Mm-hm and will never afford them the opportunity to pay it off that you cannot declare on bankruptcy. No Oh, no, those student loans will follow you till the day you die You cannot get away from them And if you choose to ignore them They will destroy your financial opportunities in every other aspect buying houses getting credit cards buying cars They will send you to collections and they will ding your credit and they will drag you financially into a hole That is not easy to climb out of I had student loans and I She took out a small student loan to finish refrigeration school This was where me and Josh split ways His company was growing. We were still very small at that time. This was about four years ago. Yeah, three years three years ago Yeah, I think it three years ago. I think we still only had maybe four guys four guys was important Well plus the office staff. So over miles in your dad. Yes me Seven and even of the four guys we had on the street it was that Corey was on his way out Yeah, and it was me Kevin and Joe right and Joe was kind of wanting to get into the office It was like me and Kevin you had the you hired the two HVAC guys right now In my defense, I told Josh really early on that we should have started an HVAC division like you did say right on to say that and I told him I was like I want to do it I’m good fixing ovens. He made the right decision hiring a qualified candidate who knew what he was doing to start an HVAC division because that is not an easy thing and and once I learned that From school and then learning the trade in the field. I realized how much I didn’t know It’s amazing what you think, you know until you find out what you don’t it? Of course mind-boggling but so I I decided at that point in time Josh was still we didn’t have an HVAC company at Windy City and I wanted to expand because I knew residential HVAC as well as the whole avenue of refrigeration in all areas of life the commercial cooking equipment and everything was just it was a huge market and I Ovens and fryers is a very specific market and so I was trying to enough my opportunities personally so that was when I went to school I Set up for the night school and I worked for you until I finished it or right up until I finished somewhere around there Yeah, um At that point in time. I went to an HVAC company that did refrigeration and commercial cooking equipment because I knew they would value my experience on the hot side as well as provide me the Opportunity to learn the cold side. Hmm in that job interview I was able to Not take a pay cut to learn a whole new trade and the refrigeration as well as my employer was Willing to pay back $5,000 of my student loan costs of the $15,000 program that I had signed up for which was huge So I keep in mind this is with somebody, I mean you were fresh out of trade school Oh, yeah, did not even yet not even yet. Yes, honey I still had a couple weeks left because Because and that’s that’s one of the whole reasons for this podcast is because of the skilled labor You know skilled trades gap that we’re seeing right now right and you know so part of the success supply and demand in this industry is Being willing to do it and showing that you are taking the steps to become good at it Right doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re good at it yet. You can find work if you want to be good at it well And I think that’s the key too because there’s a lot of people that have heard the rumor that the trades are great And so they go to trade school But they’re not set up yet mentally for what it actually takes to work in the trades in the field. And so There is no education that you can purchase That guarantees you success, right? That is the open. There’s there’s no guarantee to success But it is all dependent on your effort because the work is there Whereas you go get a business degree. There’s only so many CEOs at a company And so other than that, you’re just working another cog in the in the facilities of it There’s only so many six-figure employees in a white-collar industry and everybody else needs to push paper and make sure that the business keeps running so I think the opportunity is just significantly different post education for the blue-collar stuff, but you have to be willing to work you have to like going to trade school and getting a certification that says you’re capable of working does not mean that you’re That you’re going to be good at it, right? so you need to you need to experience it and sometimes getting certified is the best way to get a decent job because You know when you’re hiring a guy that has zero experience It is a Russian Roulette crap shot whether that guy is actually gonna like the field industry or not Feel this way different than a classroom way way different than a classroom So there’s there’s that aspect to the blue-collar line of work. It’s It’s not about What you know, it’s about how you do it Because you’re gonna you’re never gonna know everything and you’re gonna constantly learn because there’s always new equipment. There’s always changes to the equipment Redesigns and manufacturing new regulations for the types of refrigerant that are allowed to be used we work with dangerous materials that are flammable and explosive so Your knowledge has to come from experience. It’s like a doctor Except we work on equipment People’s lives aren’t in our hands but people’s livelihood is yeah, because that equipment is necessary For them to make their business function and they need us to fix it in order for them to continue to operate properly And keep their livelihood going talk about job security. Yeah So it’s a huge part of it There’s a lot of trust that goes in when you bring a technician in to work on something. That’s a vital piece to your business and and so when I look at it like a doctor When you go to a doctor and you go to school you’re in school for eight years and then you have another five or six Years where you have to follow other doctors around and learn how they do what you learned in the books Before you’re actually qualified to go do it for yourself. It’s not any different with this stuff all the certifications in the world you need Someone who knows how to do it to show you how to do it and then you need experience doing it over and over again Before you can consider yourself good. Yeah and I think that’s something a lot of people miss along the way because when they’re Starting in the industry and they heard it was this great job where they could make $100,000 a year and then they go for an interview they have no experience and the boss that’s looking at them has no idea if they’re capable and Then they get offended when they’re offered 15 bucks an hour Yeah, and I I’ve seen it over and over again But I’ve also seen guys go from 15 bucks an hour to 20 bucks an hour in six months proving their worth on the street, you know proving their worth in the field because Sitting at a table at an interview doesn’t show the boss that you’re capable of anything, right? That’s why I tell people especially when I talk to text, you know Or text that are soon to be that want to be in the industry You know and they they ask me. Well, you know, what’s the minimum I should take okay, that’s a loaded question, you know take Anything that anyone is willing to give you the metal of them you want to learn right? Exactly, if you know, you know that you you’re good or that you want to be good It doesn’t matter where you start, you know, because especially in this industry. Let me let me clear something up. So When I talk about the trades and what kind of successes and how much money can be made in in the trades It’s all absolutely true. But like Brady said it does not come without hard work and an insatiable thirst for knowledge The commitment to the industry, you know It can take you anywhere that you want to go but it certainly won’t be easy to do and And and that’s what I want to stress is that you know when I do talk about the successes I don’t mean that they’re instant successes, you know, I mean that there are no 3% raises in this industry. It’s not on the Traditional system that everybody else follows that okay after this certain amount of time you haven’t gotten fired So this is what your increase is gonna be No, this is if you show after a year that you’re capable of producing and being a valuable member to a team to a company I mean that your worth is in your hands, right it is that is that is the fact cuz There’s a lot of opportunity your first job and the trades is not going to be your last job in the trades and you don’t want to be one of those guys that flows And just goes from company to company to company to just be a service technician by all means Explore new opportunity, especially if it comes with new education new learning new potential but to just give up on a good opportunity with a company for 50 cents more because of impatience can Can set you back in the long run in some areas. Mm-hmm So when you’re a qualified technician and you’re committed to the trades and you want to be a blue-collar tradesman for your life You will learn that you set your value and anyone who’s interested in making money in this industry Will give you your value if you can help their business make money. It’s it’s very very simple in that regard And it’s a growing industry. Yes, but a dying profession. Yeah, which is the craziest part about it I’ve I’ve watched Two companies now because I’ve been doing this for about eight years and I’ve only been with two companies during that time I started with the hot side company and then I moved to a cold side company and then I looked back at my hot side Company and they were taking over the freaking world – now I’m sitting there doing podcasts with them but but I you know looking at that I see the the guys that have come in and moved on and come in and moved on and come in and moved on and my other company that I am currently in the process of moving on from they they’ve brought in guys that are capable but not committed and It it kills me sometimes to be around that sort of mentality Because all they want to do is get the work done and go home and no one’s worried about Making sure the works gonna be there again tomorrow We’re making sure that the long-term perception is Gaining in value. Yeah Some some companies, especially when you’re talking about smaller companies they get stagnant because they’ve grown to their maximum capacity Based on the structure. They’re operating under their walls They haven’t expanded their walls and they filled everything on the inside of them with as much as they can handle and that creates a sort of complacency that As just an employee It’s fine. But if you’re looking for opportunity to continue Euro management being limited. Yeah, the ceiling gets set really easy because there’s only one squad leader Right, and if there’s only one squad than that that that leaves your growth limited to your street potential and nothing more sure Which is fine for some people if that’s what they want. And that’s what its gonna say. There’s a lot of people who can make sixty to a hundred thousand dollars being a technician for a company go home at the end of the day not worry about the bills not worry about the revenue not worry about the profit margins They made the money that they felt they were worth and they did the work They were capable of and they’re completely happy and I love those guys because I’m gonna need to hire a couple of us but but As a company you don’t want your leadership to reflect that By all means make room for those people, but but never limit them Mm-hmm, if my future is being put into your hands I want to trust that there is a future sure that this isn’t it not that I’m living in it right now and that’s going To be it moving forward But yeah, so I mean I don’t remember how we got all the way to there but but yeah Tell me your story yeah, no, you know, but I think that’s a good segue because you know you mentioned that you’ve been at the other company for about three years now and and you’re you made a decision to move on now before we talk about what you’re moving on to um, you know, which is incredible and and we will definitely talk about that but I want to know you know since Moving from a white-collar Position at a financial institution like Wells Fargo into the trades for the last eight years What? Do you see in the trades that makes it valuable to you like what? What do you enjoy about the trades that you couldn’t get with what you were doing? The way I look at the right and by corporate, I’m referring to the white-collar corporate world because corporate is everything the blue-collar world’s full of corporate – but but as far as that corporate white-collar world that I that I used to be a part of the difference was the Volatility and fragile Ness of the industry and to elaborate on that a little bit You can now order your hamburger through a computer and have a conveyor styled robotic system make everything and and the job for the people is being narrowed and narrowed and narrowed and bottlenecked into There’s only a few that need to run it and everything else is automated With a lot of the white-collar jobs other than like straight hard sales There’s there’s very little in that industry that I don’t see With the opportunity for it to just disappear so you can master a craft in accounting or banking or something along those lines and that industry may not have room for people because they automate and so I see I Don’t I guess I just saw it as as much more fragile Like I can I can work at this for 10 years and it could all go away in a heartbeat, especially if so for example like University of Phoenix I could be a great great great enrollment counselor and move up to leading other enrollment counselors and then eventually be the the team leader the supervisor over 10 team leaders, whatever but When you no longer need people to enroll students into school, what does that job done for me? Mm-hmm whereas the whole world could fall apart tomorrow and someone is still gonna need someone who knows how to fix it and Knows how to get it right to come out and take care of them so I didn’t care if if World War 3 happened and and we went back to the black ages because knowing industrial skill sets is invaluable Regardless of the economy no matter what the dollar does or what the country does or what anything happens? Someone will you will never not be able to provide for yourself having industrial skillsets? Having the ability to fix something will never not be of worth regardless of what the currency is at the time So that’s that’s my biggest thing. I think was the security and the self-reliance that it provides I have the opportunity to To rely on myself and not something else that could be taken from me now fall off the ladder break my legs tomorrow and everything could change but Right, but The knowledge won’t go away And if I had to resort to a role of teaching other people to do it because of physical limitations the skills Don’t leave my brain, so there’s there’s not a way to not like you’ll always have a way to pursue money and and providing for yourself yeah, that makes sense and couple that with a little bit of determination and ambition and You got yourself a pretty good gig. Right, right, you know, which is a good segue into Now what you’re doing after you’re leaving the company that you’re currently with yeah, so when I started working with Josh back in the day, I Always I’ve always been a little ambitious overly so sometimes Might bite off more than I can chew from time to time. I always find a way to get it down though Um, it’s the only way to know how much you can chew, right? I test your limits always test your limits know where the boundary is But but I I told him that I wanted to be a bigger part of it and In pursuing it. I learned that I wanted to do it for myself. I didn’t want to quit on my friend we were building something back then and I wanted to see that through I’d given you guys a Commitment of 3 to 5 years when I started working with you you were offering me the opportunity to learn a new skill set I knew the value even then before I before I’d mastered any of it. I knew the value of it and I wanted to see my commitment But I always had this itch of being independent and Self-reliant I didn’t care if it was under the umbrella of a larger structure, but I wanted to do my own thing I wanted to see Again, I wanted to test my limits and see what I could grow what I could create That’s a good word so I’m gonna I’m gonna sidetrack just a little bit onto the creative process Creating your future and not letting your circumstances dictate what tomorrow will be is Everybody’s gift in this world and very few people are taught to look for it. There’s it does not matter where you’re coming from What you know what family you were born into every day? Everybody has to make choices that create Their environment and if you’re unsatisfied with any single aspect of your life the only person who can change that is you by the choices you make you may not be able to change it overnight, but The life you create for yourself is 100% in your control You cannot create a yacht with a boat and you know what? I mean like you can’t you can’t create that by just thinking it but you can focus on what you want and Create it one step at a time. So Depending on how hard you’re willing to work You can go from being a service technician making fifteen bucks an hour to having a yacht and a boat and a helicopter The pathway is there. It’s just the staircase how far it travels into relation. I I know the road that I take off onto will lead to new york But when I start on that road, I can’t see New York. I Just have to know that if I follow the directions in the map It’s already been mapped out All I have to do is follow the directions and I can get to my end destination I may have a blowout. I may have a flat tire. That doesn’t mean I can’t get to New York That’s just the next obstacle to overcome. Mm-hmm. So Back to where we started with what I’m doing next. I I wanted to create a self-reliant self-sustained Enterprise that I could run and and grow I Knew I had to master the crafts you can’t You can’t be a service company and not know how to do service Unless you have a lot of money Like if you want to buy a bunch of people that know how to do it and I say buy people but you all know What I think yeah If you want to hire a bunch of employees and drop hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars If not millions of dollars, you can own a service company without ever working in the field but if you want to be an entrepreneur If you want to be a self-made, man you have to know what you’re doing you and and if you don’t you have to learn it first, so I Put in the eight years, which I consider my schooling That’s my real schooling was the field service work working for other people learning how they ran their businesses People aren’t just gonna open their books to you and show you you have to pay attention You have to listen You have to hear the conversations going on around you and see the things develop around you to understand What’s taking place because your job and what you’re hired to do is not is Not to learn how to run a business your job is to go be a service technician But if you’re paying attention, you can learn everything while you learn to miss service technician So I’m in the process of launching a a multi licensed company with my brother Called hail brother services. He’s spent years in the trades as well as a general contractor and project manager. So From the house we can pour a foundation a riru fit and lay new tile and and I don’t cut granite But I know lots of people that do and I can make sure that they get it cut for you properly So he brings the general contracting to it and I bring the service to it and we are partnering up to Change our family’s history. I told you the story. I would say guei. Yes, sir I told you the story my family moved to Arizona in Eighteen is either the 1870s or the 1880s horse wagons fire stoves wood houses the whole nine yards dirt dirt floor They on the hale side of my family came from england travel across the united states took decades Possibly two generations. I haven’t done all the specific research, but I know they landed in Arizona from New Mexico right around that time to develop a 500 acre homestead off of the Little Colorado for farming Three years now when they left England they turned away from the Church of England in their family. My family was always Religious ties and they didn’t like not having religious freedom in England So that was what brought them to America in the first place But they were used to wealth and money. They came from from that in England and they Traveled it, you know it wasn’t cheap to buy a wagon and oxen and travel to the West. Hmm It took a leap of faith and they came out to settle a 500 acre homestead which they lost three years into it My great-great. I think it’s 2 or 3. He was murdered and it was kind of tragic Christmas Eve his wife and their kids were unable to maintain the homestead and they lost it and the people who own it now owned much of Greer and And Greer’s a beautiful spot of Arizona like I think about what my family would be if we had maintained that 500 acre homestead if they had achieved their goal of creating that self-sustaining reliance that they were trying to find for themselves when they made that initial journey, but instead My family history grew up dirt floor poor they grew up in the community on other people’s land picking cotton picking farms running other people’s crops doing the work for these other landowners who had managed to keep their homesteads and when my grandpa I was is when I moved up to Pine top with Wells Fargo as banker that I Learned more of my family history and my grandpa took me around through the area where we had originally settled up there It hit me like a ton of bricks What that did to our family tree and how much it changed The future for all of our generations that had come since and not that there was anything wrong with being middle-class Not that there was anything wrong with working jobs I’ve got family that works for the the State Department FBI. My dad does construction and project management my sister does mortgages we all have perfectly fine independent self-sustaining lives, but I Think about that that wealth that land that that opportunity that was taken and shifted the course of our family and I want to do what I can to kind of restore it and that’s where I think in this modern era Enterprise and entrepreneurialship is is the key So I Ever since I learned that story I wanted to rebuild our family tree and kind of shift the course so for me starting this business and this enterprise wasn’t about Being my own boss or being able to not work as hard or whatever because you don’t Anyone thinks that you don’t work hard running your own business shit crazy But it it was about restoring that luster I want to give my kids the opportunity that I feel like that you had I I saw what you were able to do with an opportunity that was presented to you and it could have gone either way it was your decision But that opportunity for my kids was what I wanted to create I don’t want them to have to go to college in order to be able to find a good job because that’s the only path To it, right? That’s what I was taught. You know, we after my dad didn’t know What the family was like 200 years ago. He didn’t understand wealth. He just understood it’s like that Rich, Dad Poor Dad Find a good job if I you know work it hard show up early every day and you’ll be taken care of but as I’ve seen my grandparents age and pass on They’re not taken care of. It’s hard. If you don’t create a nest egg for yourself later on in life. It’s very hard and relying on other people can be extremely difficult and I just Don’t want to leave my kids in that same vein in the same line so that Was the motivation his family and and that is always my motivation. I’m if you don’t that’s a hell of a why Oh, yeah, I say most people will just say yeah, I want to vote right now But I mean to shift your entire family tree. I mean, it’s incredible doesn’t miraa It’s a yeah, I think that’s probably the single best and most specific reasoning I’ve heard that find, you know wanting to wanting to Get into entrepreneurship But I think it’s remarkable because it’s going back so far And I mean and hopefully forward till right like that’s the key right? Well, that’s the thing but I mean You’re moving mountains. Here’s what I’m saying You know what it means Ryan and it’s it’s it’s just incredible and I think people out there being inspired by it. Yeah I’m just gonna throw this out there God moves my mountains, I just put my faith in him. I I I’ve been through Some things and I’ve had some like I said that breaking of the leg and all the different resets. I’ve had in my life nothing happens by accident But it’s all a choice And I think that free will is that biggest key that we were given that biggest? gift of creative power that we were given if I don’t know much about God because I’ve never met him personally, but if He is a creator and we were created in His image Then creation is the key and being able to create your own life is the one true gift We’re given here on this earth. You don’t know how long you’ve got and you don’t know what’s gonna happen next but the choices That you make are the key to your creative power You can play video games or you can read You can learn new material or you can go party and drinking with your friends It is a choice every single day that creates your future. Mm-hmm hundred percent so so Tell me this One of my things is creating creating write write your own definition of what success means and and like you said, There’s not one path to it. It’s not college or bust right? That’s not how this works And that’s not how it should be taught and you know, we shouldn’t be pushed into something that somebody else’s definition of what it means So with where you’re at and where you’re going What is your definition of success and how are the trades leading you down that path Okay, that’s a good question I’ve never taken a lot of time to think about What I defined success as because some days I wake up and success is making it home safely But if If I was putting a definition on what my end goal is for this next phase of my life and what I would consider it to be a success as Providing my children with options and opportunities that Aren’t limited by my financial resources If my kid wants to take dance five days a week I don’t want my income to be the limitation on that decision for my children If my kid wants to go to college to be a doctor I don’t want my income to be a limitation on what school he can learn to be a doctor at So for me it’s financial freedom that is success to me is You have to be responsible with money and as you learn responsibility with money God will give you more opportunity to handle his resources. I Love Dave Ramsey I’m huge. Dave Ramsey. I’m not perfect at it by any means, but I do love his philosophy and so success for me would be That opportunity for my children to not be limited my financial resources I’m gonna have to sacrifice some time with them and I pray that they will understand why But I don’t want their limitations to be restricted by my ability to earn money That’s a good answer and I think it’s just fair to say that As long as you communicate and explain to them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. They’ll never ever Resent or you know look look down on the family because of it You know I’m saying it’s about instilling those values and you know, thank God for you know My dad is doing this those values say to me because it’s it’s true. Like he he worked a lot, you know, and and As far back as I can remember No matter what industry he was in at the time He just he just worked but you know I mean did it suck not seeing him growing up a lot. Sure Yeah, it did. But once I was able to reach an age where I could understand understanding why you know It taught me so much more at that time than it would have if he worked in 9:00 to 5:00 Every example he set was much more important than the words. He couldn’t ii exactly. Yeah, I I Kind of lost my train of thought for a second but It I try and teach my kids that the most important tool they have in life is choice and And so I when I make a choice, I try and explain to them. They’re young It’s the six and three so, you know, hey you chose to sneak in my room and take candy out of the closet We regulate your candy intake because my responsibility as a father is to not let you eat sugar till you puke it’s like that’s my job and if you try and sneak around it then my Responsibility is to show you that your choice has a consequence Your choice, I’m not mean for providing the consequence I have to that’s my job. But your choice was the only reason we’re in this situation And so that’s my method for parenting is choice philosophy. I I can’t make my kids do anything in the world’s changing so much where you can barely discipline them, but but if you can educate them about the power of choice, I think that is The most powerful education lesson they can get choice with money choice with school choice with friends choice with how they spend their time It all starts on, you know, there’s an age of accountability And so at the beginning we’re just trying to teach about Hey, if you don’t put your toys away, you’re not gonna be allowed to play with these toys for a week That’s a choice you made now, it’s gone But always referring it back to their responsibility to make good choices and not my responsibility to make them make good choices I think is is the key to that parenting that I try with them because hopefully they’ll understand why I made my choices To work and build this company and to do this industry and to to do what I did if I’m not there I haven’t missed a dance recital yet. Mm-hmm But if I miss something I hope that they’ll understand why the choice was made, of course And I think that’s a great definition of success. You know, I think it’s it’s Because it shows that you’re you’re not only doing this for the previous generations you’re doing it for the future future generations as well So anyway, we should probably wrap up, you know, but one will tell a lot of work But why don’t you tell people how they can get a hold of you when when you start yeah, you know, technically you can’t yet I am I am finishing and launching hail brother services on February 15th That will be my last day of working for somebody else hopefully for the rest of my life At that point in time the people I work for will be my family and and I work on What I want to work for them so that I can provide for them. But February 15th mid-february I’m starting The launch hell brother services will have a Facebook page. We’re working on the website There’s a phone number. I’m not even gonna bother dropping it I might leave in the comments later, but for now, I’ll go back and post it once Yeah, every 15th comes and goes for now there’s there’s just the contracting side of it the remodels the kitchens the service industries about four weeks away from From official launch date. But yeah, if you need anything inspected residential e or commercially between what my brother knows and what I know Whether it’s your house your kitchen or your business. We hope to be able to fix it lighting door framing flooring surfacing roofing and all of the equipment that goes into it as well as the all wonderful HVAC Awesome well Brady. Thanks so much for coming by today and spending some time telling people Why you love the trades? No, I appreciate the opportunity man. It’s I one of the best examples I’ve had is this guy and To be in his office right now and doing this versus where we were ten years ago Barbecue and brats out at your apartment complex like it’s well I got phone calls My house to go fix a fryer. I’ll be back. I’ll never forget his piercings No, just kidding they weren’t all bad that’s true. Yeah. No, but thank you again for this opportunity and Appreciate it again. Absolutely. See you guys and see it