I’m Alison Harvey I’m the sales officer manager
for Blue Badger Wholesale. Blue Badger Wholesale we’re a supplier of
commercial catering equipment, refrigeration and laundry. We supply to trade, so dealers
who then sell on to industry such as hotels, restaurants, bars and anyone that needs a
commercial warranty. We started in 2006, very small company, one
man band. Grown over time and now eleven years later we’re a very successful wholesaler with
lots and lots of respective dealers and suppliers. At Blue Badger Wholesale its really important
that we work for our customers, we set ourselves apart in the industry and we provide a service
that manufacturer’s cant. There’s plenty of places you can go online to buy products or
can you go direct to manufacturers, we have to set ourselves apart. Sterling Pro is a line of refrigeration, it’s
European built and it was created by our directors, Mark Alexander and Steven Slaughter, they
created it because they really understand the demands of a commercial kitchen, they worked with
lots of engineers who were getting fed up of equipment that didn’t perform in a kitchen.
They also wanted to supply something at a better price point than some of the premium
brands and so created Sterling Pro. The range consists of single and double door fridge
and freezer units and also a two door counter and a three door counter, both in refrigeration
and freezer. The counters come with a draw option as well to add to the use of the product. Sterling Pro Green Refrigeration is our brand
new line, it’s following the trend of green refrigeration, customers need a working unit
that deals with the demands of a kitchen, but they want it to be energy efficient and
the green range delivers that. Starting in refrigeration we moved into laundry,
a very small part of our business that’s grown and grown and mainly that’s been down to our
partnership with Whirlpool professional, we’ve worked with them for many years now, we’re
very proud of our range, we’re proud of our new ranges that we’ve brought along today, the
Atlantis and the Omnia. Whirlpool Atlantis, really exciting range of top loader’s,
there’s their Classic range and the 6th Sense range, all of them are 15 kilo. They have
a matching washer and dryer, the dryer is vented and it’s hot and cold fill, so it’s
very efficient and that the water comes in hot, keeps the cycle time down. Whirlpool
Atlantis is a light commercial equipment, so we’d recommend it for 1 to 3 uses a day.
It comes with a full commercial warranty so your customers can be sure that they’re gonna
get their unit up and running whenever it’s needed. Our Omnia range of laundry is also
really exciting, it’s already launched in Germany where it’s breaking lots of records
and we feel it’s going to be a really successful commercial range, it’s coming in at a fantastic
price point and it’s got incredible energy efficiency. With the Omnia you can do a wash
and a dry for 40p and there’s not many commercial machines that can say that. We cover the whole of the UK, we have a whole
team of account managers who each have a zone that they take responsibility for, both new
businesses and existing. They work hard on understanding their customers, getting to
know their customers and making sure their customers stay ahead of trends. Our customer service is really important to
us, we’re a specialist area, we provide support to our customers, advice on what their customer
needs. We also then provide a good delivery service because we drop ship. We are representing
our customers to their customers, so it’s very important to us that we give a professional
view for the whole industry. We’re really excited about where Blue Badger
Wholesale are going, we’re going to continue with what we’ve done for the past eleven years,
supporting our dealers and we’re going to increase the work that we do with them, helping
them to get the best products for their customers and supporting their aftercare.