I’m heading to the Blossom Lounge to
have breakfast. It’s my first time there so I decided to check it out and I
will also show you what it looks like Let’s go! Wow, milk and wine is in the same area The spread is better than the other lounge in [Changi] Terminal 2. So you have your personal space if you don’t want to eat and maybe just have a bit of a snack And maybe nap a little? There are power
outlets in there. I guess this is the nicest venue…nicest
spot because you can have a view of this You have your own show I’ll probably sit there It’s a nice place to chill and if I sit
down here I’ll have this view Isn’t that nice My own Laksa So, anyway, this is the Laksa I really like the broth of this one They are very generous with the toppings, it even has this half-boiled egg, the fish cake and the taukwa
but it doesn’t have the shrimp that’s too bad but it’s okay it’s a good
laksa, one of the best that I’ve tried here in Singapore and
who knew that you’ll get it in a lounge