>>So guys today we’re
recording the blindfolded slime challenge part two. And you guys were
commenting on the last one about Ronald was cheating. And he could see through the
bottom of his blindfolds. I mean come on, I could
totally see that happening because his blindfolds were upside down. And, he was totally staying in theme. Everything was blue. No pink, purple, yellow, green, black. No other colors just blue. So today I’m gonna get my revenge. I’m going gonna take off my
blindfolds without him noticing and I’m going to put all
the amazing ingredients into my slime and I’m going to try to win. Yasss! Yasss! And I’m gonna try to sneak
some bad ingredients into Ronald’s slime and lets
see how this goes, alright. Let’s begin. Hey guys this is Karina!
>>It’s Ronald from>>SIS vs BRO!>>And today we’re doing a
blindfolded slime challenge part two!>>Since you guys loved
the last one so much we’re doing another one. (funny noise) So basically we’re just
going to be making slime but blindfolded. So we’re going to be using our feeling senses to feel our ingredients. We got glue, glitter glue, this time. We got activator of course.
>>Cause we need to activate.>>Yes. We got glitter and
food coloring for decoration. (funny noise)>>Yasss. And we’re going to be
making a magnificent slime with all these ingredients. But my memory’s so magnificent because we’re going to be blindfolded. But…
>>Just cross.>>Yeah we’re gonna cross our fingers. So now it’s time to put our blindfolds on and try to make the slime.>>Alrighty.>>Alright.>>Three, two, one. Start.>>Okay.
Okay.>>I wanna start off, I don’t know. Where’s the glue? Wait, where’s the glue?
(crickets chirping)>>Am I getting the right colors?>>No wait.
I’m gonna pick this one.>>Okay, there’s the glue. Wait, okay. I’m… Okay that one. I guess. Where’s my bowl?>>Okay, I’m gonna…
Wait, where is everything? (laughs)>>Wait, okay there’s my bowl.>>Okay, I think I got my first glue. I’m gonna… my bowl is right here. Yes, okay it’s right there.>>Where’s my spoon? Okay, there’s my glue. Okay.
>>I’m gonna unscrew this and squeeze it in.
>>I’ll open it.>>And then…>>Alright.
>>Squeeze.>>I feel like I need to
go more to this side. (grunts) (tapping on bottle)>>Come on, gotta get out the glue. It’s taking too long on the first glue.>>I don’t even know if
it’s, it seems hard slime. Expecting just more.>>It doesn’t sound like
there’s anything left in here so I think I’m gonna stop.>>I don’t know. Where’s, okay, is this the bowl? Or is that the bowl? Okay, I’ll just assume.
>>Alright. I’m gonna get another glue.>>Okay, where’s the cap?>>This one.>>Wait.
I’m gonna take this one.>>Oh wait, there’s the cap. Huh! Okay, we’re good. We gucci.>>Gucci. Gucci.>>Okay, where, where…>>Oh! Squeeze, that
sound is so satisfying.>>Wait, where do I, where is everything? Okay these are glues. Okay these are glues. And um, I don’t know what to go for I guess this one.>>Squeeze, alright. I don’t think there is
anything in here anymore.>>There’s foam balls.>>There’s definitely
nothing in here anymore.>>Okay it’s opened. So then I’ll squeeze.>>Now I’m gonna pick one more color.>>That’s me!
>>Oh, oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I was like, that’s a weird glue. (laughs)>>That’s so weird. (laughs) I did not see that glue before.>>Alright I’m gonna get this one. I’m only gonna take a
little bit of this one.>>I don’t even know if it’s all out. It still seems hard. Okay. Those are my glasses.
>>Alright I added, I think I added three glues
>>Wait. Okay>>I’m gonna add one more. This one, okay.>>Okay, Karina where are you?>>I’m next to you.
>>I’m scared. (laughs)>>Okay. I guess.>>Alright I’m only gonna add a little bit of this one as well.>>I’ll do this one. I feel like I just
knocked down another glue. (laughs) I’m guessing it’s red. I’m going for like a red kind of slime. That’s what I was hoping for, like a red or an orangey kinda slime. Because like, I don’t even know.>>Alright, I think I
want to pick some kind of food coloring. Which one do I want? Are these food colorings? Where’s food colorings? Oh, I think I found them. Okay I’m gonna pick this one.>>Okay where’s the food coloring? Okay.>>Alright I’m gonna, how do you open this? I’m gonna open sesame.>>Here we go. (upbeat music)>>Okay. Come on get open. Open, it’s open sesame.>>Karina you’re acting
like you have no blindfold.>>I just can’t open it
(mumbles) this thing. Finally I got it open. It’s so hard.>>You’re acting like you
don’t have a blindfold. What do you mean Ronald? Of course I have a blindfold on. I’m not a cheater.>>You’re scaring me Karina.>>Alright I finally got that thing open. I got some of that food coloring inside.>>Now I’m scared you’re gonna
pour something in my slime.>>Ronald I would never do that. I’m not blindfolded.
(record scratch) I am blindfolded. Sorry.>>Get roasted. You just…>>I’m not unblindfolded.>>exposed yourself.>>I wasn’t (mumbles), I was
just tangled up on my words.>>You were just telling
the truth for once.>>No I wasn’t. Okay I’m gonna put some kinda glue. Sorry, glitter. Which one do I want? Which one do I want?>>Karina you’re scaring me!>>I’m trying to pick myself a glitter. I don’t know which one feels right. I like these ones. I think. That’s my arm.
>>Follow up your arm.>>I think that’s my face.>>Wait. Where’s your nose? Where’s your nose? Where are you? Where did you go? Where are you?>>Ronald where did you go?>>Ow! (laughs) Okay, I think I’m finished with my glue.>>Okay. Okay. I’m gonna add my glitter in. I’ve got it here. Okay, how am I supposed to open it? Open. There we go. Got it open.>>Okay.>>Alright.
It still feels heavy.>>There we go.>>Alright I don’t know what to add next. I added glitter, like four
glues and some food coloring.>>Okay. Mix. Mix.>>What should I add now? I’ll figure it out. Which one do I want? Ooh, glitter. You know what I’ll pick this one. No actually I don’t want this one. I want this one.>>I feel like there’s way
more water in my slime than there’s supposed to.>>Maybe you added..
Did you add something?>>I didn’t add anything.
Yes, you did.>>I can’t see your bowl.>>You took your blindfold off.>>I didn’t!>>Yes you did.>>I didn’t add anything
in your bowl Ronald. Stop thinking I’m cheating.>>Alright (mumbles) open this. Okay thank you.
I can open this finally. Alright I’m gonna, is this enough? You know what I think that’s enough.>>Okay. I think I’m finished.>>Alright.>>I’m gonna add a bit more food coloring.>>I think I’m gonna start mixing.>>Okay. I’m gonna add some more glitter first. No actually I don’t want glitter. No I don’t want glitter.>>I kinda want glitter.>>Alright.>>Okay. I think I’m
gonna start mixing now. (crickets chirping) Alright. Yea, I think I’m mixing my bowl. Okay. (mumbles) I was not mixing inside my bowl. Alright. Let’s mix this together.>>I want, I want actually
I want all the glitter. (piano music)>>Alright. Okay I’m gonna keep on mixing mine.>>Cause I’m scared you put something in so I want to cover it. (playful music)>>Why do you sound like you’re over there?>>I’m not Ronald.
Did you stand up?>>I didn’t stand up.>>Karina you’re scaring me. Get away from my bowl. I’m protecting my bowl. Where are you? I’m protecting my bowl. Where are you? You’re scare… Karina I hear you. Go away! Go away.>>I just wanted to try and scare you.>>So that means you do have no blindfold.>>I do have my blindfold on. I know where the floor is. My feet are not on the floor Ronald. Okay. I’m gonna… Yeah okay I found my spoon. I’m gonna keep on mixing my slime. Alright, I just realized I
haven’t added any activator. I’m gonna add some activator. Where’s the activator? Ohh, this is activator? Yeah. This is activator, okay. (man laughing)>>Did that even go in your bowl? (screams)>>How dare you ruin my…
>>Did that even go in your bowl?>>What did you add to my slime Ronald?>>You should know because
you have no blindfold.>>I have no idea.>>Wait I hear something! What did you do?>>Ronald I didn’t do anything relax.>>Where’s your bowl? (laughs) No! No! I don’t even know if this is dirty or not. Karina I can hear your stuff.>>Ronald. Stop throwing that all over the place. Ronald, I feel like you ruined my slime. What did you add?>>I don’t know you should know.>>I have no idea.>>I think I smelt rice, and you put it on my side,
unless I put that there. I was like hmm this is glitter
oh nevermind it’s rice.>>This definitely smells
weird I don’t like it. Okay, I’m gonna mix my slime now.>>Okay I think I have lots of glitter so whatever you added in
there should be covered.>>Alright, I’m gonna cover
up whatever you added and add more glue. Which one should I add? This one. (upbeat music) Squeeze…>>I think I’m gonna add more activator.>>out all the juices.>>Squeeze. Alright, gonna mix this together. I need more activator.>>Mine’s perfect. Wait, what?>>Alright I’m gonna mix mine. Mix, mix and mixie. Mixing, mixie, mixie. Mix the mixie.>>Wait. What?>>What?>>What’s this?>>What? Your slime?>>Yes!>>What happened to it?>>You added something.
I didn’t add anything Ronald.>>This is like perfect.>>Really? (mumbles) good.
Yeah. It feels good.>>You’re sounding like it
doesn’t actually feel good.>>Yeah it’s perfect. Oh my goodness. This might be my favorite slime. I think I need more activator though.>>I found this bag of glitter that I didn’t add in next to my slime so I’m gonna add this in.>>Why is it like squirting? My slime is squirting. I don’t like this. It’s pokey. What did I do? What is this? Is this good or bad?>>I don’t know don’t
ask me I can’t see it.>>Okay I’m afraid, but I’m happy at the same time. Eww, see easily come off. Easily.
>>I can’t see Ronald.>>Here look.>>I can’t see I have a blindfold on.>>Yes you can.
I can’t see.>>Just look. What color are my hands?>>I dunno, blue, pink.>>Tell me the truth though.
>>Purple. I don’t know I have no idea.
>>Tell me the truth.>>I can’t see them Ronald!>>I know that you have no blindfold.>>I have no idea what color it is. Don’t ask me. I have a blindfold. I’m gonna keep on mixing. Mixing. Mixing. Mixing. Is that your hand? What are you trying to do?>>Why did you put your hand there?>>Because I wanted to grab more activator. (laughs)>>Alright. I’m gonna… get more activator. Alright. What are you laughing about Ronald? I don’t like this. What are you laughing about Ronald? Ronald. What are you laughing about? Ronald. Why are you quiet? Ronald. Why are you quiet? I don’t like this. Eww, what’s that? What’s that sound?>>Slime. Duh! (laughs)>>I’m gonna open my blindfold. I’m gonna look.>>Okay.>>I heard something.
What? I heard you put it on.>>What did you hear?>>I heard it. You heard what Ronald? (screams) Did I knock something over?>>Okay. Fine whatever.>>Ronald?>>How did you know I was there?>>Cause I saw you breathing. I heard you breathing. (breathing very hard)>>Ron need activator. Give me activator.>>Okay, I’ll pass you some.>>Eww.>>Where is some? (laughing)>>You know what I’m good. I’ll get my own activator. Wait, wait. Oh I think I found it now. Okay, I found it.>>Karina, do you wanna high-five?>>No, I really don’t want to high-five.>>Come on.>>I don’t want it.
Come on.>>I really don’t
Why not?>>I’m scared. I don’t like it.>>Why?>>Cause I’m blindfolded and…
I cleaned my hands.>>Since when do you ask
for a high-five from me?>>Well, like, come on, high-five.>>Okay, fine I’m gonna high-five you. Okay, three, two, one.>>How do you know my hand was there? (crickets chirping) You have no blindfold. Exposed!>>I have a blindfold Ronald. I was sensing okay.
>>I’m gonna check.>>Okay. (heart beating)>>Do you want to look at me?>>I can’t I have my blindfold on. (laughs)>>So guys this was a total fail. Ronald found out that I wasn’t blindfolded because he kept on throwing things at me and I was like “Ronald stop!” and he was like, “How
do you know I’m there?” “How do you know I’m there?”>>Exposed. And my hands look amazing.>>Ron, do you wanna know why
you’re hands look so amazing? And why you had so much of that? (jeopardy theme music)>>Cause you added it?>>No, because when you added
the bottle you were like And then when you added this you were like And most of it, look. Most of it fell out.>>What? So guys I knew Karina
was cheating the moment she went around behind my chair like, going like, “Oh yeah, Scooby Doo.”>>What? (laughs)>>I was like, wait what? Like come on. And then when I would pass her activator I knew it was full of slime
because I had slimy hands. And I was like, “Here.” And she’s “No, thanks.” I’m like, “Oh okay you’re cheating.”>>See guys this is my slime up close. So yasss, it’s all pink and glittery. I added a whole bunch of glitter because Ronald added rice to mine and I needed some help covering it up so I put a whole bunch of glitter.>>I thought I was like making it go over I didn’t know it actually went in.>>And you put orange dye in it so it looked really ugly so I added a whole bunch of glitter and it looks perfect, now. So yeah, it’s really stretchy. Yasss, but really
stringy at the same time. So it doesn’t make good bubbles. But that’s okay. And yeah oh gosh, no, it’s obviously really sticky. Cause it gets, this is my life. (laughs) Get off! Say yasss, if you think
my slime is the winner even though I cheated. Comment down below. Hashtag you gotta cheat to win.>>So guys this is my slime. It’s all gooey. It’s all black. Looking at you.>>What? You put almost all of it in. I only put like two drops. And also, I put lots of
glitter to cover it up. Mission failed. And it’s very gooey. So guys, even though it looks so black if you think I won, comment down below. Hashtag winning without cheating.>>So guys don’t forget
to comment down below who you think is the
winner of this challenge. And think that I am a good cheater,>>Eww.>>So guys (mumbles) this video.>>Smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time Good-bye!>>I need to go clean myself up. (upbeat music)