– Hey honey, here we
are. Right on time, huh? Over here. – May I take your wrap? – Yes, thank you. – Thank you. May I check your game board? (audience laughing) – I’m gonna keep it, it cost me a fortune, know what I mean? But take this for yourself, okay? Here, take this, too, in
case you change your mind. (audience laughing) Hey, I’ll tell you, for a blind date, I never expected a dish like you. – Yes, I’ll have to thank Tom for bringing us together. So, you say you’re a friend of Tom’s. How did you meet him? – It was on a blind date. (audience laughing) Hey, this is a good joint, expensive. That way they keep out the
low lifes, know what I mean? – Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. – Hey, honey, do me a favor. I’ve got an itch back here,
can you scratch my back? – Excuse me, can we have
a table in the back, perhaps behind a post? – Follow me, madam. – Mary Ann, how have you been? – Better. (audience laughing) Um, this is Rodney, a friend of Tom’s. We met tonight for the first
time, for the last time. (audience laughing) – Hey, honey, I love your
gownless evening strap, you know? Hey, that looks pretty good. Gonna need some mustard. (audience laughing) – Oh, Rodney, how could you? – Oh, sorry. Take this will ya. (audience laughing) Here, buy yourself some new clothes, huh? Yeah, you, that’s for nothin’, all right. – Oh, thank you very much, sir. Would you care for a
cocktail before dinner? – Nothing for me, thank you. – I’ll have a double scotch and soda. And anyway, bring the whole
bottle and leave it right here. I don’t wanna run you back
and forth, know what I mean? – Would you like an appetizer? – What do you recommend? – I’ll have a shrimp cocktail,
plenty of oysterettes. (audience laughing) – And you, madam, what would you like? – I’d like to get my hands on Tom. (audience laughing) – Get her a shrimp cocktail, too. If you don’t eat, I’ll eat
both of them, all right? – What would you like for a main dish? – Uh, let’s see. – I want the best steak you got. – How would you like your steak, sir? – Big. And make sure it’s tender. Last steak I had here,
I couldn’t get the knife through the gravy. (audience laughing) I’ll tell ya, make it two steaks. Bring her a steak, too. Go ahead, you’ll eat it, go ahead. (violin music) This guy is all right. – Oh, you like Puccini? – I dunno, does it come with the dinner? (audience laughing) Hey honey, let’s skip dinner. Go right for dessert, all right? – Please. – What’s the matter, what did I do? – Well first of all, your
approach is bourgeois. And furthermore, you’re gauche. – Look, I was just about
able to figure out bourgeois. I mean, don’t hit me
with gauche now, will ya? (audience laughing) – I’ll be honest with you, Rodney. I’m only out with you to
try and forget about Biff. It’s unfair of me to use you. – Well I tell ya, I
oughta be used to help you to forget Biff, than
not to be used at all. – It won’t work. I know me, I’m fickle. Look I’ll go out with
you and I’ll use you, for two, three months. We’ll make wild, passionate love, and then I’ll leave you. I don’t want to hurt you. – It’s all right, hurt me, hurt me. – Well, and suppose I get involved? I don’t want to get hurt. – Hey look, gauche. I mean, you don’t wanna get hurt. You don’t want me to get hurt. All I know is, if one of
us don’t get hurt soon, I mean, someone’s gonna get hurt. (audience laughing) – Oh, I’m so glad to see you. – I’ve been looking everywhere for you. – Oh, do I need you. – Hey, hey, what’s going on here? – Biff, this is Rodney. Rodney, this is goodbye. (audience laughing)