How much does the app cost the shisha hookah bar owner? For the bar, only the cost of goods of the welcome drinks arise the record of all information is free and will be provided by the ShishaPass Team How many drinks should be offered? We recommend to offer 3 drinks of which at least 1 should be alcohol-free How big is the effort for the shisha hookah bar owner? The owner has to decide which drinks he wants to offer and he has to send photos of these drinks to the ShishaPass team the record of all the information is taken care of by the ShishaPass team What is the marketing advantage for the shisha hookah bar owner? With the help of ShishaPass new customers can be recruited and existing customers can become regular customers Compared to other forms of advertising such as flyers, posters or newspaper ads the costs are very low, it’s only the cost of goods of the welcome drinks ShishaPass members can also claim only 1 welcome drink per day, which motivates them to spend more time at the chosen bar Does the shisha hookah bar owner have to offer ShishaPass for all opening hours? The owner can choose at what times he would like to offer ShishaPass He can offer it during all opening hours or only during certain opening times so for example, weaker visiting hours can be bypassed Does the redemption process interfere with the workflow? The redemption process is no more elaborate than a normal order Everything is done via the customer’s mobile phone which means the waiter does not need any additional equipment The customer requests the drink on his mobile phone and the waiter confirms it on the customer’s mobile phone That’s all What happens if the customers only consume the free drink and then leave? This is rather unlikely. If you go to a shisha hookah bar you usually also order a shisha hookah whereby the cost of goods of the welcome drinks gets almost fully earned back again Besides, a good waiter will also sell additional drinks and food or snacks Thus, the cost of goods gets earned back and you can generate revenues on top Is ShishaPass a local app? ShishaPass is an international app that is represented in many countries and cities Thus, not only local customers, but also international customers such as tourists get addressed Would you recommend ShishaPass to hookah bar owners? Definitely, from my point of view With the help of ShishaPass existing customers become regular customers and new customers get recruited locally and internationally weaker visiting hours can be bypassed and the cost of goods of the welcome drinks get earned back by the consumption of the customers The ShishaPass team takes care of the promotion for the bar and for the bar hardly any work and hardly any costs arise So personally, I can truly recommend it to any bar owner