Live from New York City it’s the Wendy Williams Show. How you doin’? (theme song) Now here’s Wendy!! (theme music) Whoop, whoop! Whoop, whoop! Whoop, whoop! Whoop whoop! Whoop, whoop! Whoop whoop! (cheering) (laughing) Hi. Thank you for watching. And say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. Mm-hmm. So good, so right. (cheering) How you doin? How you doin’? Okay. Today let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (cheering) (funky music) Thank you. Thank you. (cheering) Thank you. So– I got–
Wendy– I love you more, thank– (cheers) I got caught up in Empire last night. Did you watch? Yes!! This is like the kind of show that even if you miss episodes you can still jump in. ‘Cause I think I missed the whole last season. But last night it felt so comfortable and so right. Lucious and Cookie and the kids and stuff. I love that show. (cheers) And Taraji, congratulations on everything, I mean, she’s the queen of a successful show at forty-eight years old, plus, this is her fiance’, you know. (cheers) Yeah, that’s her fiance’. His name is Kelvin. And he’s thirty-five. (cheers and gasps) And they’re getting married. (clapping) Yeah. In real life, in real life. Um– You know what I got caught up with yesterday? So I get home from work and I’m flipping around the TV there’s like nothing on. All of the sudden, out of nowhere, it’s The Bold and the Beautiful. (cheers) (laughs) I got caught up. I pull out the peanuts and the Clamato and I begin to watch, like watch, not moving around, emptying my bag. Like, sit and watch. So I’m invested now in the bold and the beautiful. (laughing) I haven’t watched a story in twenty-five thousand years. But let me tell you something now, that, The Bold and the Beautiful, that’s some good watchin’. (cheers) Yeah. I’m just sayin’. (clapping) So it’s day three, Bill Cosby is behind bars. Oh, no– Now you know he has to spend at least three of the years. Right, at least three to ten. They won’t consider any letting out before three years. As well they shouldn’t. You’re drugging and raping? (clapping) Like, are you serious? Drugging and raping and lying to us about who you really are So he’s in a brand new prison though, so you should feel proud about that. (laughing) Oh, look it- the lawn is beautiful. It’s very clean in there, there is his particular cell. Alright, this is in Pennsylvania. He’s got a single cell. Look– the toilet and the sink attached. There’s that hard bed. (laughing) He can write a book on that hard stool in his room. (laughing) But when he socializes, he has to come right out. If you notice his neighbors, everyone else is general population. So, when you rape and you’re in general population, they say, you get back what you gave out. Ooohhhh!! In jail, man, they don’t like child molesters and they don’t like the raper. Boing-oing-oing, oing oing. (laughing) So here is what we know so far, the first meal he had was a chicken patty with gravy, mashed potatoes, probably from the box. So you know, no lumps and mixed vegetables. And believe it or not, for dessert, vanilla pudding. (laughing) I know. And they didn’t plan the pudding thing. It just so happens that, that seems to be big in the jails. (laughing) And you know, Bill, when you wanna keep things cold in that cell of yours, I know some people who’ve told me you put ’em in your toilet ’cause that’s the coldest place within a cell. No, no, no. You flush the toilet, you clean the toilet. But if you have extra milk, or an extra pudding and stuff– No, no. Look, you’ve got to become very resourceful when you go to prison. Like, the iron makes the grilled cheese, a hot Susie eases your pains, and the toilet makes for coolness. So here he goes, callin’ Camille, who didn’t show up. The kids didn’t show up. Like nobody showed up. So, he’s on the phone with Camille and told her that somebody in the prison threw a hotdog bun at him. (laughing) I don’t know that this is gonna go well. Yes, yeah! (laughing) And he was overheard saying grab the checkbook and hire anyone to get me out of here. So he’s still in denial of who he is. How dare you? And Camille if I were you, I’d grab the checkbook write it for half of everything you all have– (clapping) keep the phone off the hook so that he can’t call. Change my cell phone number get yourself a divorce lawyer and move. (clapping) I’m not putting up with this. I mean, when he gets out, if he gets out, say in three years or for years, imagine the mess she’s gonna have to put up with as his wife Get out now while the gettin’ is good. And where are the kids? Says a lot about his parenting. Where are his children? Says a lot. Says a lot. Just saying. (clapping) Tonight is the night that Tamar and the family– (cheering) sit down on their show, Braxton Family Values, with Iyanla. Well, we’ve got a very exclusive sneak peek. We showed you one the other day, but they sent us something special that you won’t see any place else before tonight. (cheers) Anyway, here’s Iyanla confronting Tamar. Take a look. I’ve been sittin’ downstairs waitin’ for you. ‘Cause you weren’t here. They told me you was comin’. They said we gonna feed the crew and the cast together. They told me to be here at 4:20. I ate in the car! Out my lap. To be here to honor my commitment. I’m not gon participate in this. I need order, I need clarity, I need honor, I need honesty, I need respect. I’m not too good to eat in the car. I’ll eat in the car, I’ll eat in the corner, I’ll eat on the floor, I’ll eat off my lap. But tell me what’s goin’ on. That’s what I’ve been sa– No. (explosion) Your behavior diminishes you message. (laughing) (clapping) I don’t even know why they called Iyanla to help them, because there’s so many in the family and all they do is talk to one another. So why couldn’t they just all do it together? And Iyanla, I like her beloved– (laughs) that’s what she calls everyone. I like Iyanla, but um– It was confusing to me. Was it confusing to you? Yes. Well look, this part one of Braxton Family Values airs tonight at nine on WE TV. I’m there, you there? (cheers) I’m there. There is a story I’ve been meaning to get to all week and I haven’t gotten to it. ‘Cause I’m still blinking like, wow. That’s how you curse someone out. You use all the words and don’t sugarcoat nothin’. Talking about our girl Leslie Jones, friend to the show. Have you heard about this? She put Kevin Hart and Katt Williams on blast for not helping women in the comedy industry. Kevin recently slammed Katt for not doing enough to help female comedians like Lunelle, and Leslie. And Leslie clapped back to both of them. Hey, Lunelle. Sorry to get you mixed up with this, Lunelle. Leslie, you’re a beast. In the best way. Listen– Yeah but that– if you’re gonna do it that’s the way you do it. (clapping) And so as you know, Leslie is having a very successful run on Saturday Night Live. And she says if anyone is going to take credit for her success it would be Chris Rock. (clapping)
Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Leslie, you need to come through. (clapping)
Right?? She told them to use their lips proper. (laughing) (laughs) Paula Abdul– the thing is I know you’re not a thief, but there is a designer that wants what you have. Her name is Nikki Lund. And apparently this Nikki Lund has been around for a long time. She makes a lot of high-end stuff for a lot of people. Well, she designed a one of a kind metallic bustier worth $15,000 that disappeared from her show room four years ago. There’s mink at the bottom. Well it disappeared from her showroom four years ago. And Nikki spotted it over the weekend being worn by Paula for Paula promoting her upcoming tour. I don’t think Paula knew what she was wearing. That could of been the stylist who had it, or something like that. Nikki claims that she reached out to Paula and her team. She’s gotten no response. So now she’s threatening to sue. That’s why you have to like, watch everybody. Just because they have money and they come in your showroom you watch everybody. Rich people steal too. (clapping) Meantime, Real Housewives of New York is starring Carole Radziwill, says she doesn’t wear lingerie because men don’t care. Now, we had a debate in Hot Topics She’s like look , men just wanna see you naked. (clapping) And if I can share with you, Yeah I got some pieces and stuff like that. But you know what, after they break the straps– they don’t care about that stupid lace because its hard against them. All a man wants to do is to just see you naked. Honestly. (clapping)
In my mind, in my mind. And in my opinion, the single most practical thing that a woman can do is collect an arsenal of silk robes. In various, solid colors. Not print. ‘Cause if you so solid then they can see your nipples. (laughing) If you do print– through all that animal print– You buy a bunch of silk robes. Various lengths. All he has to do is pull Easy– Yep. And when its done you wrap up, an you go to sleep. (clapping) Garter belts and all that stuff, that’s when you’re dating and you’re trying too hard. (laughing) You know what I mean? Exactly, nobody’s got time for that after workin’ all damn day. (laughing) (clapping) I love it, I love it. So– Thank you. (laughing) Thank you for coming. She’s over there. She’s like I love it, I love it. (laughs) Oh that’s our cop friend! (clapping) She’s a cop. Here in New York. And she’s a frequent visitor. So, Naomi Campbell threw some major shade on Watch What Happens Live. And you know what, Leslie Jones, this is how you do it too. Take a look. Kendall Jenner being the highest paid model while saying she cherry picks her jobs and could never do thirty shows in a season. Next question. (laughing) What do you think about Nicki and Cardi’s altercation at fashion week? You were at that party right? No. It was called an icon party, but there were not icons there. (clapping) You know– Nobody’s got time anymore to mince words. You get right to the action. Nobody’s got time for lingerie, nobody’s got time to mince words, the world is in an uproar and that’s it. Do you find yourself cutting to the chase more? Yes. Me too. It’s age– Its age too, exactly. Nobody’s got time to mince words. If you don’t like it, oh well. Have you heard about this rapper Lil Xan? Yeah. Yeah, maybe it’s short for Xanax, I’m not sure. (laughing) Anyway, he recently dated Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister. He looks real, um– lost. (laughs) So he was hospitalized recently for eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. (laughing) Here’s the thing, if you eat too much hot stuff you don’t get hospitalized. It’s what is already in your stomach, little Xan. (clapping) But, they were saying there was blood coming out of his mouth– the stool–and whatnot. He still looks lost, right? (laughing) What is going on? And by the way, I love a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto But, this is– I’m not gonna lie, but here is how I like to eat them. First of all only a few at a time. Like, you pull ten of the large ones out and then you wait for the rest of your family to eat the rest, and then you save the bottom, where all of the goodness is for yourself. (clapping) I like sour cream. You take one and you put it in the sour cream. No dip, no dip. Just put it in the sour cream, and eat. And if you walk with the bag to your bedroom, there’s the problem right there. You’ll be too lazy to get up, right? What you do is you– sequester your food, whatever snack you’re having, just put some on a little plate. And then take it back to your bedroom and continue watching TV. By the time that plate is done– First of all, even though you want more you’re not going back to the kit– like you’re not doing that. (laughing) You’re not doing that. (clapping) In my opinion small bits of everything are the lovely part of life. So Frito Lay issued a statement, and they were saying in part– Well I believe it. And I don’t believe the kid was in there eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. You better keep pumping that stomach and see what else is in there. (clapping) You’re not foolin’ anyone. (laughs) So, Jennifer Lopez is forty-nine. (cheers) She’s in the best shape of her life. (cheers) (clapping) You wait a minute. I can do something. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! All I’m saying is that– you know, lucky is the woman who doesn’t have boing-oing-oing. ‘Cause we all get it at some point. Boing-oing-oing. So, she posted this photo yesterday saying that she’s feeling like Superwoman after the show tonight. God, she looks good, right? Yes! She’s done fifteen shows in twenty-seven days. Wow! And she’s still in love with A-Rod and he’s still in love with her. Who’s life is better than hers. No one’s (clapping) Alright a little louder, come on. We got more great show, come on come on. Come on let’s get through this together. (cheering) Up next, the very funny and talented David Alan Grier is here so, Grab a snack. And come on back. (cheers) (theme music)