– Today. – The barbecue bikini. – Oh yes. (smooth music) – Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Amy. – We are here to save you money and celebrate great products,
all of the items I hunt down, whether you know me from
your local TV station or USA Today, are never paid products. No companies pay us to talk about them. And today, Amy, what are you holding? – A barbecue bikini. – Yeah, if you don’t know what this is, it’s a way to protect your investment, one of the best barbecue covers ever made. Hugely well-rated, although not worth its full price in my opinion. Most places sell for 44
bucks and shipping fees, I found this under 35,
quick free shipping, alongside the biggest barbecue
bargains of the season. And if you have your notifications on, you’ll be eligible for freebies. We read through the comments, there’s a random selection,
which we’ll get to. But first, one of our
favorite subscriber moms who’s using it, who’s testing it. (jazz music) – Hi Matt, thanks for sending
me the barbecue bikini, it’s an awesome grill cover. I’ve only had my grill for a couple years, and it’s already completely
rusted on the inside. I called the manufacturer, and they said the type
of cover I was using was keeping the moisture in,
and causing my grill to rust. But this cover, it
allows the moisture out, and still protects my grill. I love how it’s got an elastic bottom. It keeps it nice and snug. Last year, the wind took off of my cover, I had to go get it out
of the neighbor’s yard. (jazz music) – For those of you that want this deal, there’s a website link
on your screen right now, as well as more barbecue
deals coming up soon. – Yes, and the biggest barbecue deals for the memorial day season, when it comes to the grill itself. What was that? – I was jamming, sorry. – Oh no, I thought you
were mixing I was gonna say it’s grilling, not
baking, but it’s bargains. And right under the screen is also a link to all of the big barbecue deals. Amy, hotdog, hamburger, what’s your thing? – I like hotdog with mustard. – That’s it? – Yeah. – What do you like? We would like to read your
comments and find out. And this is probably gonna
sell out at this price, so grab it if you want it. – Turn on all your notifications because we do read the comments, and we do respond all night
long, that’s all we do. – And we love you. (smooth jazz) – Huge giveaway news, we are changing up how
I do giveaways this week with an even bigger giveaway. We are giving away a free iPad. And in order to be
eligible for this freebie, very simple, we have a quick survey. Why is there a survey? Well, I want to improve, we
wanna make this channel better. We are not gonna be
picking answers based on the niceness of whatever it is you reply, all I wanna know is how to get better. There’s a link to the survey
right under this video screen, three simple steps. One, you need to be subscribed. Two, fill out the survey
as honestly as you can, we’re gonna crosscheck subscriber
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