[music starts] C-Milk: I’m trying to order some stuff from the room service menu show you guys. The phone… The phone doesn’t work! It’s just comes out like this. So I can… if Winston holds it down, I can call the front desk and they can’t hear me and they’re like “Just call back.” and I’m like “I can’t!” so I use this… cell phone and call and they’re like “That number doesn’t exist.” [music continues] [music lowers] C-Milk: That’s the nicest I’ve ever been treated as a biker. ADV China here with an ADV adventure. Winston: Yes, that’s correct and right now we have travelled about 200 kilometers today. C-Milk: Needlessly. Winston: Yes. It should have been…. C-Milk: If you watch the other episodes that will either come before or after this probably before? Some of them? Winston: Yeah. C-Milk: You’ll know that we’ve tried, all day, to try to get to the beach and it’s something that we’ve done often. It’s not like a mystery location. Winston: No we’ve been here before. C-Milk: I don’t know what the hell happened. It’s hot and we’re tire. Basically. Winston: Yeah, so we’re away…. C-Milk: And we are trying to film. Winston: Yeah. We’re actually at a very cool place at the moment. We’re at a Sheraton. C-Milk: And I actually wanted to prefix this. I wanted to say “Winston, are you a five-star hotel kind of guy?” Winston: If it’s at all possible. C-Milk: But it’s not usually? [chuckles] Winston: But I’m saying for a five star hotel looks pretty grubby. Look up there at all that. C-Milk: I have been here. It’s very nice inside. Winston: Yeah. C-Milk: Anyway, the point being is that um… Five-Star hotels here in China can, you know, vary wildly in price right? But the point of this video is how much is an actual holiday or vacation in China? So we are going to go through basically our costs for this entire trip Winston: Yes. C-Milk: and we’ll talk about you know the range of different prices and things that we’ve had and seen across China cause it goes up and down like crazy Winston: Yep. C-Milk: but starting out just today We… ah. put some petrol on our bikes that cost $17 for the both of us so you break that in half. That’s about what? Ah… Eight bucks, so we spent eight dollars. How much you pay for those waters? Winston: Ah… Those were 6 so… 3 RMB each. C-Milk: 3 RMB each and we’re going to go get a hotel room at a five-star hotel. Cause we we know that it’s going to be cheap cause we’re in China, and we’ll give you the cost when we get inside. Winston: Yeah. Absolutely. [music starts] [music fades] Winston: Now C-Milk has been standing there for quite some time. It’s a bit of a queue and I’m guessing they’re asking for an extra deposit even though we did book this online But let’s go and find out Hey C-Milk. How’s it going with your check-in? C-Milk: They have to register us with the police. [together]: Of course. C-Milk: It’s everywhere in China. It’s not a shock by that. Every hotel in China Winston: Yeah, but surely that’s something that they do by themselves later after they’ve taken all of our photocopies and things. C-Milk: They also take so long in China to book you into a hotel. There’s so many… what I noticed is all these people, funny, they’re like “I use this app.” “Oh no. I didn’t get this discount!”, “I didn’t do this and this and this.” It’s like “Oh, Ah…” Just get your damn room! Winston: I know. I know. C-Milk: We… ah… ended up paying a grand total of $142 USD for a five-star hotel room. Two people so that works out to be about 80 bucks bucks a pop? Winston: Yep. C-Milk: Now in America, if I paid $80 for hotel room. – It’s like a “Motel 6”.
– It’s Bad. It’s crap! – Yeah, it is.
– It’s like you just sleep. You know. C-Milk: You guys want to know which room we’re in? – We’re not going to tell you even though we’re… this is in the future. Winston: Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Yeah, you’ll see. C-Milk: Nice place. Winston: It is.. it is very nice. We’ll… we will definitely come down and get some B-roll later. – You just have to understand….
– We’ll have to grab dinner here anyway. Winston: We’re so exhausted after this… this ride. It’s the heat and the traffic. C-Milk: Nice sea breeze though. Winston: It is. It’s very nice. C-Milk: See there. A Mahjong room. C-Milk: That’s something you wouldn’t see in America Winston: For sure. Mahjong. C-Milk: Mahjong. They have their own special room. Winston: So C-Milk… We’re limited here, unfortunately, at this resort to basically two restaurants. C-Milk: One of them is Thai. Winston: Yeah. C-Milk: One of them is Chinese. Cantonese. Winston: Yeah, they say that this is a western restaurant, but it’s not. It’s a Thai restaurant. C-Milk: I actually got a lot of flack I said “Do” ah…. in my video called “Do Chinese people eat western food?” or “Do Chinese people go out for American food?” I said Chinese people often lump western food in with Japanese and Thai and stuff. and it was like “No, we don’t!” Well… We’re guided to the western restaurant and I asked her point-blank. I said “Is this Western?” She said “Yes.” So what we want to say was being incredibly cheap room, right? For a five-star hotel, obviously not 5 star standard Winston: No… No it’s not. C-Milk: But… For China, it is quite normal to come across situations where stuff is not up to snuff. In terms of “must” and – “quality”.
– Well, I mean for instance Winston: just the carpet leading up the room is filthy and it’s moldy and you know in the rooms, on the walls outside, you can see all the mold coming down the walls. Winston: Yeah. C-Milk: Now where they get ya… is that they holds you hostage at these resorts right? – Sure.
– Now the hold you hostage and you only have a choice of two restaurants. – Yeah.
– And we came to the cheaper of the two. – Yeah.
– and it’s still incredibly expensive C-Milk: For example, how much for that beer? Winston: Beer was… ah. 50 RMB and that’s…. C-Milk: 8 dollars. Winston: It’s actually on special
– Ooo… it’s on special. Winston: because that’s what you pay… this looks ridiculous (laughs) just for…. just for the camera. C-Milk: I’m going to enjoy… enjoy this beer because it cost $8. – Yeah.
– Never had an $8 beer. C-Milk: I think I’ve had an $8 fear in Norway. – Cheers!
– Cheers… cheers! Winston: This used to be one of my favorites. C-Milk: The red sauce is just meant to be dabbed not to be a, you know, kind of ah… eaten in such generous proportions as I did. The chicken itself is actually quite good. Very, very impressed. Would not say $10 good. I would say it’s more like an appetizer because these like little French portions but for China….. kind of blown away with the kind of Italian seasoning and lemon and butter sauce that they use because I don’t usually get that in mainland China so that’s quite good but… much more food has just arrived. Winston: Alright. So C-Milk got to try the chicken and I’m going to give… I guess this… curry goat? ha… Don’t know if it’s goat or beef or what but we going to give this a try. I actually don’t like Thai food and I’m not a very… I’m not much of a fan of lemongrass in particular but let’s see. Yeah its Thai. It’s Thai food. I’m not going to say it’s great. It’s not… not terrible either. It’s somewhere in between. And yeah, I can taste the lemongrass C-Milk: Oh no. Winston: Mm…
– You don’t want that. – Yep, lemongrass
– Too expensive to waste. Winston: No absolutely. anyway, not too bad. We do have some chicken I’ll give it a quick taste just to…. ah. Just to fill you in here. – This is red curry chicken. Let’s eat.
– Mostly. (chuckles) – Wow, that’s really lemon-grassy.
– Oh no! (chuckles) – So…
– No. Don’t eat them. Winston: Yeah… um. Well… Yeah. Yeah, exactly paying a lot for… yeah. Lemongrass. (sing songy) Awesome. (laughs) Let’s a… we can enjoy these 4 French fries though… that they kindly gave us here. (giggles) mmm… best of the whole lot. [music starts] [music fades] So I thought I’d give you a tour of our five-star Sheraton hotel room, all right so it is the next day and… ah. We didn’t sleep very well because the air conditioning wasn’t fantastic and even after they fixed it, it was still not good enough really to be honest. Let’s look at the room. It is a fairly nice big room. The bathroom is very nice. Take a quick look. Hey guys. How’s it going? um… the usual fare. Toilet, shower, bath Not bad at all, but this weird thing where I don’t know what it is about Chinese hotels, but they always want whoever’s showering or whoever’s bathing to be visible to whoever’s in the room And I mean the only thing, literally, that is separating the room and the shower is this like see-through louvered, slat thing. So… you know, it’s a…. it’s a little weird. Okay. Here we have the beds, a couple of beers as you can see. We had a couple beers last night. Yeah. Yeah. um…. beds, and the TV this…. how big is this Macbook of your wife’s? C-Milk: It’s ah…. 13 inch. 13-Inch. Okay. Almost the same size of the TV [both laugh] Winston: Yeah. um… Yeah, this is really it. We’ve got our little kettle station there. We’ve got the air conditioning thing which… Wow! After the whole night of it, and we got the guys to try and turn it down the lowest it ever got to was 24 degrees So C-Milk. What’s going on here? C-Milk: I’m trying to order some stuff from the room service menu to show you guys. The phone… The phone doesn’t work. It’s just comes out like this so I can if… if Winston holds it down, I can call the front desk And they can’t hear me so they’re like “Just call back.” and I’m like “I can’t!” so then I use this… cell phone and call, and they’re like “That number doesn’t exist.” What the hell? Winston: Okay, so a couple of things here. It’s really hot in this room. They’ve got a central Aircon unit. Let me show you how it works because it’s… It’s so annoying alright? Here it is. You can set it all the way down to five degrees, if you want, which obviously it will never reach but powers on, fans on high. It goes down to 24.5 degrees Celsius However, it feels more like we’re 28… 27 in this room. It’s hot and it’s humid and we… we called the guy in, the maintenance guy in because the phone wasn’t working right? So… (laughs)
C-Milk: He “Jimmied” it. Winston: Yeah, he… he “Jimmied” the phone and got it working um… But then he said “Oh.” I complained to say “Hey man. Look, the Aircon is not good enough. It’s really hot in here. He’s like “Yeah. okay.” “I’ll just go down and set the temperature lower.” Because what they do in order to cut costs is, obviously, they put a cap on the heat and they basically said “This is the lowest it’s going to go.” because the stupid Central… Central Air and and it’s… it’s insulting, you know, you’re paying a thousand RMB for a room. You know which in China’s it’s a lot. I’ve had way, way, way better places in this for 1000 RMB a night and… you’ve got a musty, moldy smelling room with an Aircon that doesn’t work. A telephone that doesn’t work, and, you know, a TV circa 19…. 2002, 2003. – 32″ flat panel so…
– They even brag about it. Yeah, they do brag about it, don’t they? Is that in… that’s in the pamphlet. – That’s in the brochure.
– (laughs) It’s in the freaking brochure. Winston: Yeah, I mean, it’s five-star right? You think it’d be good. You think it’d be good. Anyway… We’ll find out. We’ll let you know how everything goes. Well, I’m sure it in any way We have got a balcony which is very nice, so let’s go take a look at the balcony. [drone whirling away] So this is what’s nice. You get a lovely view and, no joke, this is very nice. It’s very nice view out here. You know, there you have the sea. Etcetera. Unfortunately, you know, you’re kind of greeted with… this sort of very horrible looking… ah. architecture, you know, the buildings here and this is still part of the Sheraton. But you know if you’re a guest staying in a five-star hotel, you want to wake up and come outside You don’t want to see that. The Sheraton experience in China. Shenzhen, China. We’re about to go get breakfast. C-Milk: Good morning. Winston: Good Morning Look at that. I’m sorry to say, but this is supposed to be the Sheraton? You wake up and look at the walls outside. They’re just… crap. They are all like… all the paints falling off and stuff – Yeah.
– Literally it is meant to be… C-Milk: This is meant to be a very informative video now turned into now let’s shit on the Sheraton. (laughs) Winston: I’m sorry, but you know, when you
– Yeah. I hear what you’re saying. – Yeah. You pay…
– You pay enough. Winston: You could pay like less than half and – get a much better experience,
– For sure. C-Milk: You just pay for the name at this point. Winston: Yeah. C-Milk: We’re going to see how the… ah… breakfast buffet is keeping an open mind, my positive mind because apparently it’s free – So…
– We’ll see. C-Milk: We think it’s free. Pretty sure it’s free. Winston: We’ll find out very soon won’t we? C-Milk: The breakfast is actually quite decent. Winston: It’s not good at all actually to be honest. C-Milk: I didn’t expect this but like usually at Chinese buffets, even like really, really nice hotels is just like Rice porridge you know things like noodles. The most… ridiculous, this is supposed to be the Sheraton and I normally wouldn’t complain because it is nice to be able to find coffee in… in a hotel in China. It’s fantastic. This place actually have a few decent variants of those thing and also some, you know, western items like… ah… a little bit of bacon. Winston: Ah. Sort of bacon. It’s not really bacon, but it’s something similar, resembling Bacon. C-Milk: Some cold cuts Winston: I mean, look at that cheese platter. Is that supposed to be a cheese platter? They’ve taken like a tiny cube of Cheddar cheese, or Garda or something and chopped it up into little slices and put it on a piece… on a plate and said “That’s a cheese platter.” C-Milk: A salad bar which is kinda weird to have for breakfast but very welcomed. Welcomed as salad in the morning. Winston: This is the Sheraton. It’s supposed to be five-star and the stuff that’s on offer here is a very poor quality. It’s really… it’s just not up to snuff. C-Milk: Ah… so total cost. Run down this entire thing. – We paid in total with dinner…
– Yeah. C-Milk: and drinks. We didn’t have a lot of drinks. We had some high Keel beers – from 2000.
– We had literally… we had like 50 cent, Winston: 20 cent beers. C-Milk: So we ended up spending… there and about… 240… it’s about 320 bucks in total for a five-star hotel without a five-star experience. Winston: No. No five-star experience at all. C-Milk: One thing that we did pay for was a, you know, the ability to head out to the beaches which is what we’re going to go do right now – and hopefully that will lighten the mood.
– Yeah. Winston: So you’ll see us in the next episode because unfortunately, we have to check out now and with all our gear go down to the beach. C-Milk: Oh, no! Oh, crap. Winston: Is there anything you’d like to say to our subscribers before we sign off? C-Milk: Whether you like to stay at Waikiki little hotels which we will do an episode about. Winston: Oh, yeah. C-Milk: We’re going to show you how to do a cheap day. Winston: You’ll probably find out in a lot of ways it’s better. C-Milk: In a lot of ways it’s much better and… ah. You’ll join us in that episode and whether you like to do that or you like to stay at expensive places like this, I implore you to go downstairs like, comment and subscribe and click that little bell next to subscribe button. Winston: Absolutely and… ah… whether or not you believe this place is five-star or whether you actually are a real person – who can see with their own eyes
– A real person! (laughs) that it’s more like a three-star at most. You know, we love the all the same so until next time guys. You know the drill. Stay Awesome! [music starts] Just another f***ing day in the “Hutongs”. I don’t know what is happening behind me. This guys been going since about six o’clock I’m just trying to relax on my balcony. [making drilling sounds] Just knock the f**ing wall down already. [music continues] [music fades]