Speaker 1: Shot, shot, shot,
shot, shot. Speaker 2: Everyone does
basically what they want. Jaime: It’s like going up
to a massive house party. Because I’m the one
that’s in charge, not you. The Cave is my baby, and she’s
more old school on things. She’s definitely out of place. Maria: We are losing money. Jaime: We’re busy, so the proof
is right there on why I’m right. Jon Taffer: Where is he? Speaker 6: He’s over there. Jon Taffer: Working hard,
isn’t he? Jaime? Jaime? I know you’re really paying
attention to your business. But I’m standing here, would you
mind coming and talking to me? Jaime: What’s up?
Jon Taffer: Come here. Do you understand your mom
is indebted by $200,000? You understand that? Jaime: Yes sir, I do. Jon Taffer: You understand
that she could lose her house? Have you trained
these employees? Jaime: We’re short staffed, man. Everyone is new,
so some people are just- Jon Taffer: Have you trained
these employees? Did you, yes or no?
Did he, Maria? Yes or no? Maria: No. Jon Taffer: Does he treat
it responsibly to protect your business? Maria: No. Jaime: I think I did a lot man. I thew flyers
around the whole city. Jon Taffer: You don’t take
ownership of this failure. Think about it. You failed.
She’s telling you, “You failed.” Jaime: It’s a matter
of perspective. Jon Taffer: You have nothing
but excuses. And you’re a lazy asshole
who stands there and talks down to your mother, and she’s gonna lose her house
because of your [inaudible]
excuses. Grow up! Tonight’s Stress Test
worries the hell out of me. John and Jonathan can’t
manage this bar empty. I don’t know how the hell
they’re gonna approach managing it full. Jonathan: Welcome
to Palladino’s. Come on in. Hey, you guys want some pizza? Speaker 8: Yeah.
Two cheese slices. Jonathan: You got it. How many pizzas does he need
to start getting going? I can have him
starting making them. John: I don’t know.
It’s six per … no, it’s four per pizza
so that’s one … Jonathan: I’m gonna say
three cheese, two pepperoni. John: That sounds good. Speaker 10: Okay, so wait, stop.
What ticket are you taking? Because we’re gonna end up
making it again. John: Like once I give
these pizzas to them, and then I give them
the tickets- Speaker 10: You don’t give
the guests the tickets. John: Right, so I
give it to the- Speaker 10: You take it
and throw it away so we know that
we’ve already made it. John: Yeah but I need
to give it … they have to pay
for the pizza. Jon Taffer: Yes, I would have
rung it in when I had the ticket
in my hand. John: So, I should
be ringing it in? Jon Taffer: Of course
you should. Speaker 10: Yes! John: I didn’t know that. Jon Taffer: Who’s gonna
get paid? John: That’s a good question. Jon Taffer: Can you believe
that these guys are scientists? Jonathan: For my day job,
I am a biochemist. What’s up with these boxes? Speaker 10: He has no idea
what’s going on, no communication.
No organization, no clue. Pizza was not
making it to the table. John: All right, sorry
this took so long. Speaker 11: Thank you. The pizza actually was good,
it just took a while. John: We’re getting backed up.
The pizza’s are not leaving. Jon Taffer: Getting cold? John: Pizzas are getting cold.
They need to get cold. Jonathan: Those three pizzas
over to that table, and you left the tag there.
And so- John: I thought we were
doing this because we were trying
to give them … they had ordered- Jonathan: No, no, no.
But we took those slices out. John: No, you didn’t take
the three pepperonis out. Jonathan: We did.
You took them out. John: No. Jonathan: Perhaps not.
We can double check it. Jon Taffer: This is
an incredible rescue. Sometimes they’re conversations
are just astonishing to me. Did they get the pizza or not? Jonathan: It was served
in two separate orders. Jon Taffer: But they got it? Jonathan: At this point,
I believe they got it. John doesn’t think they did.
I think they- John: No, that’s not it-
Jon Taffer: Just go ask them. John: I think we gave it
to them twice. Jon Taffer: Well, just go
ask them, guys. Jonathan: I think we gave them
the meat- Jon Taffer: As you’re talking
about it, these are getting cold.
John: That’s what I’m saying. Jon Taffer: John and Jonathan
are both brilliant, but they’re common
sense ignorant. They can’t get a slice
of pizza to a table without a 10 minute discussion. Jonathan: Jon Taffer
called us morons, and he’s absolutely right. Shawn Ford: You guys are only
serving bottled beer? We can’t have that. So, tonight, we’re gonna
introduce draft beer into your Stress Test. So, I’m gonna teach you guys
how to pour draft beer. Speaker 13: Excellent. Shawn Ford: You wanna start
with a beer clean glass. You’re gonna start
at a 45 degree angle, open the top
in one fluid motion. If you pause in the middle, you’re gonna create
a burp or a bubble. Once it gets about 2/3
of the way, straighten it up. See the lovely effervescence
coming up from the bottom? So, who feels confident
in their beer pouring? Wow. We’ll start with Lexi,
come on down! Show me how
to pour a beer. Lexi: You take your beer
clean glass here with proper sanitation
and drying techniques. It’s gonna go
at a 45 degree angle- Shawn Ford: Check. JD may go broke if it takes you
this long to pour a [inaudible]
beer though. You got it,
you got it, you got it. Lexi: What the …
make it stop. Speaker 13: Turn it off. Speaker 15: Turn it back. Speaker 13: Well, you forgot
to tell us how to turn it off. Lexi: Yeah, you didn’t go …
you didn’t go through that. Shawn Ford: What the
[inaudible]? Speaker 16: Hi,
welcome to Fatballs. Jon Taffer: How can there
be nobody here? Speaker 16: It’s
just the way now. Jon Taffer: This is the way
now that it is? Speaker 16: The way it is now. Jon Taffer: Okay, so here’s
what we’re gonna do. Push two of these tables
together. Come help me. Give me a menu.
Give me a server. Okay, here’s what’s going on.
I am now gonna be 10 customers. Speaker 17: Can I recommend
the Strawberry Surprise? Jon Taffer: Sure.
I also wanna try a Root of All Evil, a Mojito, a Tequila
Sunrise, a Fatballs Cherry Bomb, a Jet Fuel …
that sounds real good. A Blue Sapphire,
a Sunset over Fatballs, a Backseat Boogie,
and a Pineapple Island. I wanna see how we do.
You think they’re gonna do well? Speaker 18: If I had to put
my money on it, they probably wouldn’t
get those drinks right. Jon Taffer: How come? Speaker 18: Because they haven’t
been trained properly. Jon Taffer: Who’s fault is that? Speaker 18: I’m all
over the place. I can’t train them
when I’m doing other stuff that also needs to be done. Jon Taffer: I wanna
order some food. Speaker 19: Order it. Jon Taffer: Let me try
Momma’s Spinach Dip and Chips, some onion rings,
a Philly Steak. Fatballs Burger,
a Brunch Burger, a Blue Balls Burger …
boy that’s very appealing. A lot of women
are gonna order that. Speaker 19: Here I go, man,
here I go. I ain’t rushing. Jon Taffer: I’ve been waiting
25 minutes for food. I understand that people
wait an hour for food here. Where’s my food? Speaker 19: Be patient. Jon Taffer: No, I’m not patient.
I want my freakin’ food. And I want it right. Speaker 19: You’ll get it
when it comes. Jon Taffer: Who said that?
Speaker 19: Me. Jon Taffer: What did you say? Speaker 19: That you’re gonna
get your food when it’s prepared.
Gotta be patient. Jon Taffer: This is your staff.
Go fire his ass. There’s our cook
whose name is Dirty Red. I wonder if he put it
on his chef coat. Dirty. Shawn Ford: Sounds like
a nickname he gave himself. Dirty Red: Jon Taffer told
my manager that if I left here without cleaning this kitchen
that he was to fire me. Didn’t go home, didn’t sleep.
I scrubbed and I scrubbed and I scrubbed
to the point of exhaustion. Kitchen was a mess. Hey Joe. Don’t let the coffeepot
be empty today. Speaker 22: I’m tired. Speaker 23: Where’s Red? Dirty Red: I was filthy. I was covered head to toe
with grease all over my body. So, took a little bit
of a bath in the dish area. Speaker 24: Tip of the day: don’t get the degreaser
in the peepee. It stings. Dirty Red: Eh, it ain’t gonna be
any worse than gonorrhea, right? All you Peeping Toms,
I’m sure y’all had fun. Jon Taffer: Hello. Dirty Red: Taffer who?
I’m the one fucking in charge. Speaker 22: Hi. Jon Taffer: Hey, good morning.
Where is everybody? Dirty Red: Oh [inaudible]. Speaker 25: How’s
that cheese steak? Speaker 26: No Philly
Cheese Steak. Speaker 25: There’s no Philly
Cheese Steak? Dang it. Okay, we’ll do
the nacho fries and turkey melt. Look at it. It’s all lumpy. Jon Taffer: I wanna see
if they’re actually gonna eat this the way this looks. Shawn Ford: Yum. Speaker 25: That’s not
real cheese. I mean, honestly,
this looks like a joke. Jon Taffer: I want you all
to come with me for a minute. Let’s go in the kitchen.
I want you guys to see this. Lewis: Here he comes. Oh my God.
Jon Taffer: Nice to meet you. Lewis: Nice to meet you too.
Jon Taffer: Come on in. First of all,
look at that fryer. What you’re about to see
will blow you away. Here we go.
Look at this guys. You ever see oil smoke
like that? You know why it’s doing that? Because it is so contaminated
with bacteria and filth. Do you understand
how dirty that is? Lewis: Yeah, yeah. Jon Taffer: You leave at night
and don’t clean it. You let him leave at night
and don’t clean it. Speaker 26: I personally
have spoken to Lewis about cleaning
the kitchen numerous times, and I’ve been on my hands
and knees scrubbing the floor when the floor was like that,
all the way back- Jon Taffer: Really?
What about that? Speaker 26: I did not finish. Jon Taffer: So, that’s like
changing a baby’s diaper, but not between
the cheeks of his ass because you don’t see it? Do you eat that food? Speaker 26: No, I don’t
wanna eat that food. Jon Taffer: So,
if you won’t eat it, how do you give it to them? Speaker 25: My stomach hurts. I feel like
I just ate this nonsense. Jon Taffer: How do you
stand here and you act like that? Three weeks ago,
was it replaced? Why? Speaker 26: Had no money lately,
it’s been so tight. And that’s the only answer that
I personally have as a manager. Jon Taffer: Do, you don’t have
the money to do that? BARS6_BarFails_GFX_REV_YT
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