Here is the challenge Finish it under 45 minutes. Hey everybody, this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very very excited! Today I’m going for overall win number 575 I’m back with these two! We’ve got Naader “Freak Eating” over here and then we’ve got our friend Raina! They both did the pizza challenge a few days ago in San Diego, and then this guy did the sushi challenge with me, but we are today in La Verne, California where at Mi Ranchito, there’s three locations around the area and we are taking on their Big One, Six Pound Burrito Challenge! Now we’ve got 45 minutes to finish this thing it looks delicious! We each got the same thing I think the meats there had to have two meats, we went with chili verde and Chile Colorado which the two meats are beef and pork, with some delicious sounding sauce and then this guy over here the two meats, he has I think beef or pork and then chicken, but yeah we’ve got 45 minutes this thing is filled with other stuff like rice, beans, veggies, and then it’s served wet topped with sour cream and guacamole, we fail it’s going to be about twenty-five dollars but if we win we’re gonna get the $25.00 meals for free, we’ll get sweet t-shirts, and we’ll be added up on their Wall of Fame! You guys ready? I’m ready! All right let’s get this challenge started! All right if I win today I’m gonna be joining both of these guys on the wall of fame, they’ve already done the challenge before this guy’s actually done it too but they wanted to collab with me while in the area, and the record for this thing is 9 minutes and 40 seconds by somebody we all know named Raina, she’s already got the video on her channel be sure to check it out the links down in the description, but we’ve got 45 minutes! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right a long time since I’ve had a burrito so this would be a fun one! We’re three minutes and 20 seconds in we definitely know who’s winning this battle well ahead of a record pace going for that nine minutes and 40 seconds, but this burrito is freaking awesome so we’re enjoying it getting it all down! We’re just under we’re at six and a half minutes in she hashtags “raining is crazy” a lot and she’s definitely not wrong keep it up doing good! There we go! Right that six minutes and 54 seconds so for The Big One Burrito Challenge here at Mi Ranchito. She did a very good job, definitely not gonna do that, ah there we go! Yes but now we’ve got Naader and I over here to finish, still have plenty of time let’s get it all down! Very good job Raina! Nine minutes and thirty seconds in she hustled us over there beforehand, she said she was gonna use utensils and then she dug right in with her hands, we’ll get ours down! There we go Randy! 12 minutes and 36 seconds for me delicious, delicious burrito haven’t done a burrito challenge like I said in a long long time, so had a few options here in Southern California, and especially around the Los Angeles area, but this one looked the best and I was right it was awesome but now we’ve got Naader “Freak Eating” over here about the finished it Even use the big spoon for this! Very good job the Naader over here! lets go Naader! Around 15-16 minutes but then we’ve got the champ over here, we’ve got Raina be sure to check out her channel, and then she’s done this burrito before, all the links are down in the description but what do you think of it Oh yeah, we both got the same ingredients in ours a chili verde and Chile Colorado with pork and beef but what did you think of it? I the first time I got Chile Colorado and I have to say it tastes it gives much more flavor variety than the shredded beef. Oh yeah! For winning we all three got our $25 burritos for free, we will all get sweet t-shirts or I guess they’ve already got some, so I’ll be getting one and then we’ll all be added on to the wall of fame! Thank you to Mi Ranchito in La Verne, California! Awesome Big One Six Pound Burrito Challenge, thank you guys all for coming to watch thank you guys for watching too!