facts verse presents beware of this new hotel scam when you are checking in to your hotel in this day and age there are scam artists everywhere there is always someone out there trying to dupe you out of your money before you even have a chance to realize what is happening years ago the only scams that you heard about were the crown prince’s or the Kings who sent out emails hoping that someone would be dumb enough to give out their bank account information these people claimed to have a great deal of money that they needed in a US bank account and they would offer millions of dollars to whoever was willing to help once they got the bank account information they would use it to completely clean out the account over the years there have been thousands of new scams and thousands of poor unsuspecting victims most scams are done either online or over the phone if you are planning to travel and you are going to be staying at a hotel it is important that you know about a new scam that is so smart even the most intelligent vigilant person can be duped beware of this new hotel scam when you are checking into your hotel when you check into your hotel you often need to give your credit card information when you check in so that they can charge you for any additional room fees such as long-distance phone calls taking items from the minibar and even if you do any damage to the room when you check in the desk clerk will take your credit card information and return the card to you they do this so that you can still use your card during the trip normally you will give the clerk your credit card and you won’t hear about it again until you check out there are scam artists who use this to their advantage this is how the scam works the scam artists will start by calling your hotel room they say that they are calling from the front desk and that there was an issue when they processed your credit card they will ask for the card number the expiration date and the three-digit security code on the back what you don’t know is that the hotel scam artist is not even calling from inside the hotel they simply call the hotel and they ask for a particular room number when they get your room they act so professionally that you would have no reason to believe that it is actually the front desk calling you the only thing that they won’t do that the front desk would do is referring to you by name this is because they won’t know your name they got you by just asking for your room number if it really were the front desk calling would they say mr. mrs. so-and-so this would let you know that it actually is the front desk and not a scam artist when you give the scam artist your credit card information they will have no problem using your card to shop til they drop this is enough information for someone to buy just about anything online by the time you realize it your card could be maxed out if you used a debit card they could have cleaned out your entire bank account before you even know what is going on this can really ruin a trip it can also take the credit card company month to straighten things out so that you can use your card again if they cleaned out your bank account it can take a while before you get your money back this can disrupt your entire life it is very sad that there are people who make a living stealing and scamming but it is a fact of life fortunately there is a way that you can protect yourself and keep yourself from getting scammed if you ever got a phone call from the front desk asking you for your card information you can do one of two things first tell the clerk that you will be right down with the card if they tell you that you can easily give it to them over the phone let them know that you aren’t comfortable doing that and you will be heading down shortly to straighten things out another option is to tell the caller that you are in the middle of something and you will call down within a few minutes if they insist that you give them the information right then and there you should hang up if it really was the front desk calling you can be sure when you call you can also explain why you hung up they will understand completely if the front desk has no knowledge of the situation it was a scam artist it is very rare that the front desk will actually need your credit card information a second time however it could happen it is best to be sure who you are talking to if you are going to protect yourself and your money this is something that is really happening the original story was posted by someone who was actually scammed this way in order to help others avoid having something like this happened to them they wanted the story to get out sadly the person who was scammed this way is still trying to clean up the mess that it caused sadly this scam isn’t the first and it clearly won’t be the last these people spend their days thinking up ways to steal money from honest hard-working people the best way to avoid being scammed is to always remain vigilant you should never give out your credit card or bank account information to someone who calls your home or hotel room you should also avoid donating money online to any organization over the phone you have no way of knowing whether or not these people are legitimately collecting money the best way to avoid being scammed is to trust no one keep your passwords private and avoid giving out any personal information whenever possible there is always a scammer out there waiting to take your money subscribe for more you [Music]