Can you come here
for a second, please? Hi. You have a match? No smoking in here. I’ll smoke
when I go outside. Thank you very much. Is your supervisor here? Yeah. Get him for me. What’s the problem? If you’re security,
you’re the fucking
problem. Get your supervisor. Now! O.K. He didn’t
come back yet. Well,
what do we do now? We wait. O.K. Can I help you? You’re
the supervisor here? Yes. Who are you? Inspector rafferty.
U.S. Customs service. Has this stuff
passed through customs? No.
This is the bonded area. Let me ask you–
how can a black man
dressed like me Just walk into
the bonded area Without anyone asking me
any questions whatsoever? Well, I don’t know. Give me your I.D. Numbers Because somebody’s going
to lose their job. This guy gave me a match. You gave him a match? I do security checks
all over the nation, And with the exception
of cleveland, This place has
the worse security
in the nation! I suggest you call
your wives Because we’re going to
be here all night. We’ll check each
and every crate Starting with this one
right here! Wow. It says here That by the time
the average
american is 50, He’s got 5 pounds
of undigested
red meat In his bowels. Why are you
telling me this? What makes you think
I have any interest
in that at all? Well,
you eat a lot
of red meat. The inspector needs
the information