– [Narrator] Are you running low on ways to trick your friends? Are you short on cash and need a way to ensure the next round of
drinks is definitely not on you? Or are you looking to start
a career in con artistry, and want to start really, really small? Well, these bar tricks
can definitely help. (energetic music) Amazing! Number 10. Hold a balloon directly over
a flame without it popping. We’re going right in at
the dangerous end here, and literally betting with fire. For bar trick, you’re
going to bet your friend that you can hold a balloon over a flame, for a few seconds without
it instantly popping. If they try to do it without
knowing the solution, they’ll likely just pop the balloon. The solution is simple. Like a good game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, sure, fire beats rubber. But you know what beats fire? Water, that’s what. Fill the balloon with
water or another liquid, and now hold it over the flame. The fire will burn the
outer edge of the balloon, but the water will stop it
burning through it completely. Number nine. Freeze beer instantly. This one looks like
magic, and maybe it is. Unless you believe in science, you’re going to bet that
you can make a beer freeze within seconds, just like this. This one requires some preparation though. For this bet, you’ll need two beers and at least one fridge freezer. Take one beer and place it in your freezer for three to five hours,
depending on your fridge. Now, make your bet. Grab a second beer, tap the
top of your near frozen bottle, and the beer should freeze within seconds. What’s happening here is that when you freeze a bottle
of beer in an environment that is as colder or colder
than zero degrees centigrade, the liquid molecules become suspended. Tapping it against another
surface disturbs the molecules, causing a reaction that results in the formation of ice crystals. Number eight. The Pyramid Trick. Now, we’re going to have
some fun with straws. This one requires a
little bit of preparation. Take two straws and glue or
melt them together at the top. Stand these two against a third straw to make yourself a pyramid. So, the challenge is
to pick up the pyramid with the fourth straw. The only rule is your opponent can not melt the straws together. Once they give up, which
they inevitably will do, it’s solution time. You can’t make an omelet
without breaking a few eggs, and you can’t lift this pyramid
unless you break it first. Push your straw against the
two that are glued together, so the third straw falls on
top of the one you’re holding. Now, lift the loose straw back up so it sits underneath the angle of the two that are glued together. Finally, all you have to do is lift. Bar bet won. One point to add, it’s probably
best if you do this trick on a napkin to prevent
the straws slipping. Number seven. Glass balloon trick. For our next bet, we’re
bring back the balloon and adding some wineglasses. The challenge, should
you choose to accept it, is to lift up both wine
glasses at the same time using only the balloon. You can’t melt the balloon,
or tie it around the glasses. It’s a head scratcher, right? Hopefully your opponent will think so and take you up on the bet. Once they’ve exhausted all options and possibly broken a glass or
two, it’s your time to shine. So, what should you do? Simple. Place the two glasses together with the airless balloon
inside and the end poking out. Blow the balloon up, as
shown, until it’s big enough that when you lift the glasses
they’ll be leaning together. The combination of this
and the engorged rubber means the bet is won. Number six. Smokey Fingertips. Have you ever wanted to make
it look like you were so hot that your fingers were literally on fire? Great, keep watching. You’re going to bet that you
can make your fingertips smoke. After your friends have spent
a considerable amount of time trying to make their fingertips fireproof, you’ll have to reveal how it’s done. First, take the side of a matchbox, the bit you strike with a match. Place it in an ashtray and burn it. Once it’s burnt down, push it to one side and you should see some
brownish residue leftover. Rub this between your fingers, and it should have enough life left in it to still generate some smoke. Be warned, this residue
is still extremely hot. So make sure to wash your hands afterwards so that it doesn’t make a mark. Number five. The Straw Trick. For our next bar bet, we
need to make some boxes. To do this, we’re once again utilizing the gin drinker’s best friend, the straw. Make five boxes on a table, as shown. The bet is to turn these
five boxes into four by only moving two straws. A few rules apply. Every straw you move has to be used. You can’t double up on the straws, and you can’t leave any boxes open ended. Each straw must be part of a box. The solution? The trick here is the
shape that boxes are in. Three on the bottom, two boxes on top. Take the top straw from the inside on top, and shift it one position
to the right, as shown. Next, take the straw from
the bottom of the middle box and attach it the straw you
just moved, closing that square. Now, you should have four boxes. Number four. Ice String Pick Up. For this next bar bet, we’re going to do some magic with ice. You need a glass of
water, a piece of string, and an ice cube. The challenge is to pick up the ice cube only using the string. You can’t touch the water
and you can’t touch the ice with anything but the string. So how’s it done? First of all, you’re
going to take the string and circle the ice with it,
getting as much of the string to touch the ice as you can, while still holding the
string in your hand. Now, this is the real secret. You’ll need to grab some salt. The salt is going to
cause the ice to melt, and then refreeze. This is because salt lowers the freezing and melting point of water. Once the ice refreezes over the ice cube, hey! Presto! All you had to do is lift the string. Number three. Pick Up a Shot with the Palm of Your Hand. For this one, we’re going
to need some Sambuca or any other flammable spirit,
such as tequila or rum. Now, the challenge is to
lift up the shot glass using only the palm of your hand. Once the challenge has been conceded, it’s time to show your hand, so to speak. Appropriately enough the
solution involves fire. Light the drink and get your
hand a little damp first, so it doesn’t hurt. Then, place your hand over the glass. The first burns away the oxygen. The water should stop your
hand from catching fire and the vacuum creates some
suction that allows you to lift the glass right off the table. It might sting a bit, so it’s probably best not
to do the trick too often. Number two. Stab Note Through Lemon. For this trick, we’re
going to do some damage to some lemons. The challenge is to take a bank note and stab it through a lemon, right through to the other side. Anyone who wants to participate takes a lemon and a bank
note and gets stabbing. Once your friends have ruined their money, it’s time for the answer. You have to, essentially, turn
your note into a mini knife. You need to roll it up as tight as you can and make sure it forms a point at the top. With a bit of force and elbow grease, you should be able to puncture the lemon, and with a bit of additional pressure, get the note out the
other side of the citrus. Number one. Snap a cheap wrench. Finally, we’re going to do a challenge that anyone after a few
drinks will definitely accept. We’re going to ask people
to snap a wrench in two. The trick here is to hand the challenger a reasonably expensive wrench, one that is smooth and
genuinely tough to break. Once they have given
up, you pick your wrench and easily snap it in two. How have you done this? Basically your wrench is
a substandard product. One that can, like this one, be picked up in any dollar store. Where a good, unbreakable
wrench will be smooth, what you’re looking for is one that is pitted, thin, and cheap. The cheaper, the better. Wrap the wrench in some cloth. Hold it between your hands and push it until it starts to bend a little. Then, hold it against your thigh and it should snap right off. You should be able to get
at least one free drink out of the bet. And also prove that you are definitely the strongest man, woman,
or child in the pub. So, there you have it. Ten more bar bets to amaze your friends and win an endless supply
of mind numbing alcohol. Let us know how you
get on in the comments, and make sure and share. And subscribe so you never miss a chance to trick your friends in the future. (energetic music)