For today’s cook I’m taking these two
beautiful tomahawk steaks and transforming them into the most
incredible steak you’ve ever seen in your life. Making something like this is
an experience that your family members will never forget and I hope you enjoy
it so let’s do it. And these are the star of the show. It is
a one and a half inch wagyu tomahawk steak. This is a marbling score three
and then intramuscular fat is just something incredible. First thing we need
to do is cook them up, and I started by seasoning them with salt, freshly ground
black pepper and garlic powder. Since this is a big piece of meat it is
important to season it well be sure to do both sides. To make sure your steak is
seasoned all the way through it is best to leave it brining at least for two
hours. But now it’s time to cook them I will be cooking them into a reach an
internal temperature of a hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit which is rare.
And to make sure I keep them rare I’ll be using my wireless thermometer. But now
I say it is enough talking and it is time to grill this beautiful steak. So
let’s do it! And this is what you’re looking for,
It is rare and exactly what we need for it. The next step is to chop them up and
get them ready. When doing so you want to avoid connective tissue and also any
unwanted fat. Remember this is a Wagyu steak there’s already enough
intramuscular fat so big chunks of fat will be unpleasant when you’re taking
that amazing bite. And here we have the bone. The bone will do two things; give a
nice presentation and second because the bone is standing upright that bone
marrow will float into the heavens tomahawk. Once I cleaned up the bone
completely this is what it looks like. And here’s our filling we start off with
our steak. This is catupiry it is a special type of
cheese that we have in Brazil and if you’re not able to find it in your
grocery store you’re able to find it online. Since catupiry is kind of thick
I’m also using a spread cheese and Mexican crema is perfect for it. Remember
exact amount in ingredients always on the description down below. Then I threw
in a little bit of chives seasoned it well with salt, freshly ground black
pepper mix it well and my filing was done. To start the assembling I first rolled
up some saran wrap. Then I added half of my filling got my
bone put it in the middle and started wrapping it. I’m looking for the classic
coxinha look and all you have to do is mold it with your hand. You can even make
a ball out of it it is up to you but this is the classic look we use in
Brazil. After shaping it I decided to tie it with butchers twine. And once I was
done this is what they look like. Because this thing is so big if I leave it like
this it will be too flat on the bottom and that’s not what I want I wanted to
have a nice round shape. But luckily I was able to find the perfect bowl for it.
This will give a nice shape and keep it standing upright. As I’m putting it on
the freezer to firm up. I’ll be leaving it in the freezer for 1 and 1/2 hour to
make sure that they stay nice and firm. And now it’s time to get into our dough.
Remember exact amount and ingredients always in the description down below. I
started by adding beef broth, followed by a whole stick of butter and Creme de Leite. Remember everything will be down in the description for you to follow. Under
medium-high heat combine all the ingredients together, then season it well
with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Now to one of the most crucial
parts; adding your flour. There is no exact amount of flour you gotta add it
until you have a nice consistency. Your dough should not be sticking to the pan
and it should also not be dry remember to add little by little because you can
always add but you can never take it out. As you’re adding flour it is important
to keep everything under low heat. Now all there’s left to do is mix it well
until you have no more lumps together and you get the consistency you’re
looking for. Once your dough has reached this consistency throw in two egg yolks
mix it well and your dough is done! You should be left with a nice smooth dough.
Now there’s left to do is put it together. And I started out with some
saran wrap, throw in my dough and flatten it all out. Took out my tomahawk out of
the freezer and it was nice and firm. Now it’s pretty straightforward all you have
to do is the same process you did previously which is combine everything
together into that wonderful shape we’re looking for. As I was closing it I had
quite a bit of excess on the edges so I decided to remove them if not you’re just
gonna be taking a big bite of the dough. But now all you have to do is close it
all up and tie it together. And in the end I was left with two beautifully
shaped heavens tomahawk. To ensure that they’ll stay together and
not fall apart on me I decided to freeze them for an additional hour. Once that
was done I quickly removed the saran wrap and checked this out!
That my friends is getting me excited. If you skip the process of freezing at
first they would completely fall apart on you. Now all there’s left to do is add some
breading and that is pretty standard stuff. We got our egg wash, panko bread
crumbs and flour. We coat them nicely with flour first, be sure to remove all
the excess, dump them into the egg yolk and finish it off with the panko bread
crumbs. This is a messy job make sure you do not get small bowls like me. Get
larger ones it’s much easier. But once I was done this is what they look like. I’m going to be deep-frying them at 350
degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll be using this to lower them down into the oil this will
ensure that they don’t break apart on me. Once they’re done frying I’m also going
to be cooking them in indirect heat to make sure that the core temperatures
heats up. But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook some
amazing heavens tomahawk. So let’s do it! All right everybody have our beautiful
creation here. What do you think Angel? I’m excited. Give me five. This one getting me
super pumped everybody. Last time we did heaven’s chicken. Yea I can see. But it was chicken and
it was amazing. Here we got, I don’t even know what I’m
gonna call this but. Heaven’s steak! It looks like a heaven’s steak to me. Heaven’s beef, heaven’s steak. Heavens tomahawk my friend. Heaven’s tomahawk.
Look at this I can’t wait to try it it is enough talking. I can’t wait to find
out. We have another one saved in here and we have this one. I say we go for
this one yeah. Let’s go. Okay let’s get it out. Oh my God the smell! Oh my God it smells like heaven! I got a little pizza slice here, you see this? Oh nice. Cheers! Cheers everybody. Okay it’s
beyond heaven. Beyond heaven like all the way beyond heaven. This one deserves some silence
and take another bite yea. that is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s creamy. Super creamy. You still taste the steak there is the beef flavor
in there. Not overcook whatsoever it’s so soft and tender. The crust the flavor of the crust. I like that you chopped it up into like little fine
pieces. Yeah of course I think if we would have just made a whole steak this
experience would have been completely different the cheese were probably ooze
all out. I was afraid that when I put it on the barbecue it was just gonna
completely fall apart because you want to warm the core the core is hot and it
didn’t fall completely apart. You make this for your family I’m telling you
right now it’s gonna be. Game over! Not only a showstopper but they’re gonna
love it when they try it. I hope we explained it well how it
actually tastes. You can taste everything that went in, you can taste the dough .Yeah.
you can taste the cheese. Yeap. The steak, it’s awesome. I urge you to give it a try you
blew it out of the park this time. This one might be the best cook of 2019. I think so
normally you watch me and I never finish it Angel don’t finish I’m finishing
before you. Normally I’m the one that cleans the plate. Yeah and he leaves a little
bit by the end of the video. But this time he beat me. Plate clean enough said
nothing else to say yeah. You’re gonna lick the plate too? Maybe I think you got the point everybody I really hope you give this a try it is
a little bit of work it’s totally worth it. One big piece look at that me and
Angel already ate it twice, and still good enough amount that I’ll probably
finish this between me and you both can still share this with the family. I
really hope you give it a try. If you do give it a try make sure you take a
picture and Instagram me. I want to see your creation. It is absolutely worth it
for a holiday doing this for the holidays. Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed
this video, if you do enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up. If
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you are interested in anything I use, everything is always on the description
down below. Thank you so much for watching and as you can see I’m going
for seconds you’ve never seen that on camera that tells you everything you
need to know. Agree? You a slowpoke! I already went for seconds. See you on the
next one everybody. Take care bye bye