tonight we’re staying at a key operative B hotel Hotel really [Music] [Music] they give you this wristband right here this is gonna be the number of the level of the floor that I’m on and then I guess 22 it’s like the room where the capsule I have but they have like all these instructions they provide like a smock oh I’m staying two nights here okay when you first check-in to give you a key these is pretty exciting so they give me this this little card key and that I guess that accesses things [Music] you can make your own food here can order drinks if you want of course pending machines are very common throughout don’t you Wow damn amenities the front desk by 19 oh and here’s my little schmuck a little mirror tough freshen up it’s kind of like a Korean Jimmy Joe bong almost it feels like there we go the beauty of carry-on luggage and this is towel in here like a little night smock package here body washed oh I didn’t need to bring mine nice this is what a comb other goodies in their toothbrush and toothpaste well I just wasted luggage space packing all that stuff it almost looks like a calorie scale or something like that I can’t wait to try this out and there’s like little instructions don’t throw bad things in the toilet don’t miss the trash bin something do something and yikes don’t have back bad poo that clogs the toilet I can’t wait to see my room each of these have little buttons when you press them the light will go on and this teens means that it’s occupied but so cool they look at my shade up so you can see inside right now I’m kind of grungy and dirty and I’m still gonna go out don’t want to get my bed all dirty so she’ll need a little later tonight Oh moly that’s this is really nice oh my god I don’t know if I want to leave now [Music] not seeing only thirst good result but I put my mesh back in here and this is the shower have shampoo cleansing wash conditioner liquid cleanser and body soap but she never knew women had so many different ways to scrub I think this is pretty intuitive I would think this is like hot and cold this is pressure this little spigot thank you for giving my shot I guess if you want privacy in your room of private just close this well actually think this is to keep the water from coming up [Music] [Applause] [Music] the liquid cleanser moisture lotion moisture milk evolution this is for your hair these three a potion to put on your face so of course I would use like a cleanser to cleanse my face it feels a little soka coyly I guess that’s just a good moisturizer and then there’s a moisturization pot of paneer pieces that moisturize it and then a moisture kinda got a little feel like if this little regimen right here is pretty standard to Asia I know that sometimes we decree other there are like all these different potions like no I guess in the US or you know Western countries the equivalent would be like serums the big cats herbs also but there’s no motion cleansing I don’t know in the u.s. they don’t do that into hair regimen watch might be what’s right this is actually my little towel this is the towel they gave us it’s kind of like a long scrub so you can scrub your back actually that’s what it’s for that’s my turtle so all these things are actually included in the price for the overall stay so all this stuff because we’re actually paying for it still kinda nice because if I were staying at hostel they wouldn’t provide any of that and they would be charging me roughly around the same write that I’m paying tonight home sweet home this is pretty spacious it’s like the dimmer mood lighting Oh pointing it off but this is a fan which is on right now alarm adjust [Applause] we need to charge things I’m charging enough are like one blog I think you’ve you’re six feet tall you probably still fit in here it’s not at all like a coffin like some of the photos I’ve seen other places no this is this is pretty spacious I know how my feet hurt me tired walking that’s I was actually on a plane for like a good majority here right that’s pretty like structure so what do you think of my council hotel this is pretty Swank oh the only thing I don’t like so much this car creaks so that people can hear me moving around we’re off to the next place oh now I’m in my flip-flops I feel a lot more comfortable it’s not culturally appropriate and I think and I am traveling and probably the worst time I’m traveling doing peak traffic with this is carry-on [Music] if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a thumbs up give it a share and if you’re new to my channel please subscribe for more my solo travel adventures follow along as I take you inside more unique accommodations and knock off my solo bucket list of travel let me know what you think of my video above all may the girl be with you [Music]