Hello and welcome to Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. To get to Brno, you can drive, which is hell, I highly don’t suggest that. You can also fly, but there is only few destinations they fly to and from or we suggest taking the public transport. If you come to Brno by train or by bus, you’re going to end up here, at the main train station and you’re basically in downtown, so there’s no need to take a taxi. This is the main street that connects the main train station with the main square here in Brno. And I like how it’s a pedestrian zone and also that there are no tourists, it’s just locals wandering around here. I really like that. Brno is quite small, it’s only 400.000 people, so to move around, you can easily walk, or you can use what you might think is a tram. Well, it’s not a tram, it’s “Šalina.” The tickets are roughly a Euro for a single ride, or four Euros for the full day. Moving around the city, these signs will help you, because they’re in English. Unlike in Prague, where they are only in Czech… So when we asked our friends, on Twitter, about tips for Brno they said: “Do not mention this.” So, you may be wondering what it is. I don’t know. But people are sticking their hands inside, so let’s do the same! So at eleven a.m., this ball will fall out out of one of these four holes, so you can catch it. It happens only once in a day and all these people are waiting for the ball, but we were lucky enough to catch it. By the way, we still didn’t mention what this is. Well, I’m not sure, but some say it’s a clock. I think it’s… – …A BIG BLACK DICK! – It’s a drawing, black, it’s a big black dick, it’s a… If you’re in Brno, you don’t want to drink Starbucks, you want to drink Starobrno. It’s 163 steps, but if you take them by two, it’s only 81 and a half! See that small building out there in the fields? That’s actually the tallest building in the Czech Republic! The entrance fee to this tower is 70 crowns, which is almost four times cheaper than in Prague. So Brno: thumbs up, and Prague: watch and learn! This is a beautiful vegetable market, here on Zelný Trh and we, the two of us, are the only tourists here, so make sure to visit! Usually you see no smoking signs. Well, in Brno, they have a smoking sign. This city is really obsessed with… You know that the two of us are not locals from Brno, but we’re locals from Prague. But locals from Brno made this “use it”-map, so make sure you use it when you get here! Uber! Remember chlebíčky?
Yeah… open face sandwich! Chlebíčky is like sex. Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good! This pink tank is part of an exhibition that is going on in Brno right now. It’s originally actually from Prague, and the place where it used to be, people still say: “Oh, I’ll meet you by the tank,” even though it’s not there anymore. Moravian Gallery that you should visit, if you have kids! Well, yet another Moravian Gallery. Right now, there’s an exhibition about the 90s. It’s called “KMENY 90” and it’s here until 1st October, so if you’re here by any chance, make sure to visit. This kid’s reaction to the 90s… Who’s this? Mr President! So we’ve been told that somewhere around here is this place called Super Panda Circus, that is really hard to find. And we didn’t find it… – It’s around here! We can’t find it! – That’s a good thing! The Brno version of Kate Winslet. Paint me like one of the french ladies. Grab a drink and go up to Petrov
for the good view! Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Free to enter! Why? Just… why? People in Prague line up for disgusting Trdelník. People in Brno line up for this epic ice cream from this pink tuk tuk! It’s a mexican dish in Brno, there can’t be anything wrong with it… The good thing about Brno is that there are almost no tourist traps, so you don’t really have to worry when you go into a restaurant. And don’t forget to send a postcard from Brno. There’s our address, so you can send us a postcard as well! From the post office! Post office, next to the main train station, which is “pošta” has a little secret hidden inside! Bye, dude! I’m just gonna get some post cards. We are on our way to one of the most beautiful buildings in the Czech Republic and on the way, there are many other beautiful buildings, so keep your eyes open! I’ve actually been looking forward to this moment my whole life. This is Vila Tugendhat, an absolute must place to visit if you’re in Brno. Make sure to book a tour in advance, even three months before you come because they’re really overbooked, but if you didn’t do it, you can still visit this beautiful garden for 50 crowns and it’s an absolutely amazing place, I love it! Little known fact: This is where the divorce of our country happened! This is where Czechoslovakia split into Czech and Slovak Republic! Guys, this is not top ten Brno attractions, this is top ten Czech Republic attractions, for sure! And through this beautiful park you can get up to the Brno castle, which is Špilas and when I say up, I mean up! Alright, this just in: THE best burger in Brno! Well, they say, so, dig in! Yeah, it’s epic! You can end your day trip to Brno in one of the pubs or one of the bars, like this one,. It’s called “The Bar That Does Not Exist” and trust me, it does exist and it’s fucking awesome! In between the cool two places: “Lokal” and “The Bar That Does Not Exist,” which actually exists, we’re ending the Brno episode. Thank you so much for watching! We had a great time in Brno, we met great people, they were all very nice to us. And I’ll see you next week, in another city maybe, who knows? Let’s go have another drink, this city is awesome, dude! Finally I’ll teach you a czech word! Christmas in May – Vánoce v Květnu In Brno, they keep it on throughout the whole year! Yes! You may know that we are locals from Prague, not from Brno, but our friend Peter did an honest Brno guide, so if you want some more in depth suggestions on what to do in Brno, link is in the description!