Welcome to Jamaica! I’m here in Kingston
the cultural and economic capital of the city. There’s so much to do, eat, and see
here, and I’m going to show you all of it today. But stay tuned until the end of
this video because I’m going to be giving away a trip to come to Kingston
with me to experience carnival. Let’s begin! Go to the beaches! But really do I even need to tell you that? Look at this! It’s Jamaica. A really good Beach is Fort Clarence, which is where I am now, and
this one’s awesome because it’s not overly crowded like a lot of the ones that are
closer to the city. You can just chill, relax, the water is
beautiful. It’s a perfect beach for getting away from the stresses. One of the cool things
about Fort Clarence beach is you can get some really good fried and steamed fish
here freshly caught from the ocean. We just talked to the chef and he taught us a bit about the fish. This one’s a red snapper, which is freaking delicious. So if you come to Fort Clarence
Beach make sure you stop at the fish shack and get some of the fried fish and
that is how you eat here in Jamaica at the beach. Are you running from the cold? That is what I’m doing! I am running
from the cold. This is moonshine snapper. We use it for soup. Our picnic on the beach is ready. This is fried escovitch, served with spicy sauce. This is bammy bread, which is made from cassava and made into a bread. Cassava is a Jamaican way of saying yuca. This is festival. It’s fried bread made from cornmeal and flour. So great place to come chill, have a nice picnic, and you’ll have a good day. Visit the Bob Marley Museum when you’re here. This legendary site was converted to a museum five
years after his death. And contains tons of his own personal treasures, a movie theater, and a cafe. It’s so inspiring we just did the tour and this man was amazing. So do not miss this
place when you come here. One Love. What about the. One heart. Let’s get together and feel all right. I’m here at Truck Stop here in Kingston,
Jamaica and this place is local spot that is known for their jerk chicken.
This is jerk chicken right here and the reason it’s jerk chicken is because it’s
cooked with pimento wood. It’s also served with something called festival which is
like a sweet fried dough. It’s delicious and this is a classic Jamaican dish so
make sure that you have that when you come here. When you’re here in Jamaica, make sure
you try Red Stripe. It is the beer of Jamaica, and guess what, here the alcohol
content is higher than it is in the US. So cheers to that! Did a quick stop to get a Jamaican patty.
This has chicken in it. We just learned the way you eat it, you bite the corner, open
it up so the steam comes out, let it cool and just work your way through this
deliciousness. They can be filled with beef, chicken, or pork, and they’re filled
with spices. They’re baked they’re kind of like a turnover but it’s more savoury
than that, and then Coco bread, which is like Hawaiian bread, it’s really sweet
and the way you do it is you just put it inside and you eat it like that. You can
eat it like a hot dog, eat it separately. You know do whatever you want.
But yea get a Jamaican patty, get coco bread. You’ll be good to go. Have a meal
at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, and
he has a restaurant called Tracks and Records, which is all about his track
records Tracks symbolizing he’s a fastest man in the world and
records symbolizing music. So it’s a fun little combo and they have really
delicious food. Plus there’s a Netflix documentary out now about Usain Bolt’s
life so it’s worth checking out. We’re at Devon House and they have great ice cream shops. Just all around this place is really beautiful and
there’s so many things to do here – things to eat. They have really good Jamaican patties so
if you’re looking for one of the best ones come to Devon House Bakery.
Devon House Ice Cream is one of the 10 best foods to eat around the world, as well. So don’t miss it. This is what depression looks like
people. Do you see this? What a tragedy! Go to carnival! There’s no better way to experience Jamaica then to come to carnival to see the show-stopping energy and colorful vibes like this amazing costume. This April I invite you to join me to come to Carnival, and party,
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on Instagram, and I will see you next time.