Hey guys! What’s up? Chris Miciano here, thanks for joining on another travel vlog. Today we’re still in New
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we’re going to be hitting free speakeasies today in Manhattan now I’m
only going to say about the first one right now which is my personal favorite
it’s at a place called Please Don’t Tell or PDT
what makes this place really really unique is that if you could walk right
by that not even know it’s actually inside of a bar that’s called CRIF dogs
that looks like a dive bar. Grungy little place with a little arcade and
maybe some hot air hockey tables and they sell hot dogs not just any hot dogs
though they sell these hot dogs with all kinds of toppings and wrapped in bacon. All kinds of things. And then they’re also known for tater tots. They have like
the best tater tots there but what’s really interesting about this place is
that they have a old English phone booth in the corner. And that is a secret
entrance to get into the bar that’s called Please Don’t Tell. Now they don’t
take reservations so I wasn’t quite sure if we were going to get in but we
actually got lucky. So the trick to this one is you have to start calling the bar
at 3 o’clock every day they don’t even open till 6:00. They don’t take
reservations you have to call at 3 o’clock to try to get on the list. If you
don’t get on the list it’s a very small place. Seating is limited and only
people stand up and crowd the bar. So you have to keep calling. So we got on the
phone today at 3 o’clock we weren’t sure if we were going to get in but we
actually did. Me and Janice kept calling one after another she finally got through
and made reservations for us. So we’re going to be there first at 7 o’clock
today. And it’s really cool. You’re going to see how you get in and you pick the
phone you call and all sudden a little trick door opens up and then you go
into the bar that way. But it’s a really cool place. Awesome drinks. Probably have a couple there and then head on to the next one. But
before we can go there we got to make sure we got to get some food in our
stomachs. We’re actually going to grab dinner at some Spanish place. I’m not
quite sure the name of it. Janice made the reservations but you’ll see when I
get there so let’s head out and head on the onto Kriff Dogs. So we arrived at the first place are going to have dinner at. It’s not the speakeasy but we are going to fill our belly’s first before start drinking. It’s
called the Yuka Bar and we’re actually meeting one of Janice’s friends
Daisi and Pedro. And then one of her other friends Lydia We just finished dinner. We’re heading
over to Please Don’t Tell. It’s about five minutes before our reservation is up. So Criff Dogs is right behind me right there That’s actually the hotdog place that
we’re going to. It’s more like a little dive bar that’s down there. They have the
phone booth down there we’re about to go in and check it out. Which lead to the
secret bar We’re going to the Back Room speakeasy. And what’s so special about it? It’s been around since Prohibition.
Butt how do they serve you the drinks though? Well because it was prohibition
they serve the drinks in tea cups and the beers in paper bags. Is there a secret entrance? or no? You go down a dark alley. Oh, you go down a dark alley. No secret knock knock or anything or password code? No there is no sign It is in tea cups. Look at that. And then the beers come in paper bags. We’re off to the next one. What is it called ? Apotheke So we’re heading to the next one now which
is what? in Chinatown. Whats so special about this speakeasy? Cause it’s in the middle of Chinatown In this dark alley. Another dark alley huh? The drinks are on point. They have live music They are famous for this kale drink… Is it green? Yeah it is green. But it has alcohol in it? Yeah it’s a cocktail and it’s delicious! Alright It’s our favorite drink What is it called? Afterwards we can go eat Chinese food. I can definitely go for some Chinese food now. Is this our Uber? Look they stole another bike He stole a Citi Bike. What?!? They have a tracking device on that. So we just made it to the third speakeasy. Apotheke or something like that. and there’s a line outside. We just left. It was really dark there but
it was really good. The drinks were good The kale… I was surprised. The kale drink
was actually really good. We’re about to head home but we got to
get something to eat. Since we’re in Chinatown, we want lo mein. I want chicken lo mein So we made it. This is where we are going to get our noodles. I have never been here but apparently it’s good. And I want some
homemade noodles We are waiting for our table now. What is this? Who is that? that’s what happens when you go to a lot of speakeasies So now we have the mid night munchies. Going to get something to eat and then head home So that lady….she tried skipping us! weren’t having that [email protected]%! We took this table. She tried skipping us. Didn’t she? They just try and take advantage of you… So now these three guys you guys are
eating and this lady doesn’t even know them but she is going to sit there and
wait till they’re done so she can steal their table. We killed it! little more…a little bit more…. it was
very good we killed it though. We are so full We are done we heading home now. So we made it back. It’s been a long night. We’re tired and going to sleep now. But, hope you enjoyed it. Give me a thumbs up or leave me a comment and make sure you subscribe because
we’re going to Greece Spain and Ireland next. We’ll see you
next week. Thanks for watching. nine nine nine nine