Welcome to Dallas! Today I’m going to show you some of the best
restaurants and bars here in this incredible Texan city. Let’s begin! I’m here at Beto & Son in Dallas, and they
have the best modern Mexican here. They also serve really unique drinks that
have won tons of awards and have been on Travel Channel served by Chef Julian, who has won
the 30 under 30 Zagat award. This is a place that you absolutely want to
check out. This is a really cool drink they have here. It is a froze pineapple with Absolut Elyx. They also have a liquid nitrogen margarita,
and tater tot nachos. So some really unique combinations here in
Dallas. We’re going to go check out their food. I’m really hungry, i’m really excited. Let’s go eat some delicious Mexican! As much as we can do in front of you and still
operate as a restaurant. We are doing our best to do everything right in front of the guest. Just so you can see these are the ingredients,
this is how they look, this is where they come from. You know? And really make it something that you guys
can appreciate. You know, wanting to care about where your
food comes from, the source, you know, who it’s bought from. So that’s what we are all about. In my opinion, the best margaritas are the
ones that are made just pure lime juice, agave, orange liquor, and tequila. Just the good stuff. Tequila and orange liquor. Something behind the tequila for this one. I actually went to Mexico with Avion tequila. The tequila we use for this. I picked out the exact agaves I wanted, how
long I wanted them to be aged, and all of those things to make sure that in this particular
drink it was the best. Completely liquid, so now what I am going
to do is freeze it. More experiential. This drink was actually on The Travel Channel. It got us one of the best Mexican bars in
the United States. We were featured as one of the top bars in
Dallas as a Mexican Restaurant, and we’re not even a bar. Oh! Oh my gosh! Pretty crazy right? Tater tot nachos. You see that deliciousness? Mmm. Freaking amazing! That’s it. I’m going to eat all of these now. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen. Well, that’s not true. The food is amazing. But they give you a blanket when you’re cold
here! Do you know how much of a game changer that
is? So many restaurants should do that and they
don’t so I’m, like, super happy right now. The choco flan. And this is our house made churros. Oh my goshhhhhh. I’m here at Truth & Alibi. This is a really cool speakeasy here in Dallas. It looks like a candy shop on the outside,
but on the inside there is a bar. That is what a speakeasy is by the way, if
you’ve never been to a speakeasy! They’re really cool. So this one you have to have a password to
get in. You can check it out on their Facebook page,
they change it weekly and sometimes daily honestly, it looks like. Tonights password is “Hershey’s” so let’s
go try to get in. The interior of the bar is really unique. It is like a modern gothic vibe. They have these chandeliers hanging from the
ceiling and really interesting furniture. So you really get that prohibition, speakeasy
feel, when you walk from a candy shop to an interior that is truly a modern gothic vibe. Really cool here in Dallas. I’m here at the Tipsy Alchemist, one of the
best bars here in Dallas. And you have a really interesting backstory. Could you tell me a little bit about it and
what is it that makes you so amazing at making these great cocktails here? I guess it really is just passion. We’ve teamed up with a few people here that
are excellent home chefs from master chefs, all the way to myself being a part of one
of the largest gymbars in the west coast. So we brought all that out here to Dallas. So you made this really good one. So this is called “The Samba”. Three of those and you are dancing around
the room. He lit this on fire! We have a toasted lemon wedge with Tajin – a
chili and lime salt – on the outside. The cocktail is made with freshly juiced ginger,
we have lemon, honey, and cinnamon reduction in there, as well as mezcal, and a dash of
cayenne pepper. I love all that multi-dimensional flavor here. Sweet, smokey, spicy, and tart. Great! You get it all here at The Tipsy Alchemist. So make sure you check this place out when
you come here to Dallas. It’s amazing! So we built this whole glass itself. This is a stemless martini bowl. They just have the actual stemless glass,
sits in an ice bath, these are repurposed salt shakers from Hobby Lobby. Whoaaaa! Like a bomb, yo! Oh my gosh. Like a bomb. When I shake it, it will blow up almost. It pressurizes once you lock the tin. For the majority of people who come in here,
we have our full menu that gives everyone the option to order just about every spectrum
of cocktail possible but if something doesn’t stand out to that specific guest, they’re
more than willing to tell us a profile that they are looking for. So we can make it across the bar. I just need their two cents to get my full
dollar kind of thing, you know? Once I get the two cents, the dollar comes
like that! I am so amazed right now. What they use to mix their drinks here. They put it in a little bottle, then they
put it in a tube, shoot it through here. It’s what banks use to send checks or mail
around. I’ve never seen a bar, anywhere in the world
that shakes their drinks like this. So this is just – WOW. What a unique place here in Dallas, I’m amazed. Good for you guys. Round of applause. I’m here at Pecan Lodge. They have the best BBQ in Dallas. We just ordered a lot of stuff, which I’m
excited about. This place is pretty hard to get into because
it is very popular here, and the lines can be really long. But there are a few tricks to getting your
food faster. One of the ways is to order 5 pounds of food at
once, which is great if you’re a party of six or more. I’m just going to wait for the food and dig
in. They have really, really good BBQ. We just got our food. This is “The Hot Mess”. It is a loaded, baked sweet potato. We got some brisket. We got some pulled pork. It’s going to be a good lunch. I’m here at Bread Winners and they are known
for having one of the best brunches here in Dallas. So let’s go check out some of their famous
dishes. We just got our food. This is The Normandy. It’s french toast stuffed with cream cheese
and raspberry jam. It’s sourdough french toast so it’s delicious. Look at this deliciousness! And what I got, which is one of their signature
dishes, is Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Waffles. This is drizzled with maple syrup and gravy,
it’s delicious! We are at – indoor/outdoor bar/restaurant
“The Rustic”. Amazing for live music! In Dallas, Texas! I’m here at E Bar, and they are known to have
the best Tex Mex here in Dallas. So i’m going to try some things tonight. Tex Mex is slightly different than Mexican
food because it has more cheese and more refried beans. Which are probably one of the most delicious
parts of Mexican food. So I’m really excited to try it tonight. Do you like my car? And those are the best restaurants and bars
here in Dallas. I hope you enjoyed! If you did remember to subscribe to my channel,
follow me on Instagram, and I will see you next time.