Oahu Hawaii who knew that it’s not
just one of the most beautiful places on earth but also one of the most delicious
we just came back from vacation and I wanted to show you guys all the amazing
places we went to go eat and experience take a look we went there for seven days
and we planned it out we really booked our time there we looked up reviews on
Yelp and watch different YouTube videos we really wanted to go to the best
places to eat and see and experience this was our itinerary we really
packed it full I’m going to put a link in the bottom of the YouTube video for
anybody who wants to use this type of travel itinerary I’m like a travel noob
you know I don’t really travel didn’t really see the benefit of traveling
after this trip I’ve got the travel bug I’m probably gonna travel a lot of
different places and bring you guys along because travel can really change
someone I really know that I’m personal attestment to it so we took Hawaiian
Airlines the food was so good you guys they had this breakfast sandwich was
really didn’t look that great it looked just like a dry piece of bread but it was
actually a really moist focaccia and the tomato sauce was really flavorful, a free
pineapple cookie, a snack mix which was really good and unlimited juices so we
got guava juice we got pineapple juice which was really tasty I didn’t have the
rum cocktail because I can’t drink alcohol
so I passed on that but the guy sitting next to us had it and it looked like he
enjoyed it so I’m gonna include a different video about travel tips just
like things we learned things to help the flight for instance I had trouble
with Turo so I’m gonna put that in the travel tips video so then when we
got to Honolulu we picked up our rental car and then we headed over to our hotel
at The Modern it’s near Waikiki Beach so it was really nice it was
one of the nicer hotels in the area really nice we were on the 16th floor
it has like its own little balcony out there so you can go out there and you
have like two little seats and a table and you can just look out oh my gosh the
food you guys it was so good it was so cheap I’m gonna show you a quick clip of
all the different food places that we went to that we could possibly fit in
our stomachs in seven days and then I’m going to make a separate video about the
top ten places in terms of shopping there’s so many
different shopping places you can go to you can go to the Ala Moana center,
Luxury Row, T galleria, there’s International Marketplace, Waikiki Beach
Walk, and then Waikiki Shopping Plaza we would be walking there ten o’clock at
night and there’s just still so many people so you’re just always surrounded
by a lot of tourists and I felt really safe so Oahu is amazing for the food,
the shopping, and the experiences. You guys, you have to go to these three: Japan Village Walk. We had a hard time finding it. If you get lost ask for directions
because that’s what we did. It was amazing. I was like oh my gosh are we in
Japan? It’s like going into a different world another experience that we went to was
Diamond Head Crater Hike which everybody says you have to do it’s just this
amazing view once you get to the top I was not expecting how difficult it would
be. I’m gonna post a link to our full hike. We actually took or we tried to
take video for the whole hike just to give you an experience of what it’s like.
Such an amazing view and just breathtaking If you really want an authentic Hawaiian
experience, you guys have to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center. So you have
to buy tickets to go inside, it’s six different villages and they simulate all
the different cultural aspects of each village. We got a pineapple smoothie
which is so yummy and we took some pictures by the waterfall and the boat
pageant was the most amazing so we were so sad to go. Seven days is
just not enough to spend in this island paradise
so we loved you Oahu! Thank you so much for such a great experience!
Goodbye Hawaii hopefully we can go back because there were some places that we didn’t get to eat so… you know we’re all about two BIG bites over here 🙂 So hope you guys enjoyed this video please subscribe if you like them. I’m gonna post more travel
videos hopefully when we travel to more places. Okay see you guys next time!