[Music] [Music] [Music] so that was pretty cool we just checked in and went to Uniqlo when we picked up our car and we just came from Oh mommy didn’t expect to be in the whole canal and we didn’t have any clothes I bought some t-shirts and some underwear but there’s actually a coin laundry here and they gave us free detergent this place is amazing and they just upgraded our room I don’t know why even though our flight got canceled yesterday and we’re running what two hours of like a flight got delayed luck is on our side hey things are working out [Music] this room is so big it’s crazy I love it if we flip this 360 degrees we’ve got two sofas we’ve got a table check this out rotating than any we’ve got a huge flat screen this is pretty awesome I [Music] [Music] don’t really know why but there’s like plenty of storage here here back here oh cool never lockbox nice oh my favorite Febreze I just love how much space there is this is like a little too much for my con myself but if you’re a family then this is great like you can fit family of four maybe five and be very very comfortable lots of storage place lots of like places to put yourself you can stay here for a week maybe two and just hang out in Okinawa this is like the perfect place so check this out I just saw this on the desk over there and the hotel they have like a list of support items as they call it that will make your day here a little bit more pleasant and I think I’m gonna order a few of them see hello I was wondering if I can get some support items yes can I get number two air purifier and then can I get number seven Center Mahmoud er number ten desk lamp a bottle bottle and then can I get number 24 Jenga and then again the 26th taking pycnogenol sleeping and can I get a 31 body pillow and 32 hexagonal bangle that’s all thank you wow he just ordered a lot of stuff this place is awesome hello oh nice body pillow so I got the desk lamp here right behind me because the room was kind of dark so I know I wanted to just have a little extra light and check this out BAM more light love it I got my pillows now [Music] all right so we let that sit for 45 minutes and come back hopefully no one steals it [Music] so I’m actually digging this place this is the first time we’re here it’s on the tenth floor of the hotel and I like the music I like the vibe there’s a bar over here and the scenes they have some darts the guys are playing with it and it’s just like super chill this is like my kind of scene every Japanese but you know for a hotel it’s nice to kind of get like a very foreign like home type of feeling I live in Japan but I miss the u.s. sometimes this is like a very American field oh good morning guys last night we went to the tenth floor had some food and after that we just passed out so today we’re gonna check out the rest of the hotel we are going to maybe check out a little bit of Okinawa and get on with our day but always gonna start with my morning coffee nothing beats cold coffee in the morning oh one thing I haven’t showed you guys since that balcony of this place it’s right behind me check man I love this view check it out it’s so awesome this is like the best view ever this is great I love it oh my god [Music] there’s nothing like starting the day with a healthy breakfast although there’s some like Western foods like bread and you know sausages it’s very predominantly made up of very Asian dishes and a lot of Japanese dishes which is not a bad thing here in Japan so you’ll find like a healthy selection of very Asian Japanese also something to note is the Japanese food is specifically from Okinawa this is mozuku seaweed and this here is G mommy tofu it’s kind of like a pudding look at that that’s pretty convenient they have a 24-hour currency exchange machine I really appreciate that this is pretty cool they have like a convenience store on the first floor so if you forget anything or you need some snacks it’s here and it’s open so convenient so this is pretty cool it has like a little lap pool where you can swim it’s interesting it’s like the middle of the day and like no one here so if you wanted you can have your own private pool [Music] [Music] so this gym is actually pretty big it’s bigger than I had originally anticipated it has all of the treadmills weight it has a few weight machines and it has bicycles and whatnot but one of the things that it doesn’t have is you know a lot of free weights so if you’re trying to do freely it’s maybe this is not the best place otherwise you know you can get a good workout in this area or just go for a run outside [Music] all right so we’re packing up we’re headed to the airport we’re gonna grab some breakfast and then we’ll be on our way those are like a really quick short trip but I had a good time yeah overall experience with this place is pretty awesome if you like this hotel review hit that like button if you have any questions or comments about the hotel leave it in the comment section below also kind of let me know what your favorite part about this hotel is and like always if you want to see more adventures of my life in Japan or in Tokyo hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next one [Music] as ms [Music]