[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome to another episode of made in Dubai we’re here in the city of dreams I’ve got something very exciting planned for the next few days we are going to a hotel which is called the one and only and it’s supposed to be one of the best hotels here in Dubai and on the palm so really looking forward to that so we’ve got a palm view one night in the one-and-only and then the day after that we’re going to Atlantis for two days so looking forward to scoping out Atlantis enjoying it and it’s all it’s fun I’m gonna check out the water park there and just really chill out relax we’ll take you guys on the journey with me hope you enjoy the video please subscribe for real-time videos not to miss anything I hope you guys have been enjoying the journey so far please feel free to give me any comments or any questions that you may have at any stage but for now we’re rolling out so we’re going to go down and I’ll see you guys soon [Music] seriously I just want to start by saying this place is on another level this is probably one of the best hotels I’ve been to seriously I’m gonna show you why Ryback now you’ve got the the kind of the small walkway you’ve got the use of stuff drinks you’ve got a nice selection of coffee here you got an espresso machine let me just show you what we go in the fridge so in the fridge here you can see got a selection of all the best stuff here absolutely everything nice and chilled and then next door take a look at this [Music] look all of that snacks drinks and then further down you then have wine glasses cutlery absolutely everything amazing this place is crazy seriously so spacious so behind me here you got the TV you got here also you’ve got the the desk and chair and here’s where you’ve got the the patio so this is where we go out into the patio area and onto the beach which I’ll show you shortly down here we’ve got some got a little kind of like table in and chairs area we’ve got even like a a small sofa here which is lovely very comfy and then here you’ve got the bed so check that out absolutely beautiful [Music] and then down here you’ve got you’ve got like a Bose like HiFi radio an alarm and check this out check out the bathroom and seriously this bathroom absolutely crazy let me show you very very quickly here the bathroom area so here you’ve got all of the good stuff here got a double sink there you got all aqua there Palmer products everything here is aqua de palma crazy absolutely lovely you are the toilet here double toilet also bday as well and then check out the bath damn you’ve got like sea salts here lovely big bar you’ve got like a little area here freshen up [Music] here you’ve got like a closet where you just hang all yourself nice kind of wooden sliding doors mirror and then this is the bathroom this bathroom or the shower area it’s crazy [Music] lovely look at the size of that shower hit man it’s huge absolutely huge now look at this beautiful and then you’ve got the shower you’ve got even a seating area where you can sit down this place is absolutely huge this place is huge seriously this is like a a one-bedroom box room in London seriously lovely it’s gonna get out of here I’m smashing into anything so guys that is it can you see how big this place is look at the detail on on the ceiling crazy absolutely crazy we’re just gonna head outside now very very quickly guys is so hot out here the camera or the lens like steaming up but anyway so this is the the entrance to our room you can see just over here we’ve got some tables and chairs and then on this side you’re right here got like a little sofa and there’s like a little table down here god damn this place is crazy Wow super super crazy absolutely amazing goddamn look at this boys and girls this is right on literally right on our doorstep absolutely beautiful Wow oh my god I don’t know what to say I’m just like shocked absolutely shocked this is beautiful absolutely crazy though there’s Atlantis in the background kind of – you guys can see it anyway Atlantis in the background that’s where we head in tomorrow amazing amazing amazing anyway guys gonna head back in I just wanted to give you a quick overview it’s been a fantastic stay it’s by far the one of the best places the best hotels I’ve ever been the customer service the space the luxury every piece in here is perfectly chosen the private beach is amazing the food is amazing here all the fine touches are fantastic the staff are very very helpful very high-level staff good service you know upon entrance we were greeted sat down complimentary like mocktail some some juice and some spices on like crushed ice the gym is like top-notch the gym has all the latest equipment I would definitely be coming back here again I really had a good time I can’t express that so all around ten out of ten five out of five is pure luxury is very intimate here is nice and quiet so had a great time I’m still feeling so relaxed we’re heading out to Atlantis so I think I’m gonna continue this in the next video make sure you subscribe make sure you hit notifications share my videos of all your friends and people that may like it or might find it beneficial I hope you guys are great having a fantastic day as usual positive vibes signing out and I’ll see you guys soon you