What ever you do in Seoul, South Korea don’t go into the Sexy Club What’s up, Vagabuddies? Welcome back to Seoul, South Korea. Tonight’s going to be an interesting night. It’s been an interesting night. It’s going to get better. We just filmed a K Pop challenge with the boys from We Fancy. We’ve got Xander. We’ve got Haeppy. There he is. Right now they’re going to show us Korean BBQ done properly. Let’s go. I’m so hungry. Xander. Yeah. What is the name of this neighborhood? This is Gangnam. Welcome to Gangnam. No one is doing this dance, anymore. Everybody was doing it. There we go. We’re going to go to the meat place. It’s quite close. I******* love this one. Amazing. I don’t know if you guys remember that song,” Flashing Lights, lights.” It’s been a wild evening. The fact that we’re still awake in itself is pretty incredible. We haven’t eaten anything in ten plus hours, so I’m excited to eat. If there’s one thing as Americans that we know about Korea, it’s Korean BBQ and Korean day spas. The Wee Spa in LA is pretty awesome. I’m excited to eat. BBQ or maybe foreigners are welcome? What ever you do in Seoul, South Korea, don’t go into the Sexy Club I swear we’re going to the Korean BBQ This city is full of distractions. Honestly, way too many distractions. Just passed a store right there that was entirely full of claw machines which from a business perspective is a great business because you never win; you just keep putting money into it; you never win. I’ll win, eventually. Spong Bob, Squirtle We’ve arrived, but the question is, Where have we arrived to? Hi Meat That little purple sign right there. Hi Meat And what’s the deal with this place? This place is an all-you-can eat meat place, and it has beef, pork, sausages, anything you want….. marinated meat, non marinated meat Beer? Beer isn’t unlimited, but you can buy beer. How much does it cost? It’s cheap. 70, 900 wan for unlimited food at dinner time. 15 bucks 15 bucks. No not 1500. Ha ha. 15 bucks, Little Man. Put that in my hand. If that money doesn’t show you owe me, owe me, owe me. It smells good. What’s happening now? Right behind me we’re going to sit here at this big table. We have the grill inside the table. You cook your own meat? We go pick up our own meat over there. It’s a fast counter. But it’s unlimited. You can keep eating until you explode. Here’s the alcohol. Oh wait. I hope we don’t explode. I’m not going to eat until I explode. My favorite cut right here the ahnchangsal Funny enough in America, this is cheap meat. It’s the skirt. Skirt steak. Ymm yummy. Carne Asada for you Californianos out there. Again, right here is what every Korean restaurant has in America. The short ribs…. the marinated short ribs. Why are our clothes going in plastic bags? Because all the grills are in the table. You cook your own food and get smelly very greasy; grease goes everywhere. So we put it in these bags here to keep them safe. You know you’re in for an experience when you have to bag your clothes and scent proof them. What’s the plan then? This is what is called Somek which is a combination of Soju and Maekju Soju and beer and you combine it as Somek Guys, break it down for us. What is the soup in the middle? What is the meat we are putting on here? What are all these condiments? How does this thing work? In the middle of the soup is your very basic doenjang-jjigae, which is the Korean miso soup, their version of a miso soup. Soy bean paste, some peppers, cucumbers, what have you. Very salty. Next up: right here this golden piece of pork. This is your Samgyeopsal This is your pork belly. This longer piece right here, very fatty, this is your pork jowl. Delicious. And, I’m going to put on some beef for you. This cooks extremely quickly. This is your skirt steak. I’m here witnessing an innovation by my brother, Alex. He is souping the meat. The soup was delicious and spicy, so what I’ve done is I’ve just kind of drizzled it on top of the meat, and especially these mushrooms right here. Well, it is rapidly approaching one in the morning, and we are most certainly the last people and the only people in this restaurant, but we have done work. I have no idea how many kilos, pounds of meat we have chomped through. Marko? I’m feeling satiated. Lot of meat. Very Good. Carlos? I went full Burmese python. [laughter] I’m done. Donso That means he’s not eating again for the next two and a half weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, Vagabuddies, go subscribe to the We Fancy Channel Go check out the video that we shot on their channel, which is ridiculously funny. In the meantime, if you guys like this video, give it a thumbs-up; share it with your friends; subscribe to Vagabrothers, and don’t forget to turn on notifications so you know when we publish all new videos. Boom. Stay curious, keep exploring, see you on the road. Peace.